The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


14. A new assignment

 Emily paced the roomshe was to agitated to just stand still, Lokis eyes was following her every move, she was talking to herself. "Wonder what they are planning ?"
 "I am pretty sure, i ain't gonna like it". Loki said dryly, letting himself fall back on the bed again, starring at the ceiling.
 She got a bit annoyed with him, he didn't nee needto be so negative. "They think you have information that kan help them, so I think they want to cooperate".
 "Oh yes or maybe just torture me to get an answer". He tried to sound like he didn't care at all, but something in his voice made her flinch.
 She stopped in her tracks and looked at him, blurting out without thinking. "I wouldn't allow that".
 "And younthink they are going to listen to you ? Why should they ?" He sat up, staring at her with those intense eyes.
 She forced herself not to waiver, but held his gaze. "I honestly don't know, but I would make them regret if they didn't listen".
 "But why ? Why do you care what they do to me ? I am the monster parents tell their children about at night". For once his voice seemed uncertain and vulnerable.
 She sighed, it wasn't easy to answer that. "I don't know, I am kind of going on gut feelings here, I just don't think you are as bad as you would like everyone to think".
 "And you are sure about that, I might be even worse ?" In one were fast movement he was standing right in front of her, his face only inches from hers, his eyes all she could see.
 It was nearly impossible to think coherent with him this close and even harder to speak, but she managed. "Yes I am sure, not matter what you might do to convince me otherwise".
 His eyes were intensely scrutinising hers, like he was trying to read an answer in them and he was chewing on his bottom lip.
 Emily felt a bit dizzy, he was way to close and she could help feeling a bit scared, mixed with something else she couldn't quite explain.
 She saw his hand out of the corner of her eye, it looked like he was reaching for her cheek, but at that moment the door opened and Tony Start said teasingly. "Oh excuse me, did we interrupt something ?"
 "No not at all, we were just talking". Emily halfway stammered, knowing it sounded like a bad excuse.
 Loki turned around fast walking away, running his hand through the long hair, he leaned on the wall arms crossed at his chest, starring guarded at the newly arrived.
 "Oh that is what you kids call it now a days, guess we all have our own taste". Tony grinned lifting one eyebrow.
 Emily sendt him a angre glanze, wondering what would happen if she kicked him really hard.
 "What did you figure out ?" She choose to ignore Tony and now asked Fury instead.
 But it was Tony who answered her, not responding to her angry glaring at all. "After a lot of talking and even more threatening, we decided that this place don't really accelerates communication and teamwork, so rock of ages here is moving in with me".
 "And who says I don't prefer to stay here ?" Loki said in the tone of a hostile teenager and they alle turned to look at him.
 Tony snorted and said. "As if, you wouldn't exactly be free to do what you want, but you would have more space, more luxury and a lot better company".
 "And what am I to do in return for all this oh so glorious luxuries". Loki said sarcastic.
 Fury glared at him. "Cooperate, tell us what you know, even if it doesn't seem important and let Dr Bannaer and Stark try to retrieve those thing you have forgotten".
 Loki didn't say anything else, he just sat down on the edge of the bed, starring into empty space, and Tony said. "Well then that is settled, Emily can we just talk outside".
 She followed after Tony and Fury out of the cell and down the hallway, when they stood in the elevator Tony saids. "We hope you are up for a move as well, we like you to continue as his, yeah well nanny might be the appropriate word".
 "But why me ?" She looked from one to the other, she thought it sounded like a way for Loki to get redemption, but haven't calculated on being involved.
 Tony grinned. "First of all I find you to be very amusing and for some reason he seems tomhaventaken some kind of liking to you, you are the only one he really talks with".
 "Emily it will be hard, I would be around the clock, but hopefully only for a short time, and you can of course sleep when he is sleeping and so on, can you do that ?" Fury asked her.
 She turned it in her head, she was the one advocating for them to give him a chance, so she couldn't really back out when they did. "Yes of course, I'll do it".
 "Good then, we are setting up everything, we'll let you know when everything is ready". Fury said.
 They nodded and left a quite overwhelmed Emily by the elevator, what had she just agreed to ?


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