Double Hemmings

Adam Lancaster is your typical nerd but without the real typical nerd look. He's good in school, almost only getting straight A's, and he is what you could define as slightly attractive. It all seems great, right? Well, you thought wrong. Nothing is great about Adams current life. Three months ago it was completely fine. It was exactly how Adam had wished it would be. But a couple of months ago something changed. He couldn't seem to figure out what was going on. Not until one day a couple of girls gathered up the courage to finally speak to him. It wasn't until after that, that things really started to finally make sense to him. But is it a good thing, or a bad thing?



-Luke Hemmings-

The boys and I are in our hotel suite, in America, California to be exact, promoting our new self-titled album. I was on my phone going through my Twitter, when something caught my attention.

"Hey, Ash, look at this," I said catching the attention of my best friend and fellow bandmate.

"What's that?" He asked, when he glanced at my phone screen.

"Some fans have found a boy that looks exactly like me," I answered with furrowed eyebrows. Ashton took the phone from me and clicked on something.

"What are you looking for?" I asked curiously and watched over his shoulder.

"There's a profiled tagged to it," he answered and tired the phone so I could see it better. Adam Lancaster. That must be his name. Ashton clicked on one of the very few pictures on his profile and whistled quietly.

"What?" I asked confused. Ashton didn't say anything but just showed me the picture.  I took my phone back from him and looked at the photo. I seems to be a recent one, maybe a couple of months? I don't know, but it's a picture he's tagged in. I look at the tweet and see it's from the same account as the tweet earlier.

The boy in the picture seems like almost a copy of me. He has to be around my age, maybe even as old as me. His hair is blond, none styled, like mine on a lazy day. He's tall compared to the lockers and the people around him. He's standing with his side to the camera so I can't really see his eyes but everything else adds up. His clothing style is all black, with the occasional band-tee, just like mine.

"Ash, this is freaky," I commented and looked up at my best friend. He nodded slowly and examined the photo as well. It's taken in what seems to be a school from a few meters away.

"Tell me about it," he answered shaking his curly head slightly.

"I need to know who it is," I said to myself and looked down at my phone once again. I rolled to the top of his account and looked at his name. Adam Lancaster. I went on Facebook and typed on his name, hoping to find him there. I had no luck. Maybe he doesn't have a Facebook? It's a possibility.

"Look him up on google. Google knows everything," Michael suddenly commented form the other end of the room. I looked up, startled, had seemingly forgotten he was even in the room. He was playing on of his computer games I think. Ashton was on his phone and Calum was sleeping.

"Right," I mumbled and opened up Safari. I typed in his name and scrolled down the different articles. Most of them were about some adults named Lancaster. Lawyers or something. His parents perhaps. I sighed heavily and locked my phone all together. I fell back again the soft hotel bed and covered my closed eyes with my arms. Soon enough I fell asleep.

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