Aura Is a gift, a rare magic which you are born with. People follow the rhythm of their heartbeat and unlock their own magic, flowing inside of them.

Scarlett holds powers within her which she is aware of, but keeps a secret. But one fateful day she will meet someone, someone who will unlock her sacred powers, and allow her to step free.

In a future earth, after the wars, will the Worlds cooperate with her destiny?


1. Prologue - Pilot

The nuclear wars from before has surely made its marks. All of the ruins looks as if they're still burning, just like the ghosts of the fallen cities still wanders around. Somehow, I never found it scary, the fact that millions of people from the past earth died there. 

But who would have known that the war was the key for the Aura to kick in, starting the Generation of Magic, Kings and Queens. Us? About us. We are the ones who were raised from the ashes of our past’s selves. For no one survived. Those who survived the nuclear wars were to be knocked out by the massive waves, earthquakes, volcanoes or the cruel nature’s disasters. But how would I know, since the humans of before have not shown any signs of their presence.

My name is Scarlett by the way, Scarlett Nemesis. The children and Keepers in the orphanage I used to live in named me. They were nice people, not like the realistic people out here in the real world. Because it's not like, the world has changed much.


But let me tell you something about Worlds. New Earth named Worlds, by our former Emperor, James Z. Worlds. Some things have changed - such as making a living, to make a living you have to take orders from either nobles, or wealthy beings, close to the rulers of your District. Nobles get the money from owning land, land which the king or queen gives them.

Now the king and queen is chosen from your 'Level' or so called ability to control and manipulate. You can easily take over an entire district, you just have to make the Queen and King Surrender, and you will become the ruler. If a piece of land is not claimed by your nearest ruler, the highest "ranked" will take the royalty status, some people spend their entire life taking over new areas and hoping to build a successful kingdom.


There are too many ranks to be explaining them all, but I can tell you that there are more than a hundred. However, there are no data of anyone that has ever lived to claim the title of "rank 100- and up" probably because no one would want to become a celebrity like "that". people like those, are legends and myths.


Now I would like to explain Aura to you folks out there, Aura is a sort of magic, but different. Aura is connected to your soul and heart, and the blue tattoos you are born with explain how far your Aura can take you. So far, there are no gathered data about anyone with their entire body tattooed and painted with stories, although I don't believe that is entirely true. I like to believe that there are people, stronger and much more powerful than the rulers are and that someday those people will overthrow the Royalty and create a better earth that will not end like the last one.


But do keep this in mind, in this little story of mine

this far, you only know my name, 


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