Aura Is a gift, a rare magic which you are born with. People follow the rhythm of their heartbeat and unlock their own magic, flowing inside of them.

Scarlett holds powers within her which she is aware of, but keeps a secret. But one fateful day she will meet someone, someone who will unlock her sacred powers, and allow her to step free.

In a future earth, after the wars, will the Worlds cooperate with her destiny?


2. Chapter 1. Here starts the Journey.

"Next in line!"

That is as far as I can remember, thinking back at my childhood, the day that I received my soon to be, lifelong pal, my scythe. Which later on would lead to my 'fame'. I remember it clearly, this huge smith looking down on me with his braided red beard blocking most of my sight. I was told not to laugh and or make fun of it, but I couldn't hold it in. I was just a kid at that point, around ten to eleven years old i think.

"Scarlet Nemesis!" my caretaker yelled. "What is so funny?" I looked back at her and stroke my chin like an evil villain. The huge smith laughed and patted me on the head. "Show me your wrist little one” he said with a throaty voice. I looked down at my, at that point, way too big clothes and cloak which covered all of my skin. I struggled to pull up my sleeve, just to see that there were no space, it was filled with marks

"Oh my, you're going to need a bigger weapon" he widened his eyes and waved me over to a table with a strange mechanism on it. "look into these glasses, and don't blink before I let you, ok?" he said with a little more raucous voice, I nodded without hesitation and a light began blinding me, it wasn't before long that the tears started rolling down my cheeks. He looked worried at me. "Does it hurt"? I shook and he stopped it. "You can blink now"


I blinked, and everything was back to normal. I looked over to the other kids, and they jumped as if they were startled. My caretaker looked at me and smiled, and I couldn't help but wonder why the other kids didn't need that 'thing'. Where were their marks? And why didn't they fill as much as mine did?


I felt left out, and weird. I thought that I had to be alone until the day I could leave the orphanage. Oddly enough, after a couple of months, I was "adopted" and taken into a nice household with many different kids, with just as many marks as me! Just without the whole eyes thing. However, there are some good things about my eyes being all 'fucked up'. I could summon my weapon in the blink of an eye, no more did it take. The rest of the kids had to use spells and chants to call upon theirs.

But I had a family, a home, a place to return to when I needed support. The home where I learned to master my weapon and powers with the help of my new “family”, without any obstacles holding me back. My 'parents’ ' names were Selene and Helios. Complete opposites, but loving people who took good care of us and taught us many things. There were Twin sisters as well, who I grew to love. Their names were Nyx and Hemera, sweet girls who stayed together at all costs, I always looked for a relationship like theirs, depending on one another without ever thinking they would leave you.

And that is where my favourite person of all time comes in. My older sister Aether who everybody loved and she loved us more than anything in the world. Her eyes were white with a hint of blue, her hair was platinum blond and without any fails in her complexion, she was perfect. The day we said goodbye, was also the last day I ever saw her. I was told that she died and that she had fled to the sky.

The months after her death went by in a flash, and the house got more and more empty with each day. It was as if my parents were slowly running out of the will they had before, and it felt like my siblings started disappearing too, as if they had just been an illusion all along. Everything seemed wrong, and I felt the urge to leave the house. Nevertheless, that ended up not being necessary at all, because a week later, our 'home' caught on fire and started a raging wildfire that ignited the huge forest around our house. Everybody fled without any personal objects. I came to realise that the king's soldiers started the fire, as I saw them carry away my remaining siblings and my parents, who didn't make it out of our house in time. All of this happened as I aimlessly sat in a bush away from the fire.

My parents, my siblings, My Family! My treasure...

My treasure was taken from me by force, and like any other greedy person, I wanted it back. So here I am, sitting by my table, and writing this ridiculous stuff down, as if somebody would ever want to know. I decide whether this should be my will or not, until then it will be a simple story about a little girl.

This is going to be my last chapter in my diary, since my ‘superiors’ have ordered me out on another mission far away, as far as going to the border of another District, further away from home than i have ever been.

Yeah I am an underdog, and so what. I have to make a living like this.

for now.


Authors Note!! 

ok potatoes, so here's the deal. i felt like making a chapter that lined up to some dramatic shit, and this one got quite long. And i hope you can forgive me. (of course you can i'm awesome)

Sincerely! Nick~

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