Battle Begin! - Character Creation

Good morning, afternoon, evening and night to you all! I'm going to make a fun Movella for you all. You will design me a character. Yes you. Write in the comments what your character is like, through the trait-rules I will put in the first chapter, and then I shall pick out two of your characters, pit them against each other in a chapter that will make them go head-to-head! And at the end... A story may develop overall. So have fun, and get creating! Remember, I shall have a character of my own as well...


7. Battle V

Wow... two rolls in one afternoon. That's a first. Now since I have just written the fourth battle between S and The Silence, I shan't write this battle tonight. But I shall do!... Eventually. And then after that... well, I have plans for the story. You just wait and see. Now, let's see who's battling next!

1 = Faith Warner (Willow's Character) 

2 = Drew (Djooo's Character) 

3 = Daynne Corbin (Chelber's Character) 

4 = Zyka (Dragon Rider's Character) 

5 = Kurt Crosselle (Narcy's Character) 

6 = Gin (Rose's Character)

Caw, I've really noticed that a lot of you girls love the idea of knives and daggers... It's really, really common! And I quite like it really. Gives a theme of... desperate times. Pick up what ever light, abundant weapon you can. 
Really, it just reminds me of this chap. 

Hopefully some of you will get that... I hope so. Otherwise, that was a wasted reference of mine. 

Anyway! Let's get on with the roll! 
So we have!... a two! 
Aaaand we have aaaa! One! Ah ha! I was wondering when Willow's character was going to get a go! 
So there we are, people! 


Faith Warner


Name: Faith Warner
Good or evil: Evil good. She's on the good side, but she's an evil kind of gal.
Backstory: Grew up with her father, who taught her military hand-to-hand and knife combat before his death. She was scarred over her face (above the eye to jawbone) and is now blind in her right eye. On her own, she learned not to trust anyone.
Personality: Unkind and not trusting. Doesn't take shit from anyone. Doesn't talk much. Introverted and is awkward around other people. Doesn't know how to interact with other humans 
Looks: short and shaggy white-blonde hair, light brown eyes, pale skin. As mentioned, ugly scar going from above her right eye straight down to the bottom of the jaw (permanent scowl, hehe). Wears black pants, jacket and boots with a dark red shirt. Sometimes gloves.
Weapon: Good with blades, especially daggers and throwing knives. Exceptional at hand-to-hand combat and can easily kill someone (stabbing or snapping neck, etc).
Other: ONLY good at hand-to-hand combat. If someone has a gun from far away, she's probably dead. Unless there's something she can hide behind. But if she can't get close, she's screwed. She normally doesn't engage in a fight unless absolutely necessary, though. 


Name: Drew
Good or Evil: Good, with a touch of Evil
Backstory: Drew is a Latino born 20 miles from (wherever this story takes place). When he was young, he was thought of as popular, but slowly grew to be less and less of one. He was tempted to become fully evil, though only has a hint of it.
Personality: Drew is sneaky, smart, and tenacious, but knows when to back down unlike many brutes, who often get killed.
Looks: Deep Gray Eyes; Short yet Burly;Latin Tan;Dark Brown Hair
WoC: Bow and Arrow
Other: Drew has been known to cast advanced spells, though will not in his fight, to keep it fair

So that's the next fight! The evil/good fight! Both and both! Should be good!
I shall be writing tomorrow (13th of June). See you all then! Should be good!

- Aldrin

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