Battle Begin! - Character Creation

Good morning, afternoon, evening and night to you all! I'm going to make a fun Movella for you all. You will design me a character. Yes you. Write in the comments what your character is like, through the trait-rules I will put in the first chapter, and then I shall pick out two of your characters, pit them against each other in a chapter that will make them go head-to-head! And at the end... A story may develop overall. So have fun, and get creating! Remember, I shall have a character of my own as well...


5. Battle III

The third battle has to be number generated with only five characters this time. There aren't enough people creating characters for me to wait for another person, so five will have to do. 

1 = Eris (Lozzie's Character)

2 = The Silence (Lia's Character)

3 = Faith Warner (Willow's Character) 

4 = Morgana (Vicky's Character) 

5 = Drew (Djooo's Character) 

And in the word's of Optimus Prime, let's roll! 

So we have another four! 
Aaaand a.... 

Four... RE ROLL!! 

A one! 

WOW! It's like it was meant to be! Last battle was two good guys, battling it out. Now we have two evil girls, thirsting for blood! This is gunna be AWESOME! 


Name: Eris (unknown real name)
-Edges more to evil because she is emotionless in situations
- left in a critical condtion after being attacked by gang who killed her parents and left her to die. Weeks later she kills said gang and wanders alone
-Personality: severe sociopath who trusts no one. Emotionless towards suffering and doesn't hesitate to hurt or kill
-Looks: short white 'punk' hair, purple eyes, large scar on face, facial piercings (lots so you decide) surprise me with outfit :D
Weapon: oversized scythe (like a grim reaper)
Other: prefers not to speak unless being addressed. Will jump at any opportunity to fight and has no soft side to suffering



Name: Morgana

Good or Evil: Once good, now Evil
Short backstory: She was from Bulgaria, but her family disowned her. She was banished to (wherever it is set) where Morgana was still treated like an outcast. With this hatred in her, she left the 'light' and moved to the 'dark'.

Personality: Reckless, Impulsive, Selfish and Stubborn. But she has a good sense of humour, her laugh can make anyone laugh.

Weapon of Choice: A rapier

This is gunna be a good battle here. And it's given me an idea really that I am quite looking forward to, since we still need more characters to do a new roll...

Please! If you know someone who would like to do this, then send them the link to this story! It's so much fun writing these! 

See you all soon for the next roll! 


- Aldrin

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