Battle Begin! - Character Creation

Good morning, afternoon, evening and night to you all! I'm going to make a fun Movella for you all. You will design me a character. Yes you. Write in the comments what your character is like, through the trait-rules I will put in the first chapter, and then I shall pick out two of your characters, pit them against each other in a chapter that will make them go head-to-head! And at the end... A story may develop overall. So have fun, and get creating! Remember, I shall have a character of my own as well...


9. A Break

Alright peeps... I know this is going to be resisted a bit, but I'm taking a break from this Movella for a liiiittle bit. 
I know I have left you all on a cliff hanger, but I just need a short little breathing session. 

I also want to keep writing my Big Book of Mythological Creatures, because I'm really enjoying that. 

Sorry peeps! But I will be continuing shortly! 

- Aldrin

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