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3. The sandpit

The sandpit

Sometimes you may point out a certain place when it comes to describing where you live. It may also be where you've had a couple of adventures.

If you've read the title you know what this is going to be about. So here it goes: the sandpit.

Here are the basics of the sandpit.

What???? The title doesn't state what it already is??? (Note the sarcasm).

But here are the details.

It's basically a giant pit with mountains of sand and fairly large lake in it. Around it is a dirt road and slope were workers can drive their vehicles. Other areas may be different than others such as a part of it being a small pool of clay instead of sand. There's also a pile of wood and dirt at a certain ledge. Heck, there's even a small waterfall at some point, and that's just the beginning of what's to describe what's at the sandpit.

Not only is it interesting to look at, but it's also the setting of the story that you're going to read about in this chapter.

Where do I begin?

It was a fairly bright day outside with the warmth of a new day in spring.

Well that sentence was cheesy. But I'm going to leave it there anyway.

Back to the actual story.

At some point during the day, my friend Peanut Butter, (yes the same person from the last story) showed up to my house and asked if could hangout. Since she's a friend of mind I said yes and invited her in. After that we went over to her house.

(I'm going to skip the details in this part of the story because it isn't to relevant to the plot).

Later we decided to take a walk and go to the sandpit.

As we adventured in it, we noticed that there was a creature in a stream we were walking next to. A fish to be exact. It resembles a catfish (but without the whiskers) and had scales of the colour brown.

We wondered if it was actually alive, and so to determine we threw rocks and sand at it (I know, not exactly the best thing to do). We realized that it was dead after it didn't even move an inch from the spot it was laying. We figured it died because of starvation considering the stream didn't have any vegetation or any other living creatures in it.

And so we have it a funeral.

I was a fairly modest funeral with Peanut Butter reciting his life as well as wishing him the best of days in fish heaven with Nemo's mother as I gently waved some reeds on the air for the ambiance.

We also found another one and have it a funeral too.

I hope you have a decent life.


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