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2. The disappearing bird

The disappearing bird

*WARNING: unedited*

Despite having little to no social life I still see some of the strangest things sometimes.

This chapter will be about one of those times.

*Bird's point of view*

He was just flying through the sky, minding his own business... Why, haven't I already eaten and enjoyed my day? I might as well do a little exploring just for the heck of it.

After a little while he noticed a little hole inside a lamppost. What if another bird claims it before I do? He started to fly at full speed to the lamppost and reached the hole in time.

What he didn't know is that by doing so he scared the sh*t out of two 7th graders on the bus passing by.

*My point of view*

Truth to be told I honestly didn't really care about what I just saw... But my friend ( I won't write her name in this simply for personal reasons and privacy. So I'm going to call her something else. How about Peanut Butter? ) Peanut Butter was actually shocked by what she saw. "What the heck? Did I just see a bird go through a lamppost? Did you see that bird?"

Fun fact: I'm a highly functioning sociopath. (That what she says considering I'm crazy).

"No, it didn't go through a lamppost, it went through a hole that was in that lamppost." I responded.

"Are you sure it didn't go through the lamppost? Am I going crazy?" She asked.

"Nah, you're not going crazy, if we both saw it then you're definitely not going crazy." I responded with certainty in my voice.

"What if the hole in the lamppost is platform 9 3/4 for birds?" She jokingly added.

Never mind. We're both crazy.

"What if it's a ghost bird?" I added to the conversation.

The previous paragraph is along the lines of what we said. I don't exactly remember the rest of our conversation until we landed on the topic of Supernatural.

"You know how I said it was maybe a ghost bird? Well what if the writers of Supernatural decided to make an episode about about it?"

With the facial expression of: Are you being serious? She responded with " That sounds like an episode they would make if they ran out of ideas."

Truth to be told I know it may sound strange even to you who is reading this, but I got the idea from a superstition that if you saw a ghost in the form of an animal it was actually the devil in disguise.

Ignoring her response I added "We should write a letter to the writers about this idea."

Still a little weirded out she replied "What the hell?We're not going to write to them about it, it's silly. If anything you're going to do it."

I've never wrote about and not going to. Mainly because of my laziness.

Also: everything I wrote about what we said is more on the lines of what we said than what we said exactly (because I can't remember).

I hope you have a decent life.

- MargoTheOwl

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