Blue Dress


1. Blue Dress




I was once an object.



You covered me in cloth.

You held my hand, drew in the sand

and shared with me your thought.


'Don't you like such pretty things?'

To own the world, you sought.

'I only wish to buy your love,'

A heart so poorly taught.


Our souls were set on different paths,

the love between us faded.

She has no clue, the things you do

It seems, she too, is jaded.


Does she know the dress she wears

was once a dress for me?

'Handpicked' you said.

'For you, little red.'

Until your feelings turned like the sea.


I only ever wanted, for you to own your pain.

I know inside, the fear you hide,

yet smile outwardly, in vain.


Real love doesn't bring conditions,

I hope you've come to know.

For life's greatest gifts,

aren't ticked off on lists,

and they rarely wear a bow.


But now and again, I am sometimes asked

'Is that not the dress you knew?'

I weakly smile and shrug my shoulders

'I never did like blue.'






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