It was his brown eyes in which she saw the future. It was his smile that brought her in to his life, his voice so captivating and they were both deeply in love.


2. Official?

*Nikkis POV*

It was the end of the day and I was at my locker putting my books away as I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around to be met with a pair of brown eyes. "hi Calum" I mumbled slightly, closing my locker. I heard him sigh softly, "I'm sorry for ignoring you all day" he said softly and looked at me as I closed my locker. "No no, it's fine Calum, I'm not new or anything and I literally have no fucking friends and you go and ignore me, that's totally cool" I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes. "You had Luke" he mumbled as his jaw tightened a bit. "Luke wasn't the one who helped me, you were. Luke only thinks I'm hot and he fucking told me so" I said and looked at him as he went quiet. "I don't even know Luke well enough to call him my friend and I don't even know you well enough to call my friend but here I am thinking someone actually gave me a chance cause I moved halfway across the world" I snapped and began to walk down the hall and to the doors where my car was in the lot. "Nikki, please I was just jealous" he admitted. I stopped walking, "jealous of what Calum?" I asked and turned to face him. "You're a beautiful girl and I do want to be your friend, maybe even more than your friend.. I don't want anyone else to have the opportunity to call you theirs, I want that opportunity" he said softly and then looked down at his feet. I didn't know what to say as I bit my lip and looked at him. "Why didn't you just tell me that instead of ignoring me all day" I said softly and took a deep breath, running my fingers through my hair. "I didn't know what you would think" he mumbled. I rolled my eyes and took a step closer to him. "Calum, you're an idiot, but a cute idiot" I said softly as I watched him as he smiled a bit.

~A few months later~

Calum and I became best friends along with the other boys as they were the only people I really hung out with outside of school. Ya, I talked to a few people inside of school but that was it. Currently, Calum and I were in his room listening to music as it was Friday and I came over after school. I had developed a little crush on him and I knew he liked me too just neither of us had the guts to make such a move. We acted like a couple as we did cuddle and he sometimes had an arm around my waist in the hallway but nothing official and even the boys tried pushing us to do something or make a move of make it official. Michael and I were the closest in the group but I loved all the boys and Mikey was the one who was really trying to get us together. I looked over to see Calum on his phone probably texting one of the boys or something. "Hey, my mom wants to know if you're staying over for dinner?" He asked me as I shrugged, "tell her most likely" I reply to him. Both of our moms wanted us together and even my mom tried getting us together and calums mom Joy loved it when I would stay over as well. "There's a party later and the boys want us to go, are you up for it?" He asked and I nodded, "ya, where is it?", "some kids house" I nodded and laid down on his bed as I felt him move a bit and put his head on my chest as I began to play with his hair a bit.

"Oh Nikki, you don't need to do that, it's okay" calums mom said to me as I began to do the dishes. "I practically live here it's not a big deal" I said and smiled as she smiled back and looked at Calum, giving him a look. His mouth was full of food as he just gave his mom another look and shrugged. I couldn't help but giggle as i washed the dishes. "What are you laughing at princess?" Calum came up behind me and smiled a bit, setting his plate down slowly into the sink as I rolled my eyes and washed his too, "You cause you're funny" I said and smiled and finished as I turn the water off and dry my hands. Calum and I walked back upstairs, "I'm going to shower and get ready, if you want you can ask Mali for clothes or I can walk you home so you can get ready" he said. "I'll walk myself, it's fine it's only down the block" I said and pick up my backpack as he nodded and kissed he head, "text me when you get home and I'll text you when I'm going to pick you up" he said and wrapped his arms around me and smiled as I nodded. I walked down the stairs and put my shoes on, "thank you so much for dinner, it was really good" I said and walked up to his mom to give her a hug and smiled. "You're welcome anytime sweetheart" she said as I walked out and made the short walk to my house and texted Calum I was home. 'See you soon princess xx' he sent as I began to get ready.

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