It was his brown eyes in which she saw the future. It was his smile that brought her in to his life, his voice so captivating and they were both deeply in love.


1. First day

*Calums POV*

She was new here and you could obviously tell, she looked completely lost and tried to find her way through the big hallway. I pushed myself off my locker, my backpack over my shoulder as I slowly made my way over to the stressed out girl. "Need help?" I looked her over and she was stunning but I shook the thought from my head and watched her as her green eyes found mine. "Is it that obvious?" She laughed lightly. She wasn't even from this country let alone this town, she sounded American. "Well considering you're pacing around a bit and looking down at this" I lightly take the paper with all her classes and looked it over a bit, we had mostly all the same classes. "Come on, I'll show you around. I'm Calum by the way" I said and walked down the hall as she followed close to me. "Nikki" she ran her fingers through her long dirty blonde hair as it was only mid way down her back and it was curly. "Why did you move to Australia?" I looked down at her, "My mom wanted a change and I guess moving me halfway across the world and a new job for her was good enough" she mumbled and looked down at her black vans as she walked. "Well, Australia isn't that bad, you just have to get used to it" I smiled as we walked into our first class as I went to sit in the back as Nikki sat infront of me. It was something about her that I wanted to know, I needed to know her better. The way she dresses wasn't like other girls you would see really, black ripped skinny jeans and a crop top and a flannel around her waist and some vans. I liked her style and I thought she was beautiful.

*Nikkis POV*

Once Calum came up to me I could feel my heart race pick up a bit and I became kinda nervous around him. Never would I think with my luck would such a hot guy come up to me and ask if I needed help. That type of shit wouldn't happen to me. I was sitting infront of him as I felt him touch my hair as he began to play with it a bit. I was taking notes and didn't mind him until he lightly pulled at it and I turned around in my desk. "Yes Calum?" I whisper kinda yelled at him. "Tell me you're not actually paying attention to this shit" he said and leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest. "Maybe I am" I could see him roll his eyes as I turned back to pay attention. He lightly began to kick my desk and I began to get irritated and tapped my pencil as it took so much out of me not to yell at him infront of everyone. Once the bell rang I gather my things and looked at my schedule and bit my lip, "come on princess, we have class together" Calum spoke as I looked up to see him standing infront of me. "We don't want to be late now" he said as we walked out of the class and up the stairs to our next class. "Hey Cal!" I heard a group of boys yell his name as him and j turned around to see 3 other boys walking in our direction. "Hey guys" Calum spoke softly and smiled at them. "these are my friends, Ashton, Luke and Michael" I nodded and stuck my hand out to shake theirs, "I'm Nikki and I'm new here so Calum is showing me to my classes" I said and bit my lip softly as they all nodded. "Well what class do you have next beautiful" Luke winked at me as I blushed and looked down, biting my lip. I felt an arm go around my shoulder and pull me closer as I looked up to see Calum as he pulled me close to his chest. "I have algebra next with Calum" I said softly, "Oh really? I do too" Luke said and smiled as we all began to walk to class. We walked in as I went right to the back and Calum sat next to me, biting his lip as he looked down.

Throughout class I noticed Calum was a bit more quiet and he didn't talk to me as Luke talked to me. "So, where did you come from?" Luke asked. "Chicago" I said softly and took notes as I watched Calum and took a breath. "Hey.. Cal, did I do something wrong?" I asked him softly as he just shook his head and once the bell rang he just got up and walked out and didn't say anything to me. What a great first day, have someone hate you and you don't even know what you did.

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