Star Trek Endeavor: The Wrath of Caesar

Julian Caesar is on the verge of whipping out an entire race and freeing a doctor that could potentially create more of him and it is up to Ender Wiggin and the crew of the Endeavor to stop him.


7. 7

The M.D.D. passed alongside an asteroid about the size of a moon while coming around from behind it is the Endeavor.  Joachim looked at both the main viewer and at his console before looking back at Ender with a hopeless look while Ender continued to stare at the main viewer and said, “Best guess Mr. Weiss, fire when ready.” Joachim turned back forward and they both looked  hard at the blurry screen, barely making out the tail end of the M.D.D. as Joachim pressed a button and two short phaser bursts fired from the Endeavor towards the bottom of the M.D.D.  One burst just missed the bottom while another made a gash mark along the bottom of its hull making the M.D.D. shudder.


    Julian was walking towards the port side consoles on the bridge when the ship was hit and he fell back and just grabbed onto the railing to break his fall.  He then glared at Lazarus, raised his fist and said angrily, “Aft gauntlet, fire!” The Endeavor was already pealing away to the left when an electrical static ball flew from the M.D.D.’s aft and completely missed the Endeavor as it flew past below it.


    Petra spoke with fascination, “Apparently the M.D.D. can fire from the rear.” Ender smirked and replied, “Noted commander.” The Endeavor flew into a thicker blue mist but with random flashes of white light.  Ender and some of the bridge crew cringed and Ender said, “Look sharp.” The Endeavor continued to move forward as it was now surrounded by the white flashes of light with a constant, barely audible, wind tunnel and static discharge sounds when Ender called out, “All stop!” Joachim immediately pressed a button on his console and replied, “Helm answering all stop.” Outside, a dark object appeared ahead of the Endeavor while on the Endeavor’s bridge they all watched the flickering image of the main viewer till suddenly they saw the shape of the M.D.D. right in front of them.  Ender screamed, “EVASIVE STARBOARD!” The Endeavor immediately began making a sharp turn to starboard when the M.D.D. fired both its cannons, but solid blue beams fired forth and while the starboard beam completely missed the Endeavor the port beam hit the center of the port side neck of the Endeavor and carved a path in an up angle and almost hit the port side impulse engine.  On the Endeavor, Nikolai was running down a passageway when suddenly he was throttled back to the deck as the passageway exploded into flames before him and when he looked up he looked in shock as two crewmen (that were in front of him) fell to the deck as they were consumed by the flames and screaming in agony as they rolled around/flailed in the flames.  Nikolai immediately got up, smashed a glass case on the bulkhead next to him, pulled out a fire blanket and began whipping the crewmen before him in an attempt to put the fire out.


    The Endeavor swung downward on a starboard angle as the M.D.D. barreled through where the ship was initially and Ender yelled, “Fire!” The Endeavor fired a single phaser beam from the top of the saucer section and struck directly at the bottom of the M.D.D. causing multiple explosions as it carved a short path.  An explosion of sparks and blown out wall and deck panels flew about in the M.D.D.’s bridge as Julian was standing behind his chair and fell behind it as a sharp panel flew over him and he screamed, “FIRE!” One of the docked fighters on the M.D.D.’s port side fired a blue beam and struck to the right of the Endeavor’s bridge and carved a path from there and almost hitting the starboard side impulse engine.  Ender yelled, “Fire!” Then another phaser blast from the Endeavor struck directly at the fighter that fired from the M.D.D. and carved a short path that caused multiple fighters to explode and the sound of internal explosions within the M.D.D.  The back port side of the M.D.D.’s bridge exploded, blowing out the door and throttled a crewman forward, screaming, as well as knocking out a bridge crewman off her seat to the right as her console exploded into sparks and small flames.  Suddenly an overhead beam fell as she looked up and screamed only for her screams to be cut off when the solid metal beam landed directly on top of her, crushing her instantly.  


    On the Endeavor’s bridge, sparks flew from the overhead lighting as two crewmen worked quickly trying to repair it and Ender pressed a button on his right arm rest and called out, “Status Mr. Delphiki!” Nikolai yelled over the background noise, “That was a close call sir!  I highly advise we do not do that again!” Ender replied, “No promises chief.” Ender then asked, “Commander?” Petra is looking at one of her monitors and replied, “Sporadic energy readings, starboard forward.  It looks like he moved away but at the last minute he may have turned before I lost track.” Ender looked at Petra’s direction with a look of shock and said, “You mean he could be...” Petra snapped her head at Ender’s direction and looked shocked as well before Ender turned and faced Joachim’s direction and yelled, “HARD TO STARBOARD!” 


    Suddenly the M.D.D. appeared in front of the Endeavor as the Endeavor immediately spiraled down to port at the last moment before the M.D.D. fired both its cannons and the two blue beams flew right over the Endeavor and both missed it.  The M.D.D. past where the Endeavor was and turned to port and down to cut off the Endeavor’s escape.  On the Endeavor’s main viewer the crew watched in shock, as they held onto their seats (as Ender cringed while holding onto his), through the static screen the M.D.D. started to turn about and Joachim yelled, “Sir he is going to cut right in front of us!” Ender slammed his fist on his right arm rest as he hit a button and the transparent screens came down/up in front of him and Ender jumped up and with one hand grabbed hold to one of the handlebars overhead while with his right hand hit the lighted button that said, “UMS Deployment”.  


    On the M.D.D.’s bridge, they saw the Endeavor spiraling down to port and Julian yelled, “Fire!” But as the cannons fired he witnessed both beams missing and he slammed his fist on his left arm rest and screamed, “DAMNIT!” He looked at Lazarus’s direction and yelled, “Down 45 degrees to port!  Cut him off and fire again!” Lazarus replied, “Yes sir!” The ship shifted to the left as Julian and the rest of the bridge crew held on as some of the wreckage creaked or rolled on the deck with only the beam that crushed one of the crewmen earlier remained firmly in place as her left hand/arm dangled and Julian cringed in anger and said, “I’ll chase him ‘round the moons of Nibia and ‘round the Antares Maelstrom and ‘round perditions flames before I give him up!” (Moby Dick) Some of the bridge crew looked at him nervously but he ignored him as the Endeavor began to appear right in front of them only as it did the bridge crew watched in shock as they saw the Iron Men suits flying out of the sides of the main body of the Endeavor and flew right at them all the while Julian cringed in anger and stared directly at the Endeavor’s bridge through the static as if ignoring the Iron Men suits flying right towards him.


    On the Endeavor’s bridge, Ender slammed the flat palm of his right hand on the diagram of the M.D.D. right before him and yelled, “Fire!” At that moment the Iron Men suits (surrounding the M.D.D.) pulled out their assault rifles and bazookas and fired at the M.D.D. relentlessly at where the fighters were stored and caused multiple explosions as the fighters exploded while docked onto the sides of the M.D.D.  Joachim called out, “Firing torpedoes!” And the Endeavor fired four torpedoes and flew straight at the M.D.D. and struck below to the left and right of the main bridge as well as the top, blowing apart the main cannons.


    The wall consoles behind Julian’s command chair exploded, as the torpedoes struck, sending glass and metal fragments flying everywhere as the two crewmen standing right before them were incinerated in the blast as a console on Julian’s left and right exploded as well killing two more crewmen instantly.  Julian crouched down in his seat as he held on as the bridge was being blown apart while the bridge crew around him screamed and he watched Lazarus as he was immediately impaled in the back by a large metal chard and slumped over his console lifelessly.  Julian screamed, “NOOO!” And he immediately left his seat and charged at Lazarus’s console and shoved his body away only to for his body to fly from his seat and hit the railing between the console and the port side wall consoles and slumped onto the floor as Julian began furious pressing the firing controls as he yelled insanely, “NO, NO YOU CAN’T GET AWAY!  FROM HELL’S HEART I STAB AT THEE; FOR HATE’S SAKE I SPIT MY LAST BREATH AT THEE!” (Moby Dick) Suddenly the console exploded sparks as Julian made a short painful scream before being thrown back and smashed the back of his command chair (breaking the chair off its hinges and fell apart onto the deck) and crumpled onto the floor and laid motionless, revealing a burnt right hand and his hair changed to grey and white while throughout the rest of the bridge the lights flickered and everything is dead quiet with the exception of issuing sparks and the dull sound of an alarm.

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