Star Trek Endeavor: The Wrath of Caesar

Julian Caesar is on the verge of whipping out an entire race and freeing a doctor that could potentially create more of him and it is up to Ender Wiggin and the crew of the Endeavor to stop him.


2. 2

The Endeavor continued to hold its position as the Interstellar Fleet’s shuttles flew into the Endeavor’s shuttle bay as they returned the Iron Men suits that were adrift and Ender stated, “Captain’s log star date 2350.6, Chief Engineer Delphiki has informed me that impulse power has been restored and soon the main engines will be back online.  In the meantime, Commander Arkanian has found the information I requested and the results were appalling.  Apparently Dr. Volescu tried to create a race of superior beings like Khan by cloning and tampering their embryos to make them smarter and stronger.  When Dr. Volescu failed his first attempt and was being arrested he killed 23 out of the 24 infants born with this “Anton’s Key” and the one that survived (unknowingly to Dr. Volescu) was my old friend Bean.  During my brother’s rise to power Volescu escaped from prison and served under Peter when he heard what Volescu has done.  My brother then instructed Volescu to continue his work and later on there was an uprising and all the embryo’s were destroyed.  Volescu then was sent to the planet Helvetica, where he will be imprisoned for the rest of his life and finding a cure for Anton’s Key.  I also found out that Bean had eight brothers and sisters when Volescu resumed his research and when the uprising was over with, three of his brothers and sister that had this Anton’s Key were executed while the others that were born normally were sent separately to other colonies and ordered to avoid contact with each other under the penalty of death.  Also after Hegemon is destroyed Nikolai has been keeping himself too busy that I asked the doctor to have one of his nurses to keep an eye on him and even though Petra is responding a little slow to my commands and sometimes blanks out she is as well been keeping very busy.  I myself am trying to keep myself busy and even though I know my parents are long gone before we arrived, I just hope and pray that my sister was not on the planet when Julian fired the weapon.” Petra spoke, “No wonder he’s pissed.” Ender and Petra are both in Ender’s quarters as they sat and read the files from the monitor in his room and Ender said, “This just shows what happens when you play God.” Petra looked at him with a confused look and said, “But it doesn’t make sense why they killed his brothers and sister that had Anton’s Key but not Julian!” Ender replied, “Probably for the fact that he has increased intelligence and strength but his body grows that of a normal person.” Petra sighed, “I bet you Julian is looking for him, so he can breed a race of supermen that do not have the defects while he goes on trying to wipe out the Hegemon race.” Ender replied, “No doubt.” Petra then said with concern, “How come Nikolai didn’t tell us any of this?” Ender replied cooly, “Nikolai maybe a clone embryo of Bean but he does not possess Anton’s Key and his scores at Battle School were average and ever since he was released he did not pursue a military or political career up to the point where he was exiled.” Vars voice came over the intercom, “Sir, we are cleared to dock at the Ministry of Colonization.” Ender pressed a button next to his monitor and said, “We’ll be right up.  Notify Weiss to prepare for docking procedures.” Vars replied, “Yes sir.” And Ender turned off the monitor and he and Petra left Ender’s quarters and made their way to the nearest turbo lift.


    The Endeavor moved away, at full impulse, from the moon’s orbit and over the charred and volcanic planet of Hegemon and pulled up to the station on the Endeavor’s port side and locked its dock to the main body’s port side hatch.  Joachim stated, “All moorings engaged, engines powering down and all systems are standing by sir.” Ender said, “Vars tell engineering that the Trans-warp drive and weapons systems are given top priority.” Vars replied, “Aye sir.” Ender stood up from his command chair and said, “Mr. Weiss, you are in command.  Commander Arkanian and I are going to the station and meet our new friends.” Joachim replied (with a hint of concern), “Yes sir.” Ender and Petra went to the turbo lift and the doors closed once they entered.


    The turbo lift doors opened and Ender and Petra walked briskly down the hallway towards the port side hatch where they noticed many security guards and engineers are gathered or walking about in groups as they moved down port gangway.  Once they entered the station they looked down the passageway’s and saw yellow lights along the overhead leading to the entrance.  Petra whispered to Ender, “Bring back memories?” Ender smirked and replied, “Almost like I just arrived here as a Launchy yesterday.” An older man in a blue uniform appeared before them and said, “I am Lt. Cole, if you will follow me the representatives of the Starways of Congress are waiting for you.” They followed the Lt. down the passageways and up the ladders while Ender and Petra looked around to see some of the familiar and changed settings of what was once the Battle School.


    Julian called out, “Status report Reinhardt!” Reinhardt stood at attention to the right of Julian and said, “Caesar, the reactors will be cooled and ready in 15 minutes.” Julian replied, “Excellent.  Dior, any news from Khan?” Dior turned from her station, behind Julian and replied, “Yes Caesar.  He failed to destroy the Endeavor and the Vengeance lost one of their main torpedo holds and photon control, but the Endeavor is severely damaged.” Julian slammed his right fist on the arm rest causing it to bend as he yelled, “Damn!  Set course for the far side of the moon of Moskva!” Helm replied, “Yes Caesar.” Julian breathed angrily and spoke to himself, “Well Ender, it looks like we will meet again on the battlefield.  The next time though, I will make sure that it will be your last.”

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