JE Thompson's wondrous short stories

All of the following are stories by me!

Please note, some of these stories will be found on another writing website. I am the same person who wrote those stories and these are my original works.
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Please also note that some stories are not actually suitable for U13s but a fair few are and that is why this is rated G


1. Lords of the Skies

This story can be found on the link provided in the description



~~The war field was set. It was time for the ultimate battle. The battle to decide who would rule the skies. Dark vs Light. Falcon vs Hawk. Faravo vs Haklops.
Eons ago, the Dark Falcons and the Light Hawks were created to protect the Earth. These creatures were a mutation of human and bird. While the Falcons brought strong rains to revive the crops, the Hawks brought sun and shine, as a sign of hope for us, the inhabitants below them. We have known of their existence for millennia.
However, very few of us have known of the eternal war between the two sides. The competition for dominance and power, for the right to be the absolute ruling beings of the sky. The people who knew could detect where these sides rested. Clouds meant Falcon, clear sky meant Hawk.
But now, the war was coming to an end. Both Faravo and Haklops decided to settle this on the very surface of the Earth. Now all of humanity knew of this war between Falcon and Hawk.
Faravo! Haklops! Come to the centre of the battlefield!
A mighty voice echoed through the stillness. The moment has come. Faravo and Haklops prepared their swords and shields.
Faravo and Haklops clanged their swords furiously. The beginning of a battle that lasted hours.
Finally, Haklops was knocked to the ground. Faravo walked to him, ready to kill him. “This was your destiny,” Faravo whispered so unsympathetically. He raised his sword.
Faravo paused, and turned to come face to face with… the almighty Sun God, creator of the Falcons and Hawks. The Sun God breathed life back into Haklops and spoke again.
“End this battle. Do as I command. You must return to the war of the sky.”
Haklops exclaimed, “But our war has been eternal.”
“And eternal it must be. Your sides are evenly matched, incapable of destroying each other completely. Your war brings life to the surface of this planet. That is why I created you. Heed me and reignite the war.”
Despite hesitation, Faravo and Haklops regarded the Sun God’s command, and returned to the skies to continue the war that they now knew had to remain eternal.
The war is still strong, but all of humanity knows that it is for the benefit of the Earth.

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