first love


4. Unhappy day

 The next morning I woke up in the happiest mood I got up from the my bed and took a shower and then after that I got dressed and put my shoes on so I could go and eat breakfast with my family so since I only had an 1 hour before I go to school so I could wake up my computer to get my fashion blog started and going so I took a picture of my outfit and wrote under it what I was wearing 


So what I'm wearing are light blue Jeans from Old navy a crop top from the same place and the shoes are from the converse store my sweatshirt from Old navy my hair was curled  and had a head band in my hair. After that I closed my laptop and I headed to school than I heard a car and it was Jacob he said 


Get in the car I don't want you to be late for class."




yeah so when we were driving he was talking about last night about the kiss he said that he didnt want to go to far yet and he said that he's taking it back but I still remembered the way he grabbed my hand he wants to take it back no wonder all the girls didn't like him because he never meant to kiss them. then I said



"no i'm not going to stop the car because I know you still like me."


"well i'm sorry that you want to take back that kiss of yours."


"sorry ill text you in tutorial k."


"fine but it better be good."


"trust me it will."


after we got to the school I got out of the car and slammed the car door I went to my first period class since he was in my 1 period. after the teacher was talking Jacob passed me a note and it said to meet him at the stadium so I did and, since the stadium was across the street I walked and almost there when "BOOM" I instantly asked my self if this was actually happening and I opened my eyes it was real because I saw Jacob running towards me and tried to talk to me but I couldn't here anything  but sharpness in my ears as I was crying then I passed out.

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