first love


3. The date

That night I was writing in my journal I heard something on my window and I got up and looked out and saw jacob he said to come down. And I went quietly down the stairs and went outside and he said to me that he's never liked anyone like me he gave reasons why he liked me and he told me that I’m pretty smart nice and sporty and then then told me to go back in my house so I did and my heart was pounding and I could hear because it was so loud.


And I've never felt like this since my last town and now he makes me happier than ever I Have been before. In the morning he picked me up and he said “Are you ready for our date?”


“Maybe, just kidding I’m ready but I might not be able to come because it’s family fun night and my parents said if I get all A’s in all my class’s by today then yes so do you want to help me.”


“Yeah of course I want to help you I won’t have to go to the movies by myself so yeah duh I will help you.”


“Thank you so much Jacob I really appreciate it.”


“Your welcome after all I am a boyfriend material person so give me call .”


“Oh trust me I will.”


After that we started laughing and in tutorial I re-did my homework and by the family I got all A’s and he came to pick me up from my house and he said “You look so beautiful.”

“And you look so handsome.”

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