first love


2. getting use to

Morning came and I knew I had to wake up and get ready for school so I did ,and got dressed . put my shoes on,ate breakfast, and then brushed my teeth and this time I walked to school and I was late but  Jacob was waiting for me  and we talked.


”Wow you waited for me, shocker.”


”Yeah it's kinda weird huh?”


“No it's fine I’m use to it my friends always waited for me when I'm late but we just meet and how did you know I would be late though?”


”You're always early to school so I thought if I'd wait for you it wouldn't be weird if you came in class late and by yourself.”


“Well thanks for waiting for me I really appreciate it a lot.”


”You're welcome, anytime.”


After a while I started to like him, he's nice ,funny  and cute, it's weird. Huh, I just met him and I have no friends he's the only friend I have I can't mess it up I know all the girls like him and they'll get a better chance than me. The bell rang and class was over now is to present in front of the classroom he got the project and put it on the seat.


“Oh the project we are doing is on  Romeo and Juliet Jacob drew Romeo and I drew Juliet we decided because it's love in art and romeo and juliet died for love and that’s why we did this project.”


The bell rang and class was over so we went to P.E                                             next.


I never thought that me and Jacob had the same thing in common.


As I was running I heard footsteps coming my way but I just thought it was someone running so I left it but then boo goes jacob again scaring me.


‘’Hey so what was our grade for art.”


“It was an A+.”


“And how come she didn’t tell me.”


“I don’t know.”


“She must hate me huh.”


“There's no way she hates you you're too nice to be hated.”


“Aww thanks.”


“Your welcome.”    



A few weeks passed and he was still my friend, at the moment we were walking to my 1st period class and we were talking and asked how old I was

and I said.


“17 and why are you asking me?”


“No reason.”


There's got to be a reason, I think to myself.


“Uh huh, Im sure there isnt.” I say casually. Usually he can't keep a secret or lie to me, so if there is a reason than he would tell me.


We got to PE class and started running around the track and we were talking and he asked me the weirdest question ever.


“So I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies with me?”


It shocked me so hard that I stopped in mid run, but quickly covered it up and started running again.


My stomach started feeling like butterflies were attacking it.


When it was time to stop I started running towards the bathroom so i could write in my journal about this because I have no friends to share with.


After I was done I walked out and caught up with Jacob, and thankfully he didn't bring up the movies thing while we walked up to my 2nd class.And he stopped me and said


“so can I get get an answer?”


“Maybe… I don't know… Let me think about it.”




By the rest of the period I had made up my mind. So I walked up to him and started talking. “Jacob, Is the offer still standing? Because if it is I would like to go with you.”


When he realized what I had said, he looked so happy and cheerful. “Of course the offer still stands.” He paused to think, “How about saturday? Does that sound good?”


“yeah .”


“Then i'll pick you up at 7:00.”

“Yeah that sounds good see you there.” I was so excited I wanted to squeal, but I did it in my head and waved goodbye, and walked to my house.

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