first love


1. Moving day

As I listen to my parents talk I heard them say something about moving to a different place, and starting a new chapter in our life. I felt so angry I had to do something so I got up from the couch and ran to my room and “BOOM” I slammed my bedroom door.My mom and dad weren't as mad and sad like I was because of moving so much I got tired of moving,this is going be the 5th move and I’ve made so many friends its going to be so hard to tell them that I’m moving. After a while I started to calm down and dinner came I ate and  took a shower after that i brushed my teeth and went to bed as for tomorrow my last day of school not for summer but for my moving day.


Morning came and that's when I knew I had to wake up for school so I got up and got dressed and did my hair after that I got everything else on and went to school my mom dropped me of and of course I was late,but as you know my friends wait for me so I have nothing to worry about. When we were walking to class  I was like, “Hey I need to talk to you guys at launch.”


“Sure why not.” I hope they won't get mad at me.” launch came and I was waiting for them and the moment came that I had to tell the that I was moving.


“So I wanted to tell you guys that my parents decided to move to a different place” ,they were surprised of what I said, ruby was mad and took off Crystal and Meghan were sad and they told me that they are going to miss me, I left  home early to pack so then when I was done I sat on the floor and started to cry because I didn't know what to do , so I went walking to ruby's house for my last day. I stayed there for a while and left to get ready for the long way to my new house in california.




during the ride to california I was on my phone texting Ruby.


Hey Ruby I miss you


I miss you to I just don't know why you had to move.


I know. Well I have to go bye.




My parents stopped the car for a rest stop so they can catch some sleep since it's 12:00 at night and they need lots of rest to keep driving. after a while it was 3:00 in the morning so they got up and started to drive. For a whole 14 hours My sister and mom kept sing the road trip song after the 14 hour trip we finally got to our house I looked outside the car window and I saw our house it looked like one of those houses that had 4 stories my sister said “How did we afford this house?”


We got out of the car and went inside the house and the inside was big with a chandelier and all  the house execories and everything that was in our old house. All we needed was to unpack for school tomorrow and then we're all set. after that I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed and I went to sleep.

when morning came I got up and took a shower after that I put my clothes on and went down stairs to eat breakfast  and I got my shoes on and brushed my teeth then I got my backpack and my mom drove me to school.


When we got there I got out the car and started walking away from the door  when I got close to the school door I opened it and went to the counselor's office, as you know people don't know about at the school so they stared at me and then I  saw myself at the counselor's office I wasn't  myself so I said,


“do you know my locker combo or not?”


“yes I do.”


So she gave me my locker number and combo and I walked to my locker and “Boom” I ran into a guy so I said


“Great to start my day .”




“It's fine.”


“ Hi nice to meet you and I don't know your name


“My name is lily.”


“Well nice to meet you Lily my name is Jacob.”


“Nice to meet you to.”


“let me help you with that.”


“No thanks I got it, but thank you.”


“Honestly let me help.”


“ Okay.”


So he helped me get my stuff and took me to my class and that's how my day started.The next class period was art I love art so I was “Excited”, but we had assigned seats so the teacher assigned me to Jacob of course I was shy because I like him so he started to talk to me first so I wouldn't be uncomfortable, him and I had a project to do so we were partners and he said,


“Maybe I can come over and help with the project.”


“Yeah if you say so, I honestly didn't think you would help.”


“Why because I'm a football player?”


“kind of.”


“You know I thought I was going to do all of the work.”


“Why because I look like a popular girl ha very funny.”

 After a while the bell rang and we talked for so long we didn't do anything, my last school in idaho we had 7 classes but in California school we have 3 classes weird huh yeah so the last class was Pe, Pe is the best but I just don't know how Jacob is in all of my classes he sees me and says,


“Are you stalking me?


“No are you?”


“Huh weird.”


“Yeah well I gotta start running so catch up.”


“ I will.”


“Gee your fast.”


“Thank you.”


“ Just a girl that likes a lot a style.”


“Thanks for the compliment.”


“Your welcome.”


“Haha very funny.”


Then the Pe teacher said,


“ come on let's go inside class


The bell rang and school ended and it was time to go home I was excited, but I had to do the project with Jacob so he caught up to me and he walked with me to my house, when we arrived at my house he said, “gee you have a big house!”


“Yeah that's why I wanted to go to your house because I knew you were gonna say that.”


“Sorry I just that of what you wore you had a small house.”


“ I don't like shoving it in peoples faces so yeah, so let's go inside I will show you the inside and don't get lost.”


“I won't.”


After a while we were done with the art project and I asked if he wanted to watch a movie before he left and he said


“I'd love to.”


So we went to my screening room and he pick a movie


“How did you know my favorite movie was romeo and juliet.”

“ I didn't this is my favorite movie.”


So we watched the movie and I saw a tear going down his cheek


“Are you crying?”  




“Yes you are, you want a tissue?”


“Sure  thanks.”


“you're welcome  I never knew you could cry.”


”Ha very funny.”

The movie ended and I walked him out the door and he gave me a huge I was very surprised that he gave me one, we barely even meat but I like hughes so yeah. It was nighttime so I had to get ready for bed and brushed my teeth and went to bed.

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