running from sparks


2. Chapter 1

A tiny hand slides into hers. It's beginning to feel familiar. She squeezes it as thunder rumbles overhead.

"Jordan, can we rest?" A little voice peeps.

"Let's make it to the next tree Carson." She says pointing ahead. The sprinkles start up again as they travel. The tree is almost a mile away but the flat expanse of road they are trudging along is relatively intact making long distances much easier. Jordan counts as minutes pass. 

Finally, Carson plops down underneath the lonely Sitka Spruce and Jordan follows. The large pine needles protect them from the brewing storm. "How much longer?" He moans. Jordan shrugs her shoulders handing Carson a bag of fruit snacks. She keeps to herself the hundreds of miles they still have to travel to get away from the shoreline.

Carson hands the empty bag to Jordan and she exchanges it for a sleeping bag. He crawls in, laying flat on his back, his scared eyes reminding her just how young he is. She arranges an area to sleep next to him. Carson snuggles into her side, his innocence reminding her over and over again why she must keep going.

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