The Sharpest Lives (Supernatural songfic)

Jay never really believed in God or the Devil, but that all changed the day she met two 'ghost hunters' and a drunk writer.

(Ok so I haven't watched any of season 11 but it has been mostly spoiled for me so I know about Casifer ans stuff. This won't be following what happens in season 11 and will mostly be it's own thing.)


1. 1

She downed her last shot and slapped a couple twenties on the counter before walking out into the cold, rainy, night.  Cars drove by her, illuminating the sidewalk and spraying her with the cold water pooling by the roadside. She didn't care though, she just wanted to forget. Forget all her mistakes and forget everything that happened to her. Yet, today she wasn't drunk enough to forget and the memories just kept flowing.

"I love you, you know that. But we can't be together."  He said to the sobbing female by his feet. 

"Wait! Why! I don't understand! I need you, we need you!" The girls cries awoke the sleeping baby, it's wails echoed around the house. The male grabbed the baby and it's stuff, calming it down before he spoke again. 

"No. You need me. You're nothing to me." He said walking downstairs despite her cries and screams for him to come back. As the slamming of the door echoed around the house she could do nothing but watch as he drove away.

She wiped away the tears falling down her face and continued to walk, trying to think of something other than her past. And she did a good job at keeping her mind from straying too far, until a hand rested on her shoulder. 

"Are you okay miss?" A man asked, he had another person with him who looked like a fucking giant. 

"Yes, I'm fine, I have to go, so excuse me." She removed his hand off of her and began walking.

'Just one more block'  She thought to herself, noticing the giant was blocking her path.

"Ma'am you need to come with us." He said, continuing to block her when she tried to maneuver around the supersized man. 

Thinking quickly she grabbed the giant and kicked him in the balls and then did the same to the normal sized man before sprinting off. 

"God dammit Sam!" The normal man winced chasing after her with the giant named 'Sam'.

She quickly entered the house, and watched the two men look around for her through the peephole. Soon they gave up and left.

She yawned exhausted and laid on the couch, there was something under her, probably bags or something.

"Goodnight sweetheart" The figure whispered under her but before she could scream he snapped his fingers and she passes out.

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