love yourself

My friend gave me great advice and to be honest he is right about one thing.
"You don't need to date any one in our grade it won't get you anywhere but when were older it will be better."That is the thing that will help me from now on.


1. Love yourself~

I though dating someone would help me in many ways but to be real it doesn't.I though dating someone would make me happier but it made things worse.I mean dating someone is nice and they keep you compony but sometimes they just play you and just mess with your heart or go farther than that.. they break it with there bare hands and leave the remains behind.To be real here... I'm kinda happy being single!There are so many things to be happy about being single!1~You can really have fun and not worry about anything!2~You can like who ever you want to like!3~you don't need to worry about heart break!The three best things you can have by being single!I'm not saying you should break up with you are dating (for people who are dating)I'm talking to single and to people who are in relationships as well!If you think your boyfriend/girlfriend I'm just saying that being single you can feel free as a bird!I am proud to be single!And if you are single be happy since you are free and proud okay?okay! peace~

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