The Love Game

Edward left you. So you try to cope. Well you fricken can't. That is, until Jacob comes. He shows you the light, he puts the color in the world. And now Edward is back because you decided to save him. Even after all he's done to you. You save him, but your not sure....who do you love more?


3. Why Me?

Walking into the forrest, following Edward as slowly as possible, dragging my feet along the ground, I look up and see a red motorcycle with none other than Jacob Black sitting on it, at the entrance to the path through the woods. I can't help but smile at him and he smiles back. Oh how I love his smile!!

I think as I hold myself back and keep walking my regular pace.

"Dog." Edward says nodding curtly to Jake.

"Leech." Jake nods back.

"Hey Jake!" I say brightly. Edward cringes at the happiness in my voice and Jake brightens.

"Hey Bells!" Jake jumps off his bike and bear hugs me. Picking me up and spinning me around.

"What's up?" He asks after setting me back down.

"Nothing. Just walking into the woods. With Edward. Nothing different." I laugh sarcastically and hug him really quickly again. "Look Jake, why are you here?" I inquire after pulling him back and looking up into his eyes.

"I thought maybe you would want to come down to La Push and hang out with me today." He replies, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I blush and turn towards Edward.

"I'd love to Jake, but right now I think I have some business to take care of." Jake grimaces but nods.

"Ok Bells. You just call when your ready to come hang with me and I'll be there." He waves and hops on his bike. Riding off, he looks back at Edward and sends a glare that makes me shiver.

"You hate me. Why did you stay with me? I could tell you wanted to go with him Bella." Edward says, turning around and holding me in a glare that I can't look away from.

"It's not that Edward. It's just that I wanted to apologize."

"For what?" His perfect face creases in confusion.

"For everything. I'm sorry I've been such a bad person lately. It's just a lot to take in. I thought you were gone forever but now your back and I'm confused with my life. I still love you Edward. I dunno how but I do. But I also love Jacob. A lot." I sigh and look away.

"It's ok Bella." He takes a step closer. I take one back. He stops. "When I left, I left a scar. But Jacob was the one to heal It. The stitches he used don't dissolve though. They also left their mark. And now your left with a scar that won't heal and some stitches that won't dissolve. It's ok Bella. I love you too." Edward turns around and runs into the trees. Just runs. He disappears our of sight before I can even think of anything to say. I sit down on the ground, dumbfounded. Someone explain to me all this. I don't understand. Why me?

~authors note~

I am so sorry I have not updated in a while!! I've been soooo busy lately. But I'm gonna update every chance I get now! I'm filled with inspiration after reading The Fifth Wave series and Hush Hush series!! So yeah!! Love y'all so much an thanks for supporting me!

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