The Love Game

Edward left you. So you try to cope. Well you fricken can't. That is, until Jacob comes. He shows you the light, he puts the color in the world. And now Edward is back because you decided to save him. Even after all he's done to you. You save him, but your not sure....who do you love more?


1. About The Author

Heyyy!!! Ok so I'm very glad you chose to read this book! I am like a HUGE fan of Twilight and I was jus thinking "what if Bella didn't want Edward after all that he did to her?" So I figured I should write about it and see what became of it. I don't own any characters. They all belong to Stephanie Meyer and her incredible ability to write. Also y'all should read my other books tooooo lol. They're all about like dark angels and stuff but I mean I think they're pretty good. Idk what u guys will think tho. I hope u like this book and maybe the others if u decide to read them. ☺️ I love to write and I've written soooo many books! And then I found this app so now others can read my books tooooo!!! Ok lol sorry u can read the story now xD

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