KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.

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13. Violence Begets Violence

Chapter 11 :  Violence Begets Violence.


EST 23:00, CE 3016-06-06, LST 07:00, CE 3016-06-07


It was a clear and serene morning. Not a single cloud in sight , nor any strong winds that normally would first course an abrupt turbulent effect, followed by a flurry of whistling sounds, as it hit against the rigid frame of a fast moving hovercar. 

"Looks like another splendid day in terms of the weather in downtown Celestia City," I commented to break the sudden seemingly awkward silence that surrounded us. Both Paige and I had been dropped off at the Wastelands to an awaiting hovercar. Our trip there from Gamma Delta IV was a relatively short one given the speed of the Maelstrom cruiser that took as there. Paige and I had stayed together at the base for the good part of two days together preparing for this mission. During the brief trip to the Wastelands, Paige and I had for the final time gone over the plan, one which we had rehearsed and simulated many times over already. In the end we were both satisfied with it.  Both of us were confident that we would catch our objective Cerberus off guard and defenceless, in order to achieve our goal of assassination. Now, since being en-route to Cerberus' apartment which until now was also Paige's home, Paige hadn't muttered a single word.  The trip to her apartment from the Wastelands, was a good 1.5 hours travel in the Skycom registered hovercar that we were travelling in. Already almost the good part of an hour into the trip, the silence began to make me feel slightly uncomfortable.

"Yes it does." Paige replied with little interest in her voice.

"Are you okay? You haven't said a word since we left the Wastelands?"

"I know. I'm just feeling a little tense as we near Cerberus' apartment. Funny because I live there and I never feel like this going home. Obviously it's because of what we're about to do." Paige was clearly feeling uneasy about the whole thing now that we were nearing our target and reality slowly sinking in. 

"Yeah I know that tense feeling. Although it does get easier the more missions you do." I said out softly trying to ease the young girl's mind up a little. "Yet this one will probably be one off the hardest missions you'll ever undertake. At least psychologically anyway." 

"Yeah, but I can do this, I want to and I must."

"And that you will Paige. All you need to do is get us in. If you follow my instruction at all time, I'll protect you with all I have if push comes to shove. Evidence of that trait of mine you already have proof of." I continued to talk softly to her giving her a light rub on her shoulder. 

"I've got a few minor important belongings in my own quarters in her apartment. I'll have to take those once we're done as there's no coming back after this is over. I'll be an enemy of the state and probably up there on par with you on the most wanted list."

"You know you don't have to go through with this if you don't want to. You could just get me in and then go somewhere else. After all you're a resident and no one will suspect a thing. I could then kill Cerberus and then we could meet up again at a later time."

"No!" Paige burst out, her tone suddenly changing from calm to agitated." I want to kill her, and as we agreed, I'm still doing it. I've already reached a crossroad in my life. This is it, and I've decided to join you and your resistance cause. It's what I want, it's what defines me, makes me different to them, and lastly this is how I shall prove it to you."

"Yes Paige, but you realise that without your help, getting into Cerberus' apartment alone would be an impossible feet. By you getting me in and then leaving and allowing me to kill Cerberus, you would've thus proved yourself beyond any doubt anyway. Think about it, if we did that instead you could work as an inside spy, at least initially anyway."

"No Kay!" Paige said angrily this time slamming her fist on the hovercar's dash. "I don't wanna be a spy and I doubt I could be of much use in that area as they don't tell me much, nor am I involved in their work and despicable acts."

"But after Cerberus is dead, things will change. Your older sister will probably succeed her and slowly you could get in. Having you on the inside would be an enormous asset."

"I said I don't want to. And furthermore I don't have what it takes. I'm sorry Kay, but that's no deal. We proceed as planned and I kill Cerberus and after that my defection to the Arjian Resistance will be complete."

"Very well then Paige. No need to get angry about it. It was only a suggestion and an option. If this is truly what you want then it fine, so long as you fully understand the exact extent of what you're giving up as it’s a lot."

"I understand it Kay and I appreciate your concerns for me and the matter. Thank you." Paige looked me in the eye the whole time with hardly a single blink, and only eventually took eye contact off me once I nodded at her in acknowledgement. 

After all that, I then only realised just how much time had flown past. It never ceased to amaze me just how much an intense conversation could pass the time. We were almost at our destination.

"We're almost there. We have all the clearance codes to enter this restricted airspace around the building the apartment is in. That's the beauty of having the right people at one's disposal to first steal, and then rig a Skycom vehicle to our liking." I said giggling slightly and then glancing quickly at Paige producing a half grin. 

"Yeah you guys at Arjian are good in more ways than many."

Several green lights lit up, then flashed, and then be became a constant green. These indicated that our vehicle was authorised and cleared to be in the heavily restricted and guarded zone we had just entered in.

"Looks like we haven't given ourselves any unwanted attention. Good start to proceedings," I said in a soft murmur. "Guide us to the exact spot we need to land Paige."

"Not a problem." Despite the fact that we were still flying, Paige undid her harness and moved in closer to me. Form there she began tapping at the navigation computer's screen entering in a set of coordinates. "If you may Kay, switch us to autopilot and the computer will guide as in." Paige was still almost leaning on me as she spoke. I could literally feel her breath as she spoke and could feel her intent. 

"Don't even think about kissing me Paige. I'm Mako's girlfriend which you're fully aware of, so that behaviour is not on." Almost instantly jumping back into her seat, Paige's face turned tomato red in embarrassment. "Yes I'm flattered Paige, but I mean it. It's not gonna happen." I said firmly just as we landed in a dark secluded ally way. Suddenly the morning felt like night. Surrounded by a series of kilometre long buildings, including the one that housed Cerberus' luxurious penthouse apartment, very little sunlight from high above passed through due to the tall structures above us. 

We cautiously got out, and I subtly walked behind Paige who took little notice of the small hypo syringe in my hand. I didn't feel any sense of deception. In fact I felt confident that Paige would follow through with the assassination of Cerberus and defect to us. However I couldn't take any chances. For the just in case. I cupped the back of her neck tightly with my free hand before injecting her in the same area with the hydro syringe.

"Ouch!" Paige yelped. "What the hell was that for?"

"Insurance. Until the mission is over, you haven't yet proven yourself. I’ve injected explosive nanites into your bloodstream. They will remain there no longer than 24 hours before being eventually dissolved by your body's own immune system. Until then, if you're about to lead me into a trap, boom! You'll be coming with me to the next life." I smiled grimly at her.

"Fine then! I understand, but please don't have an itchy finger with whatever triggers those damn nanites in me to explode,” Paige responded very annoyed. “You'll soon find that this is no trap Master Kay Blade." Paige finished off empathising the part where she called me master, clearly irritated at my actions. Yet in the end who could blame me. At this stage I had no way of really knowing if this were a trap or not. Sure I had a very bizarre feeling I could not explain that Paige's intents were genuine, yet I would be a complete idiot to rely totally on a gut feeling.

"Like I said, it's just insurance. Now lead the way." I said still maintaining a serious facial tone and motioning her to hurry along. I began getting the creeps, not particularly having a liking at hanging around the dark alleyway we were in.

The two of us discretely made our way to the lower levels. Cerberus' lavish apartment was located many levels up. Paige had always been a curious person. Even at the youngest of ages, she would sneak out on her own, away from the comfort and safety of her mother's apartment and explore. Despite the perils that obviously lay in the path of such a young girl, it never sought to discourage Paige from wondering. Undoubtedly the girl had her talents, and today, knowledge of the underground tunnels well beneath her mother's apartment would pay dividends. It seemed easy enough for us two to get into them and crawl our way through. Moving in such confined spaces seemed like child's play for Paige who had done this countless times in her life. Although the stench which was expected was terrible. Inside the tubes we found it slippery, although Paige had it under control as she used a series of grappling hooks to pull her forward with me tethered to her. Eventually we reached an opening. One of the garbage chutes. It was a good thing that it had been early in the morning, and no rubbish was being disposed of, I thought to myself as we then got out and set foot on the basement level of what was both Cerberus' and Paige's home.  Paige of course could have thus walked in through the normal entries unchallenged, making the whole point of sneaking in sound trivial. Yet this was the only way to get me into the residence of what as far as I was concerned, the most notorious woman in the entire USS.

"Kay, Cerberus is probably in her main quarters now showering or just finishing up showering. She very much does a workout in her own private gym located in the apartment every day at the same time. For now all you need to do is follow me. If we encounter anyone, let me take care of it." Paige assured me with full confidence. Confidence I didn't doubt, because if anyone knew their way around this complex, it would be her.

"Once we're at her quarters, we'll simply walk in. I'll then shut the door and we can then pleasure ourselves in Cerberus, blood." Paige spoke displaying demon like eyes.

Slowly we made our way up to the higher levels. "Her quarters are on level 225, the penthouse. It's a massive complex up there." Paige would whisper into my ear before placing her hand on my shoulder and directing me towards a narrow half lit passageway that led to an isolated turbolift. "Over there, her own express lift to her apartment. It only ever stops on a few select levels. One also needs to have their microchips programmed to access it. Not a problem for me since I live there too." Paige said producing a cocky half grin smile." Thus we should get into Cerberus' apartment very much unchallenged."

"Sounds a little easy if you ask me Paige. But then again you live here, and without you I doubt I would have gotten this far, nor be able to access that turbolift." I sounded a little skeptical at first as we waited for the turbolift doors to open. "No one's suspecting any funny business yet. That explains the relatively normal calm around here at the moment." I said as I nervously tapped the tips of my fingers on the wall I was standing next too. Despite me only gently tapping away, the sound from my fingers was causing an echoing noise that was audible across the seldom used passageway. However the echoing was soon suppressed by the dominating hissing sound that followed the opening of the turbolift doors. "After you Paige." I gestured her forward by moving both my arms in the direction of the turbolift door. "This is it then. I'm ready for this Paige, are you?" 

"I'm about as ready as I'm ever gonna be Kay." Paige replied back with confidence as she pressed the button to the 225th floor and sent us on our way up. 

"Good. Because we can't have any hesitation in going through with the deed."

"Oh don't worry, I'm not your girlfriend Kay." Paige said in an almost mocking way, referring to when Mako's cockups in my first mission with her got the two of us captured and sent to the gladiatorial death arena. I stared at her in total disapproval of her remark, but chose to not take it any further, as at any moment now the turbolift door would open at level 225. Simply put, her remark was trivial given the seriousness of what lay ahead.

With another loud hiss, the turbolift doors opened. Paige walked out first and then motioned for me to come out. We were in a decently sized foyer area which contained other turbolifts. Clearly there was more than one way in, to this penthouse apartment. The huge double door entry into the actual apartment was situated opposite the turbolifts. Taking note of my surroundings, I observed that security was quite complex indeed. The doors themselves were reinforced blast doors, and to open them Paige had to scan her wrist to identify herself first. Fortunately however, security was not advanced enough to defect the presence of other people around the authorised person. It was clearly assumed that it would be next to impossible to even make it this far in the first place, had a would be assassin such as myself attempt this task on their own without inside help. Their assumptions were not wrong either. The entire complex was nothing short of equipped with Skysec's best when it came to security measures. I had no intention of sticking around for long to really find out once we were done with killing Cerberus. Similar to the turbolift earlier on, the blast door entry to Cerberus' grandeur apartment hissed open, and both Paige and I casually strode in.

Eying my prey dead ahead and not hesitating, I thoroughly strode into her apartment with grace and finesse. Paige securely shut the door behind us, which by then I found myself face to face with the older woman. At first Cerberus' eyes widened upon looking dead centre into the barrel  of my blaster pistol. Trying to swallow and talk at the same time, she ended up choking momentarily on her own saliva at the utter surprise of my hasty arrival.

"Oh my God, you!" Her eyebrows rising a notch as she yelped, she then gaped her mouth wide open, while at the same time placed her right hand over her heart area. Her eyes not blinking for at least forty seconds, Cerberus stood there frozen, her facial and body expression one of total shock, as I firmly continued to point my blaster at her head.

"Cerberus what a pleasant surprise to see you." I said sarcastically.

"How did you get here?" Cerberus had only finished showering, dressed herself in her elegant business attire, put on her stylish long boots, did her hair and put on all her jewellery and gadgets. She was basically ready for the day ahead never expecting in a thousand years for this unwelcome intrusion.

"Why that's not really important, what's important is that I'm here and I intend not leave until you're dead." I smiled broadly showing no emotion whatsoever. "However if you really want to know, Paige over there lead me here by choice."

"Paige, thank the stars you're here...... Well don't just stand there, do something!" Cerberus yelled out to her youngest daughter in what was a panicked voice. Yet all she did was casually walk up behind her while I continued to firmly hold her at gunpoint. 

"Put your hands in the air Emilia!" Paige said referring to Cerberus by her real name rather than mother.

"What! How? What? What are you doing? Is this your idea of a cruel joke." Cerberus’ eyes suddenly bulging out in total shock.

"It's not a joke Emilia." I finally said also referring to her by her first name. Cerberus simply froze again gawking straight at me, then flinching her head slightly to the right to see where Paige was behind her and then back at me again.

"So you put her up to this you terrorist criminal scumbag?" Cerberus demanded angrily.

"I would back off on the name calling, you're not exactly in a good position my dear Cerberus." I reiterated pointing the blaster closer to her head. "But to answer your question, no she actually came to me. In-fact she wants to kill you just as much as I do." I smiled gravely at her. 

"Paige what is she talking about, is that true?"

"It is, all of it." Paige said angrily taking control of both of Cerberus's hands and putting them behind her back before wrapping one of her hands behind the back of her neck pushing down on it. "On your fucking knees Emilia, now!" Paige now yelled in her ear furiously.

Cerberus complied having no choice. "Have you lost your mind Paige, I'm your mother and she is a murderous criminal!"

"On the contrary, you are the villainous murdering scumbag and she there, Kay Blade is my idol, my hero, the one I look up to. Has been for a very long time."

Cerberus' mouth gaped out in shock at her youngest daughter's shocking revelation. Never in a million years did she see this one coming. I then smiled gravely at the woman who now knelt before me, her face paler than that of a ghost. I almost felt sorry for her, the fear in her eyes now evident, it was almost hard to believe this was the same woman who had condemned many innocents to their deaths, people convicted for none other than having a different political view or belief. 

"You are not so tough now Emilia Langley. With no body guards, or security teams or what have you?" 

Before Cerberus could even reply, Paige who was still standing behind her holding her down by the neck firmly, pulled at her hair with her other hand pulling her head back at the same time. 

"You will answer to her before I end your pathetic life!" Her eyes bulged even wider as Paige who was pulling at Cerberus's hair and causing her more pain stared into her mother's eyes . I took note momentarily at the two women. Paige's eyes staring down at those of her mother's with pure hatred, while on the contrary her mother Emilia's eyes told a different story, one of confusion and despair.

"I'm, I'm a a a defenceless woman. You, you coming here with your murderous intentions proves what you really are Kay. Let me go and we'll talk this over."

"Let you go and talk this over she says." I looked up at Paige in total amusement. "Why so you can call for help and have me executed. What do you take me for an idiot! No fucking chance!" 

"You're just gonna kill me in cold blood? Some honour you have Kay Blade."

"Honour? You want to talk about honour? You should be the last person talking about honour. In fact you can go tell it to all those innocents you sentenced to death when you meet them in person shortly.”

"Nooooo please. Have mercy. Paige I'm your mother. Where did I do wrong to you. I raised you, I gave you everything. If you had any concerns why didn't you ever say anything? Why?"

"Because you would have just imprisoned me in the end, or done worse. I have always been against your ways, and that of your corporation and government. Being able to fight against your tyranny had always been a dream for me, now I've made it a reality."

"Paige no. You've..... You've been brainwashed. Listen to your words. There is no logic sense in them. I've cared and raised you, look around you, you have everything you want and more than most girls your age can ever dream of." Cerberus sounded sincere in her voice and body language. Yet deep down she would never forgive her youngest daughter for this and we all knew it. "Paige, please be reasonable. I'm your mother. Slowly let go of my hair. Slowly retrieve your gun and shoot that fucking whore who is trying to destroy us." Cerberus said first speaking slowly, and by the end of it, yelling out like sounding like an angry witch. 

"Nice try Emilia Langley, but no fucking deal. You're such a liar. Even if I were able to turn on Kay, you'll never allow me to walk away from this. I know you all too well. We all do. Your word Emilia is not worth anything. Only way to get any guarantees from you is to silence you bitch! Therefore your fucking gonna be dead shortly, since the dead can't cause us any trouble!"

"You've totally lost your mind Paige. No. Please. Be reasonable!" Cerberus now began screening in panic. Yet it would be to no avail in the end."

"Now I've heard enough. This chatter is a pointless waste of time, while your vile existence continues to consume the air in which we breathe." As I flipped my blaster around, Cerberus' eyes expanded once again as I proceeded to hit her first across the jaw with the butt of the weapon, and then hit her again across the face and nose. The sound of cracking bone followed by the tearing of flesh, filled the space around us as Cerberus dropped her arms from her head. Placing both arms underneath Cerberus' underarms, Paige took hold of her before she could collapse to the ground. "Hold her upright and firmly Paige."

"No, no please. I don't want to die!" Cerberus cried out in agony and then dropped her head. I quickly cupped my hand around her chin lifting it so that her head could point up at me.

"You don't want to die? Neither did the countless innocents you tossed in the arena. Neither did I nor my girlfriend who were lucky enough to even escape. Consider this justice served you fucking bitch." Cerberus groaned as I kicked her in the gut, but remained upright thanks to Paige's secure hold on her. Letting go of her chin in order to take out my blaster again, she once again dropped her head down. Never had I seen the woman reduced to nothing before. Pointing my blaster at her stomach area, one shot would have ensured a quick but still painful death. I wasn't a monster, I didn't want to really butcher her or rape her. Having the thought was one thing, actually following through with it another matter altogether. Yet even before Paige could protest, I already knew where all this would be heading. No, a  straightforward assassination simply wouldn't be enough for her. Instead this would become a slaying beyond anything I ever could have imagined capable of not just anyone, but Cerberus' own child. And she would get her way by forcing my own hand.

"What do you think you're doing Kay? We had an agreement did we not? Did we not Kay?" Paige began raising her voice angrily as she repeated herself.

"Well if I shoot her in the gut, she won't die straight away. You could then just finish her off." I replied keeping my calm.

"No! No fucking way! The agreement was clear and you agreed. That was for me to take you here, and then I kill her with my own hands. You're here to witness it so that you will believe without any doubt, that I wish to fight for you and your people and against hers." 

Cerberus slowly lifted her head. Weak and broken, tears could be seen coming out of her eyes. No longer because of me, but at the venomous words of pure hatred being directed at her by none else but her own daughter. I couldn't believe how I was feeling. Inside I felt sorry for her. I lowered my blaster and holstered it. Pity, sorrowful, sadness, my facial expression said it all. Both Paige and Cerberus observed it in me.  I wasn't a monster. I was a freedom fighter. Yet this enraged the young woman who now directed her anger at me.

"You feel for her? She is all pretense. Anything she will do to save herself. If she could somehow get out of this, she wouldn't hesitate to kill you in a heartbeat Kay. Don't be fooled. "

I looked back directly in the eyes of my mortal enemy. The same eyes in which I had once seen as nothing more than demonic, evil and merciless. However all that I saw now were the eyes of a helpless and defenceless woman begging for mercy. Paige was right though, who was I kidding. Snarling and gritting my teeth at the same time I then formed two fists with both my hands and began punching Cerberus repeatedly across the face. Bones cracked and blood splatted in all directions also painting my own fists in red from her blood. I again then lifted her head by her hair observing her weak facial expression. Spitting blood, Cerberus could now barely keep her head up or eyes open.  Then I pulled at her hair even harder, causing Cerberus to cry in the immense pain I was inflicting on her. Finally I proceeded to hit across the face several more times, until Paige finally let go of her allowing her to drop to the floor with a loud thud.

Although I wasn’t quite done yet. “Paige pick her up again. I have a few more things to say before you proceed with your execution.” Paige gave me a confused look for a moment before picking Cerberus up again from the floor and holding the woman upright, but still on her knees. “You look startled Paige. Don’t worry I won’t go against my word in allowing you to kill her. However you will wait until I am fully done with her.”

I took another moment to stare at Emilia Langley directly in the eye. Yes now I thought of her as Emilia her real name rather than Cerberus. The two of us didn't take eye contact from one another for a good part of another minute. Staring into her hazel eyes, I continued to see a different woman in her. Not one of a ruthless cold hearted pitiless woman, but one of a..... I wasn't sure for a moment, but as I stared deeper into her eyes the word came to me. A mother. This is why I had come to think of her as Emilia in the expense of the moment rather than Cerberus. Desperation, sorrow, sadness filled her eyes and spread through the agony all over her face and body. Ironically it was her youngest daughter who at this point of time wanted her dead more than me. I seriously questioned myself if I could even have given myself the courage and strength in being able to proceed in killing her, had it just been Emilia and I here alone. 

“Please, please, let’s talk this over like civilised beings.” Cerberus pleaded to me, the desperation in her eyes immense. 

I was totally taken aback. Almost frozen and confused. Here I was, having the opportunity to slay the one whom I despised most in the entire universe, and now here I stood, hesitant on whether to proceed with it or not. I wasn't a cold blooded killer, I wasn't heartless and I was certainly no monster. Cerberus could see that and most certainly was trying to use it to her advantage in order to save herself. Snapping out of my momentary lapse, I realised that a few tear drops had come out of my eyes.

"Kay you have got to be fucking kidding me?" Paige still holding Cerberus down on her knees firmly with her hand cupped to the back of her neck commented at me, a look of utter disgust more than evident in her face. "The fact you have any emotion for her at all disgusts me. You should be ashamed for even falling for her fucking charade. Can't you see she's preying upon your weakness. Damn I never would have thought that you of all people could have been this gullible. Snap the fuck out of it Kay! Have you forgotten the feelings she had for both you and your girlfriend when she had condemned and then sent both of you to your deaths? Have you?" Paige now yelled at me placing her other hand on Cerberus mouth. The look in Paige's eyes portrayed it all. The younger daughter's hatred for her own mother and her desire to end her now once and for all was undeniably there. Paige snarled as she looked into Cerberus' baffled eyes, and then quickly removed the hand she had cupped to her neck. As quick as she had removed it, she had then wrapped her arm around her neck into a tight headlock. Furiously she twisted her head to one side literally wanting to snap Cerberus' neck but fell short off the mark. Or did she? No she didn't want her to die quickly, instead what she had in store were other ideas of a slow, painful and gruesome death for the older woman.

Removing her hand from her mouth, Paige then spat some more angry words into Cerberus' ear before turning her around to face me. "You got anything to say to my Master Kay Blade before we carry out our sentence of death on you?"

By this stage I had really had enough of all of this. Who was I kidding. She was my mortal enemy and we had come here to kill her. Unlike Paige, it was something I clearly was having a problem with at the moment.

“Forget it. I don’t want to talk about anything with you as there is nothing to discuss.” I said out coldly to her face.

“What are you just gonna kill me like that?” Cerberus cried out. 

“Yeah very much.” I shrugged my shoulders at her as she spoke and moved in closer to her.

“No, please, there has to be another way!” Cerberus began pleading desperately. 

“Perhaps there is Emilia, but I don’t really give a damn if there is because I simply want to do what I came here to do in the first place. That is kill you. I didn’t come here to discuss things. With you that has been proven on countless occasions to be a fruitless waste of time." I said shaking my head.

“But I don’t want to die!” Cerberus began to beg almost in tears as she put one arm and hand up in a futile attempt to have Paige release her headlock on her, and the other arm and hand forward to try and push me away. Of course to no effective avail. 

“Emilia, what you want is irrelevant. Of course you don’t want to die. But what of all the innocents you had killed. They didn't want to die, did they? I had made a vow to kill you long ago, and now finally I have my chance. My decision is made and is final. I'm putting an end to your pathetic fucking life."  I said retorting.

Cerberus just stared at me, hardly believing what was unfolding, breathing erratically in fear. I moved in even closer and pushed her arm away.

“Please stop, I don’t want to die. Please Kay let me live. I mean what kind of daughter does this to her own mother. Only a deceitful, psychopath who will eventually turn on you given the opportunity."

Cerberus was now pleading, fear filled her eyes and face. She was now resorting in trying to have both Paige and I turn on each other. Yet I would only give her nothing more than a cold smile.

“Umm no. Your life is over Emilia. This is where it will end. You know you should be grateful. You’ve had a pretty good run up until now. Being the ruthless leader of Skysec and only having to answer to the President and Gabriel Skyhawk." I continued to smile coldly at her. 

"Now I had wanted to strangle you with my bare hands! Except Paige wanted the honours since she insisted she do so to prove her ultimate loyalty to me as my apprentice." I then said lowering myself to one knee so I could match her height. 

“Go to hell you terrorist scumbag." Cerberus retorted back spitting in my face. 

“Emilia we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either way you're fucking dead." I said beginning to slightly lose my patience, despite still remaining calm given her having just spat on me. Then without further hesitation, I slapped Cerberus across the cheek bone and mouth with the back of my hand, and then punched her in the gut. She wanted to collapse more to absorb the pain I had just inflicted on her stomach area if anything, however Paige held her up firmly while Cerberus moaned in pain. Then I punched her again in the stomach area, and then again and again. Poor Cerberus was helpless to do anything but cry out and moan. The pain I was inflicting on her was nothing short of excruciating. 

"You can drop her now Paige and then do your thing." I firmly instructed, breathing heavily and feeling the tension in my own body. As Cerberus began to fall down, Paige grabbed her by the hair while at the same time kneeing her in the gut several times before finally dropping her on the floor. Cerberus lay there back on the floor facing up as Paige then knelt down and put one knee on Cerberus' chest to hold her down with her own weight, and then put her other knee on her left arm to pin that down too. Paige then leaned forward to grab Cerberus' right wrist and held it down with her left hand using her arm as leverage. Once Paige had her firmly on the ground, with her free right hand she first would grab a hold of Cerberus' forehead and push her head back. As she did so, Paige neared her own head to that of Cerberus' to stare at her eye to eye, in that the two could feel each other’s breaths.

“I don’t want to die. Someone help me! Kay please make her stop, please!” Cerberus continued to cry out, all her facial muscles twitching in sync. Definitely no pretty sight I quietly murmured to myself without Paige taking notice.

Yet that was to no avail as no one would be coming to help, and I certainly was not going to stop Paige from completing the deed. Paige slowly moved her hand from Chintela’s forehead, down her nose area and then on her mouth, covering it fully so she could no longer speak.

“No one is going to save you. But don’t worry, all this will be over soon.” Paige said gravely looking at Cerberus.

"Please Paige, I'm your mother, I brought you into this world. Let's be civilised and discuss this."

"There is nothing to discuss. You won't discuss it anyway. Now that you know I support the Resistance, you'll never forgive me and will have me executed. So mother, actually no fuck that! I denounce you as my mother! Emilia, you may have given me birth, but I'm repaying you that deed by giving you death, and sending you on your way, slowly and steadily to the afterlife where you fucking belong!  At least there you won’t be able to hurt anyone anymore."

Paige's eyes had lit up. As I watched it almost seemed as she had been possessed by the devil or something of the like. Standing in such a close proximity to her, I could feel her absolute hatred for Cerberus, hatred that was in unison with my own feelings towards the woman. We both just wanted to experience the thrill of killing the ruthless head of Skysec slowly, and feeling her life drain away slowly through our own hands.  That wish would soon be realised.   

Paige then moved her hand from Cerberus' mouth down to her throat and first held it firmly. Then she pushed with the tip of her thumb onto her throat, pressing down hard on her windpipe. Immediately Cerberus began to struggle for breath. Yet Paige pressed harder on her windpipe. Cerberus would then begin to gargle as she couldn’t breathe. Her body would begin to twitch violently at first, but Paige had her pinned down, and held her in a controlled position. Cerberus did kick her legs violently behind her, but the simple fact the Paige’s body weight was on top of her, and that she had one leg on one of her arms and held the other wrist with her other hand, meant that Cerberus wasn’t going to go anywhere except move on to the next life.

Then Paige would slightly easy her thumb on Cerberus’ windpipe, allowing her to breathe just a fraction of air at a time. Now this was Paige's sickening way to torture the already tormented woman. What Paige had just done, was not enough for her to be able to speak or even do anything, but just enough for some air to reach her lungs and keep her alive for just a little while longer. Whoever had taught or even passed the idea of such disturbing killing methods to this young woman, had me totally startled. If I had carried out the deed myself, a quick strangulation would have been enough, or perhaps a blaster bolt to the stomach for quick and still painful death. By now Cerberus had stopped gargling has she slowly tried to breathe in whatever air she could, her body now twitching slowly. Paige once again leaned her head closer to Cerberus' so that their mouths were almost touching. Paige concentrated as she pressed on Cerberus' throat and windpipe, just to ensure that it was no longer too strong that she would die, and at the same time strong enough that she barely breathed and remained in her paralysed state. Paige felt a somewhat thrilling sensation herself. Feeling Cerberus's life through her hand that held her throat, and right through her own body. She could feel it weakening, and the sole fact that it was her that was controlling her fate made her feel sensational. She then turned her head and looked at me as she would now ask the unthinkable from me.

Still holding Cerberus by the throat, who continued to breathe but only just, Paige stared at me grimly for just a moment before finally speaking. "Before I kill her, you need to fulfill your part Kay." Paige again momentarily looked back down at the suffering Cerberus who lay underneath her. Staring into her dying eyes, she adjusted the pressure she was applying to her throat to ensure she was only just breathing.

"Sorry I don't follow you Paige. Our task was to kill Cerberus and you insisted that you should take the honours and that's precisely what you're doing now, is it not?"

"No Kay, you showed me this torturous technique I'm applying onto her now for a reason." Paige snarled at me as she continued to firmly press her body weight on Cerberus while at the same time pressing the tip of her thumb on Cerberus' throat so that her windpipe could only allow a fraction of air to pass to her brain, thus painfully immobilising her while she remained alive just, and fully conscious. "You said that you'd rape her once I had her in this position did you not?"

"Well I didn't really mean it literally and—"

"Bullshit! Don't fucking bullshit me Kay. I know more about you than you think. You wouldn't hesitate to touch another attractive woman and get intimate if given a chance. It's in your DNA. So why back down now? Why!" Paige's facial expression was as cold as ice showing absolute no pity, mercy nor remorse for her victim that lay under her. 

"Well for starters I did not teach you that slow torturous technique you're applying on her, heck I beckon the question on how you actually learnt that?  Secondly she's your mother. I'm already feeling awkward at the fact that I'm watching you slowly kill her. What I actually had had in mind was a fast but painful death. I hate her and yes I want her dead, but this gruesome style of execution is not my style."

"Ah fucking no way! Bullshit! Kay I want you to rape her. Just like you promised. I mean I look up to you Kay. You've always been my role model. Always and behind this bitch of a mother's back that I'm about to farewell for good to the afterlife. By not doing as you promised, you're just casting doubts in my mind."

"Pleeeeeeeeese, let meeeee go go." Cerberus tried to squeeze out the words as she gasped for air. Paige simply eased her thumb on Cerberus' throat for a split second allowing her to breathe in some much needed air. And only seconds later, Paige pressed down hard on her throat again, again slowly depriving Cerberus of air. 

"Do it Kay, be true to your word."


"Do it dammit!"

"Do I have to really? Just kill her already and let's go."

"Yes you do." Paige grunted out slowly giving me the death stare.

Reluctant as I was, this argument wasn't worth it. Cerberus had to die one way or another. I knew all too well, that in the grand scheme of things, that another chance at this I most certainly wouldn't get if I let this opportunity slide over say a very minute technicality. 

"Very well then." I sighed clearly demonstrating my reluctance to proceed.

Paige continued to press the tip of her thumb firmly and deeply down on her mother's throat. It was just enough to not kill her, but enough for her to be gasping for air as her eyes rolled backwards as she continued to gargle for much needed air. I knew exactly what I had to do, what Paige wanted me to do I thought to myself.

"Keep holding her like that Paige, I'm gonna get a few minutes of sexual pleasure with her before you finish her off." That's what Paige had wanted from me. Hesitant, for some reason I had a feeling I was about to get some sexual satisfaction out of it for real. Paige affirmatively nodded to me as I got up to go behind her where both of Cerberus' legs were exposed. Her legs were twitching slowly as I rubbed both my hands on each of her legs. The smoothness of her hairless legs sent tingles through my body. I felt that given the opportunity, that I could easily have indulged myself in touching her legs for hours on in. Soon after I removed one of her boots, gently rubbing my hands down to her ankle and foot, and then repeating the same action with her other leg. One at a time I gently rubbed my hand down her smooth legs, kissing them and licking them as they continued to twitch due to Paige's slow choke on her which was slowly depriving Cerberus of air. Once I was done pleasuring myself with Cerberus' elegant legs, I decided it was time to move up. Although before proceeding with that, for some bizarre reason I had felt the urge to put both her boots back on her feet and legs which I did.  Retrieving a small knife, I cut off the business skirt she was wearing, followed by her underwear. This left her shaven vagina fully exposed, in which I wasted no time to first take a sniff at it, and then licked it passionately.

"Hey Kay Blade, I can't tell if she's getting some pleasure out of what you're doing, or if it's just adding to the torture I'm handing down to her." Paige would calmingly comment as her dying mother would expel some sexual pleasure noises in between her gargling. I clearly wasn’t giving a shit I thought to myself. Now that I had her like this, I just wanted really hurt and torture Cerberus to the greatest extent possible before finally killing her. 

I then started kissing her vagina before sticking my hand right into it, while with the other hand rubbed her stomach area. The area of her stomach as expected felt smooth and soft, and almost like a pillow. I got sexually aroused myself as I passionately moved my own hand in her vagina, while again kissing the upper part of her thighs. Eventually I had had enough of that and pulled my hand out of her vagina, kissing it slowly one final time.

I then asked Paige to get her body off of Cerberus. I told her not to worry, that was as long as she kept applying the same amount of pressure to her throat that she would remain immobilised. Paige complied seeing she would soon understand why I had instructed her likewise. Paige moved to the left of Cerberus still maintaining her tight thumb choke to her throat and holding down her left arm. Simultaneously, she still decided to keep the top of her right knee on the edge of Cerberus's stomach area, just in case she miraculously tried to get up or violently twitch her lower body upwards. In this position she would easily then be able to slide her whole leg across to keep her under control if the situation arose. Yet the chances of that happening were next to none as I was very much on top of her the moment Paige had obediently moved aside. 

With a quick tearing sound, the top of Cerberus' shirt came straight off. In doing so I caught a glimpse of the large dragon tattoo that ran across her breast area. Impressive work of art I thought to myself as I cut the attachments of her bra off and removed it without any trouble. I then slithered on her like a large venomous snake moving in on its prey. I slowly began rubbing my hands across her breast area. Her skin felt cold yet smooth as the palms of my hands made contact with her body. Emilia Langley, a woman in her mid-forties, an age considered quite young in the 31st century given the average life span was well over 100 years. Her body in particular felt like that of a woman in her mid to late 20s, thus not much older than me. I continued to touch her, first concentrating my hands on both her boobs, then on circling the tips of my thumbs around her nipples before kissing them and ultimately sucking on them several times. Despite having not wanting to do this, I couldn't deny the fact that I was getting an enjoyable sexual sensation out of it.

Once I was done with sucking on her nipples, taking hold of her free arm, that was her left arm which was to my right side, I then decided to get off her. It made no difference, Cerberus wouldn't be getting up. The skin on the under part of Cerberus' arm felt as smooth as silk, further arousing me. I calmed the twitching that was being caused by the deprivation of oxygen into Cerberus' bloodstream, by slowly running my hand along both the inside and outside of her arm. In the meantime, I couldn't help but notice the small tattoo of a broken heart on her wrist. It probably had some significance to the dying woman, one that I best save on asking Paige about on another occasion. I slowly placed my fingers in search for a pulse on her wrist. Finding it eventually, I could feel the faintness of her heartbeats as by this stage Cerberus life was rapidly draining away. In fact she no longer could speak. She just stared at the ceiling eyes wide open, her body twitching just a tad now while Paige continued to choke her. I slowly created a fist ball with her hand, placed my nose close to it and then kiss it. "Looks like it’s goodbye for you Emilia. Your journey to the afterlife is almost complete." I whispered softly looking at her.  I then opened up her fist to hold her hand as if shaking it and remembered the handshake back at Zed's. Yes as my real self, as Kixi Rajki she had been eager to meet me, oblivious to the fact I was in fact her arch nemesis Kay Blade. When I had shaken her hand then, I had wanted nothing more than to shake it again when she was nothing more than a lifeless carcass. I intended to hold on to her hand up until she gasped her final breath. 

I was contemplating on shifting my face back to Kixi Rajki just so she could see who I really was. Just imagining the final shock on her face, while revealing my secret would probably have been a priceless moment. Yet it was far too greater a risk. I was certain there had been no surveillance inside of Cerberus' apartment, yet one couldn't be too sure. If there were, I effectively would be breaking my cover and with it my career as an F-Zero race driver and my rather gracious life style. I concluded that it wouldn't matter anyway. No one knew for certain what happened after death, yet I as did many, possessed the ability to induce outer body experiences and astral travel. Knowing that a soul did indeed exist, as did various levels of higher planes and spiritual existences, Cerberus would most likely realise who I really was once her wretched soul left her body for good after her impending death. That is, once dead, as her soul would make its way to one of the supposedly higher planes of existence, which in all honesty was still well beyond my own comprehension of understanding. Apart from all this higher level hocus pocus, I also wasn't yet ready to reveal the secret of my true identity to Paige. 

Still holding onto Cerberus' hand, now feeling her life force draining away rapidly, her thumb moved slowly with the tip running onto mine almost as if she were fondling with me. It felt weird that I wanted to let go, yet I wanted to hold on to her until I knew she had passed away for certain. After all we had come here to assassinate her. I moved my thumb from under hers, and then placed it on top of hers, pressing down on it so she could stop with the what was more than a twitch in the first place if anything. Moving on my knees and still holding her hand I placed my other hand on her forehead and stared right down into her cold eyes. They looked directly back at me, and now I would be the last person they would stare up at. "It will all be over soon Emilia. Now at least you won't be able to harm anyone else ever again." My voice was soft, my lips saddened. I hated her and had wanted to kill her. Yet if I learnt something about myself today, it was that getting up and close to kill someone and making it personal wasn't my thing, regardless who it was. I slowly moved my hand from her forehead to cover her eyes. "Paige finish her as I've had enough of this."

Then to my utter disbelief, Paige grabbed my hand covering her eyes and forcibly removed it from her face. "I'm not done just yet. I want to stare into her fucking eyes until she is no more. I want her to be looking into my eyes until the very last moment, her very last breath, and her life over!" Paige's voice sounded so chilling that it sent goose bumps through my whole body. I was left in shock myself, immediately raising questions about this young woman's sanity. Yet this was only just the tip of the iceberg.

Paige now pressed harder down onto Cerberus' throat resuming her position on top of her. Rolling her eyes back, Cerberus body first twitched violently before calming itself down. After that, the occasional gargle and spontaneous twitch of her legs and arms, and soon after her last breath followed. I felt her hand, the one I had been holding go limp as blood stopped flowing through her body, while her heart ceased to beat altogether. Releasing my hold from her now cold lifeless hand, I again searched her wrist for a pulse to simply verify that Cerberus, Emilia Langley was now officially dead. "She's dead Paige. You can stop pressing on her throat now." I sighed in relief.

"I'm gonna keep pressing down on throat for another minute to make sure." Paige said out aloud not looking at me, but down at her dead mother who lay sprawled lifeless and motionless on the floor. 

Irritated at Paige’s tactics, I shook my head as I began speaking. What she was doing was totally over the top and unnecessary. "Seriously Paige, she's dead. But here, this is a good way to verify it, if for whatever bizarre reason you think people with no heartbeats may still be alive." I handed Paige a small light torch and asked her to shine it into both of Cerberus' eyes one at a time. As expected, she got no reaction or twitching from Cerberus' limp cold body as she shone it directly into her lifeless eyes. "You see, what did I tell you?" Finally Paige let go of Cerberus getting back on her feet just as I was doing the same.

"Okay Paige, our work is done here. I'm just gonna take a quick look around to see if there is anything of interest and then we're leaving." I then only had my back turned away from her for a good part of 30 seconds. What I would whiteness Paige do next had me dumbfounded in astonishment. Paige had knelt back down next to Cerberus' corpse, and was indulging herself by first kissing her nipples, and then sucking on them. My jaws dropped as I stood there in total disgust. Taking a deep breath in to calm my anger at her down, I finally got the young woman's attention, or to put it mildly, she got mine. 

"Oh! Kay! I thought I would just arouse myself a little while I wait for you to finish looking around the place. Did you find anything?"

"Paige she is dead! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"What's it look like I'm doing?" Paige responded all innocently.

"I can see what you're doing but why? She's fucking dead!"


Grimacing I said, "What do you mean so Paige?" 

"I don't care, her body still has some heat in it so why not. Besides this is the final chance I'll get to do this with her." Paige shot back defiantly.

"Have you lost your marbles girl!" I snapped trying to push her off of Cerberus' corpse. Yet Paige clearly not giving a damn at how I felt about her whole sickening behaviour pushed me back. Then ignoring me completely, she placed her whole mouth over one of Cerberus' nipples and bit on it. Again my jaw dropped while I placed my hand over my heart area in utter disbelief.  Her conduct appeared very reminiscent of a mythical creature known as a vampire, as she now began biting in on the recently deceased corpse. 

"Oh how deliciously tasty." Paige looked up seeing me totally started, her lips and teeth stained with fresh blood from the corpse she had only just bit into. 

Extremely cross, I placed both hands on my hips, finding Paige’s ill sense of humour not even remotely funny. "I realise that I wanted her dead just as much as you do, but really Paige, that sickening behaviour isn't necessary at all!" Still enraged at Paige’s total lack of moral, slowly removing my hand from my heart area, I continued to speak clenching my teeth. "You've fucking proven yourself that you are on our side. This fucking shit of decimating the dead is a big no-no, irrespective on who it is. Got it?" I said stamping my authority and now clenching very much the rest of my body.

"Umm, well I get what you mean, but you got to do it Kay. That is touch her all over, feel her, arouse and pleasure yourself with her body and all, so why can't I?" Paige quickly protested with total disregard to what I had just said.

"Oh for fucks sake Paige, she was still alive when I did my shit on her. And must I point out you pressured me into doing it while you killed her." Paige was about to talk over me but I would have none of it. "Uh-uh." I said pointing my finger at her. "Let me finish as I'm far from done saying what I want to say to you. “Had you allowed me to kill her like I had wanted to originally, you would have had all the time to indulge yourself with her body whilst she was still alive. Instead you had to insist that it was your damn right to carry out the killing, leaving me to do the fucking raping. Now it's done. It's too late. She's nothing more than a lifeless piece of bone and meat. Oh and on that note, there isn't much pleasure in getting on with a dead fucking corpse. If anything, it is bloody sickening!" I could tell that she did not agree with my reasoning, and that she was hesitant to comply. Yet now she did so reluctantly seeing that I was about to totally lose my block at her. 

"Now stand up and help me search the apartment. I'll start in her small conference room over there. You take a look around and see if you notice anything worthwhile elsewhere."

Although several minutes later when I returned, I felt as if I had been speaking to a wall. Upon returning to where I had left both Paige and the deceased Cerberus, Paige had already taken hold of both of Cerberus' legs. Slowly she was dragging her towards the apartment's en-suite. As Paige walked forward with both her hands clutched onto Cerberus' ankles, the corpse simply followed her as it dragged itself across the floor. Cerberus' motionless eyes stared out towards me as her head lay tilted to one side, following the reset of the body along with both her arms and hands, that were sprawled out and also followed alongside her head. 

"What the fuck are you doing Paige? Did I not tell you to help me search the apartment?" I said to her stretching out both my arms and giving her a dumbfounded look.

"Yes you did and I'm gonna search her bedroom and en-suite."

"And care to explain what you're doing with the corpse?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"And why do you need to drag her corpse in there with you Paige? Clearly that is what you are doing.”

"Well you see, while I'm in there I can dump her body into the bathtub spa, cut off her head, and so I don't make too much of a mess, drain the blood from her head in the bathtub."

"What! Why!" Now she had really ticked me off so badly that I was contemplating in literally punching the lights out of her.

"I want to keep her head as a souvenir Kay, you will let me do that won't you?" Despite my obvious anger regarding this whole issue, Paige just looked at me innocently as she asked the question.

"Oh hell to the fucking no! Absolutely no chance Paige! We're not fucking butchers! Let go of her ankles now, and leave her body there where it is! Search her bedroom and then we're leaving before we are fucking discovered!" 

"But that's bullshit Kay, I want her head, it belongs to me. I'm keeping it as a souvenir." Paige rudely answered back.

"It belongs to you? Are you damn serious? You sound like a fucking nutter. Absolutely no fucking way!" I said frowning.

"Yet she would have had both yours and your girlfriend's head out for permanent display, had you both died in the gladiatorial games as she had intended." Paige quickly snapped back trying to justify her intents.

"It doesn't matter. I'm not like she was. I'm not a butcher, I have morals." I countered.

"Yeah well that remains to be seen." Paige then said daringly questioning me.

"What! What the hell is that supposed to mean. What are you trying to say Paige?" I said still frowning while at the same time puzzled at Paige’s unexpected remarks.

"That you're just like my mother was. You may not be one that condemns and kills innocents, but your methods and behaviour is comparable."

Her insubordination by now had me fuming. The actual thought of her even daring to speak to me in such a lowly and disrespectful manner, almost had me at a melting point. "That Paige makes all the difference. I kill just the bad guys."

"Yes you do, but you just admitted it. You're got no problems at being ruthless to those you hate. After all you did rape Cerberus, Emilia Langley, my piece of shit of a mother did you not? 

I continued standing there staring, breathing heavily, deeply and angrily. Paige had nerves of steel. That much I had to admit. Furthermore what hit hardest was that she was right. There was no denying it, Icarus had said the same thing too, and he wasn't alone regarding that judgement either.

"Drop her legs, leave her there and search the bathroom now. I'm not discussing this any further." I spoke slowly, my voice deep and affirmative, my emotions giving away my total frustrating anger as I locked eye contact with Paige. "I said now!"

Reluctant and disappointed at my decision, Paige let go of Cerberus' ankles dropping her legs to the floor. "Fine Kay Blade! Have it your way then! But I'm taking off all of her jewellery that she is wearing and you're not stopping me!"

"Seriously girl we don't have time for this shit!" I simply shook my head at her. I had argued enough with her, and we really needed to get going, as sooner or later we were bound to get discovered. "You've got until I get back from searching her bedroom and en-suite to have taken whatever it is from her body that you want. After that we're leaving. Make sure you're ready, and I had better not catch you trying to kiss, bite, or make out with any part of that body!" I then stormed into Cerberus' bedroom still furious wondering just what kind of a person Paige really was. Was this just a once off isolated incident due to the fact that she had totally despised her mother, or was she really this warped? The questions repeatedly kept crossing my mind as far too disturbing it was. Finding nothing of interest in the master bedroom, I returned back to the apartment's main area. Surprisingly I found Paige standing there waiting for me. 

"See I did as you asked." Paige said almost mockingly.

"Good." I nodded taking one last look at Cerberus body and inspecting it. "I see you took off all her rings, bracelets and necklaces." I commented as I took several holophotographs of the body.

"Yes and you can't have them Kay. They were the few belongings I had told you earlier about that I had here. I really had meant that I was gonna take Cerberus' jewellery off her once she was dead."

"Never said I wanted them." I said shaking my head at her. "Oh and the photos are for Jarvis and the team to see that Cerberus is dead. I doubt that the government or Skycom will release any deceased pictures of her. And don't say her head would've been a good way to show them that she's really dead. Jarvis would've been appalled had I brought him her head."

"I wasn't gonna say it."

"Yeah but you were thinking it, I can tell. You reveal your emotions way to easily Paige."

"Do I?"

"Uh-huh." I nodded taking her arm and pointing her towards the direction of her door. "Let's go. Lead the way, and discreetly just like you did when we came here."

"Okay, but I want those elegant boots she's wearing. One sec while I take them off her Kay."

Now that one had me baffled. "You want her fucking boots. You never cease to surprise me you know. What fucking else do you want from her Paige?"

"That's it, just the boots." Paige said.

"Fine then! Take them off her and then we're really going. Hurry up before I change my fucking mind Paige!"

Paige wasted no time removing Cerberus' boots from her deceased body. Sliding them off one at a time, she folded them slowly placing them in her small backpack with the rest of her other stuff. 

"Great! You’re done! Finally! Let's go!" I said grabbing her by the arm, and pulling her towards the door to the lobby area where we eventually got back in the same turbolift that had taken us up to the apartment. We hadn’t been spotted, yet we still frantically made our way back down again, exhibiting a sense of urgency to get as far away as possible from the area before Cerberus’ body was discovered. 

To my complete surprise, we encountered no resistance getting back to the hovercar that we had left in the dark alleyway upon our arrival. For a change, we had a clean getaway. We both then hopped into the vehicle and I discreetly left the area to not arouse any suspicions. Again not bringing any unwanted attention to ourselves, exiting away from the high security zone the building Cerberus’ apartment was in, I merged into a nearby fast moving traffic lane and immediately set course for the Wastelands.

“I know you’re probably still angry at me Kay, but I still regard you as a highly awesome individual. You make a great role model. I simply draw much inspiration from you. You are truly my champion.” Paige said turning her head to face me. Although I didn’t turn to face her as I had my eyes attentively looking at the busy traffic ahead, I did nod slightly to acknowledge her. “Yet you behaved very merciful to her. I had somewhat expected you to be more merciless to those who threaten you, and also those whom you love and your friends. Oh and Kay shouldn't you tell me your actual real name. I could call you by that too you know, plus‒”

“Don't! Don't ask me to say it. Under no strict circumstances are you to ever refer to me by my real name during a mission. That is once you know my real name, and especially when you see me in the image of Kay Blade.” I had calmed myself down, only to snap again at Paige, turning around and momentarily looking away from the busy traffic ahead of us, and pointing my finger angrily at her.

"But we're in the hovercar now."

"Mission ain't over yet so rules don't change. Oh and don't take it personally Paige, but I'm not ready to reveal my true identity to you just yet." Turning my head again to face the skylane ahead, I decided to answer her other question too. “In regards to not being merciless enough, in the end Paige, dead is dead, and Cerberus is now truly dead, so who fucking cares.”

"Yeah, but after all the things that she had done, especially to both you and your girlfriend I can't believe that you're actually feeling some sort of sorrow for her." Paige said astonished.

We then both just sat in silence, neither of us not knowing what to say before I finally broke the ice.

"I'm not a monster Paige, I fight for freedom, and for justice. These are the things that our organisation stands for."

"Yeah but this was fucking Emilia Langley we killed. She wasn't just anyone.” Paige said with amusement clearly noticeable in her voice.

"Gee you love calling her by her real name don't you. And you sure like hell ain’t a shy little one either. Anyway it doesn't matter!" Like I said earlier, we are not butchers. I'm not anyway. And if you really want to be like me and follow in my footsteps, ceasing to argue with me would be a good start. We could've just shot her in the stomach or something. In the end, she would've died painfully like I had wanted. That torturous choking and rape shit wasn't really necessary, even for the likes of Cerberus."

"Yeah but c'mon Kay, don't tell me you didn't enjoy touching her and making all those sexual advances on her. You know you really wanted to, because in the end you wouldn't have done it since there was no way anyone like me could've actually really made you do it, if deep down you had refused."

I then simply sighed knowing I had no comeback.

"See you know it is true. Be thankful that I helped you rid her for good, and that she suffered in the end for all the bad things that she had done."

“Yeah, I guess so Paige.” I said dropping my head down in shame and not even attempting to conceal that fact from her.

“You’ll quickly get over your little guilt thing there Kay, I know you will as sooner or later you’ll come to the realisation that the person you hated most is now dead.” 

“I know, I know. But for now I don’t feel like talking about it, nor thinking about it further if it’s okay with you Paige?”

“Yeah sure, there’ll be more time for celebrations later on I guess. So Kay, on a different not, or rather back to what I had mentioned just before we got onto the one of you really enjoying killing‒”

“Cut to the chase Paige!” I abruptly cut her off midsentence not in the mood for too much more chit chatter . 

"Why can't I come back to your main HQ. Why will you not take me there. I've proven myself have I not?" Paige said now sounding very demanding and insistent. 

"Because it's not up to me. By Jarvis' strict criteria, you still haven't passed security clearance."

"Seriously what more do I have to fucking do? I take you to Cerberus, the person who up until now was on top of your hit list. We very much kill her together and still I have no security clearance? C'mon this is bullshit!"

"Again Paige I don't make the rules nor am I one to question them when they come directly from the Mentor himself." 

Although in the back of my mind, I couldn't really see any real reason why he wouldn’t now give her clearance. I had despised Cerberus, and I couldn’t deny the fact that I had been looking forward to her final demise. Yet having fun with first torturing the victim, and then getting sexual pleasure from her body, either alive or dead wasn't exactly my idea of an ideal assassination. Especially given it was absolutely unnecessary. A chilling thought, given that this young woman who claimed to be wanting to follow in my footsteps, found the whole very concept of that matter indulging. Furthermore she was the victim's own child, in which on top of that, the young woman had the nerve to question me on the matter, further questioning my train of thought. The scary thing was, I couldn't deny the fact that I had enjoyed raping the older elegant woman while the younger offspring slowly drained her life away. 

"The Mentor?" Paige said interrupting my thoughts.

"It's the nickname we have given Jarvis. He's like a father to many of us."


"Now as far as your immediate future is concerned, as soon as we arrive at the Wastelands which won't be long, a waiting transport will take you back to Gamma Delta IV."

"Really? But the place is boring. What about you training me and me being your apprentice and all."

"If you could just listen up and stop interrupting me I'll explain." I sighed heavily as by now not only was my train of thought scattered, but I was extremely frustrated at her impatience. 

"Yes but I don't understand why we can't just go back to your main HQ?"

"Again I told you why. And like I was trying to say before if you let me explain, you'll find things are not as bad as they seem. Furthermore I need to make one thing clear to you. I'm the master and you the apprentice. This is the arrangement that you wanted between us, would I be correct in saying that Paige?

"Yes. Indeed. Most certainly."

"Good, then your first order of service is to cease questioning my decisions and actions. If you want to learn from me and become like me, you'll do so without further questioning me and trust in me like you would your own father or mother." Mother, now that was probably a bad example to use to compare to since it was obvious that her own mother's upbringing had not been a good one. As for her father, who he is or was, nothing was known about him, although in time I would certainly attempt to find out. Just now wasn't a good time. Although I made a mental note to myself that I would, once she settled in and we got a chance to hang out properly.

"Okay fine Kay, I got it." She nodded, a tiny sense of reluctance still evident in her voice which I simply chose to ignore.

"Now once we reach my set of coordinates in the Wastelands, we are gonna part ways. The transport will take you back to Gamma Delta IV where I want you to take some time out. By the way that part is not negotiable and is an order. Now before you say you don't want a break anyway and defy my orders," I took one hand off the hovercar's controls in a stop right there gesture seeing she was about to protest. "Trust me when I say it, that you won't be getting much rest once your intense training begins. You are going to need all the rest you can get because I can assure you, I won’t go easy on you and your training. I screwed up once with my girlfriend Mako, I have no intention in repeating the same mistake with you."

Lowering my hand and once more returning it on the controls of my vehicle I continued. "In two days I shall return for you. You Paige are now a fugitive. With Jarvis’ full support, I've decided to reallocate you to Vocheuhiri on Venus."

"On Venus?" Paige’s voice suddenly lit up surprised.

"Yes. I'm personally flying you there, where on arrival I will introduce you to your contact there, who will solely be responsible for you during your time there. There you will lie low and resume a temporary alias name, one that will be organised upon your arrival. You will have an extraordinary busy schedule. There will not be much time for leisure and the like. Your training will range from armed and unarmed combative arts, piloting of both an atmospheric fighter and starfighter, vehicular warfare and diplomacy."

"Diplomacy?" Paige said now sounding a little confused.

"Yes that is correct. You'll be stationed there at Murktalon Enclave for approximately three months. Sounds like a long time? But trust me with your busy schedule it will fly. You and I will be in constant contact at least once a day. Either by instant messaging, email, holovideo, or other visual based communication. In other words I'll be monitoring your progress with great interest. When I return for you, you will accompany me on a mission. It will be an important mission, vital and imperative to the eventual success in winning this struggle. You Paige will accompany me in a diplomatic mission to the Sajnen Confederate in the Alpha Centauri System."

Paige despite being Cerberus’ daughter and having many things available at her disposal that the average citizen did not, had never ventured outside of the Sol System. Her body expression at just hearing my proposal to accompany me on an important intergalactic mission said it all. One of total excitement, and before she could even ask the question to clarify it in case she had not heard correctly the first time, I quickly assured her that she had.

"Yep you heard correctly Paige." I said quickly facing her again and giving her a warm smile, before facing forward once more.

"Our resistance operations here in the Sol System are relatively small. In all truthfulness, our efforts against the government are barely causing any dents. We need a much larger force. The Sajnens, originally being a colony of Sol, and all very much human for that matter are a province of the USS. I'm sure you already know that." I quickly turned my head to face her again and then back to the viewpoint ahead continuing. "Much unrest there is in the Confederate, a part of the USS they no longer want to be. Many of the associated states comprising the Sajnen Confederate have expressed their disgruntlement towards the tyrannical tightly controlled government of the USS. It's an opportunity we intend to exploit. If we can gain their support and forge an alliance, a much better position we will be in. However it won't end there as that will not be enough." I stopped a moment to take in a deep breath and to also make sure that Paige was taking all this in. "As you know the USS is very pro human and anti-alien. This view is not only backwards thinking, but its holding the technological progression of humanity back. Well at least that is the view of many who oppose the current government." After we are done discussing ties with the Sajnens, our next objective will be to fly to Arkhass in the Wolf 359 System and initiate talks with the Za’ha’meon. Given the damage the current government has done in terms of humanity's image, we have a lot of work convincing them that not all humans are alike, and that many oppose the current government and their discriminative policies. If we can convince them that we seek and intend to change all that, and can convince them of the benefits and good that can come out of us all working together, then having them allied with both our resistance organisations and the Sajnens would make us formidable and a real threat to USS. If we can succeed, finally then will we have a real fighting chance to topple the tyrannical government of Sol, and end oppression for good."

Paige sat there silently. For a change she wasn't arguing or complaining, as these were the traits I had gotten to know about her from our relatively short time together thus far.

"That's really fascinating Kay. I'm really stoked that you want me to be a part of that with you. You don't know how much that means to me."

"Well don't get too excited just yet. You've got a hard three months of training ahead of you which you must pass with flying colours. And once that is done, your work, well more our work is really only just beginning. I'll be straight forward about this now Paige. It's a lot of hard work, we're gonna have a lot of major setbacks and perhaps even encounter undesired hostilities towards us. However in the long term, if we succeed, the rewards will be worth it."

Paige still taking all this in simply just nodded to me in acknowledgement. I could tell she was genuinely excited about all of this which was a real positive for all of us in the end. I had a strong feeling she would excel in her training and prove most valuable to me and the resistance cause. 

"Oh Kay," Paige said suddenly her voice shifting to a soft pale murmur.   

"Yes Paige?"  

"What of the explosive nanites in my body?"  

"Oh yeah, here goes......" I pressed a few buttons on one of my wrist gadgets pretending it was the actual detonator. "Kaboom!" Page suddenly winced at the fear of the realisation of being decimated from the inside of her own body, but then froze staring back at me, paleness filling her whole face. I chuckled at her reaction and immediately her body posture returned to normal upon the realisation that I had been joking. Slapping me softy across my shoulders, it seemed she was about to soak in tears but then responded back softly in a low mumble.

"Please don't do that again. It really frighten me. It felt like my heart was about it come out of my mouth."  

"That's because it did!"  

"Don't Kay!" She again gently slapped me across the shoulder while I laughed.  

"Okay, was only kidding around. Just trying to live up the mood a little, but I admit my sense of humour on this occasion was probably a little too extreme. Sorry." I apologised patting her gently over her back. "As for the nanites, they'll be fully dissolved by tomorrow morning and the detonator which I have has to be within five metres proximity of you to actually detonate anyway. Since we're parting ways for now, you can rest easy yeah Paige? And as if I would detonate it anyway knowing you clearly now are on our side." Smiling at her she then eased back a little. 

"Okay, but please don't pull that stunt on me again as it really scared me."  

"I promise you that I won't. Anyway Paige we’re almost at the pickup point. Back to discussing your training, I'll discuss more of this with you in a few days when we're en-route to Vocheuhiri. And as I said before, once you're there and have started your training, we'll be in contact every day, as will be the case with me and your trainers, thus I'll be monitoring you very closely."


EST 04:00, CE 3016-06-07, LST 12:00, CE 3016-06-07


By now I had lowered the hovercar's altitude in that we were hovering only about ten metres in the air.  Hovering above the rooftops of the once prosperous industrial area, now stood the countless decaying buildings abandoned centuries ago. This dead urban jungle where the system wide grid ceased to function, was a popular meeting place for rendezvous of the sort. Spotting the unmistakable shape of the Maelstrom cruiser already on the ground dead head, I slowly set down gently beside it where its crew compliment, the pilot and two others patiently waited in anticipation of our arrival.

The pilot greeted us from afar. He just stood at the boarding ramp while one of the two agents on board came to greet us.

"Hi the name's Ryan. It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person Kay Blade." The man said extending his right hand in which I took and cordially shook. 

"Thank you Ryan". I responded back politely with a slight nod. "And this here is Paige Langley. She's the package you were briefed on earlier."

The young man as he had done with me also extended his hand to the younger woman. Flirting he commented, "My oh my, this is quite the package we have here." Not commenting at all, Paige had clearly been flattered by the somewhat cockiness of the young man. 

Not seeing it as any means of concern, I quickly cut to the chase. "Looks like you two are gonna get along just well. Good." I said grinning at the both of them. "Ryan, once you guys get to Gamma Delta IV, ensure she is taken good care of. You may spoil her on my account." I turned my head slightly winking at Paige. "Make sure she enjoys the next couple of days or so pending my return." I said patting Ryan on the shoulder and then turning to nod to Paige. "Godspeed."

"Oh just one last thing Kay." Paige quickly said as I was about to turn back to my hovercar. "Can I give you a kiss on the lips before I depart. I am gonna miss you these next few days you know."

Given Ryan and the other two from afar were watching and listening, my face turned redder than a tomato in that instant, as I blushed  but managed to restrain myself from actually letting her kiss me.

"Most certainly not. I have a girlfriend—"

"You know you really want to."

Still blushing but finding just enough mental strength to hold back, I took in a heavy breath which was followed by a long sigh.

"Get onboard that transport and I'll see you in a few days. Go on, go now, shoo along." I said brushing her away and resisting the temptation in allowing her to kiss me. She complied, and this time to my utter surprise, not reluctantly. I stood there while she and the rest of the crew boarded the cruiser and lifted off. The wind from the Malestrom’s engines kicked up dirt and sand in my face, forcing me to turn my head down and away for just a few seconds, while the wind from the rising cruiser blew my hair and clothes back momentarily. I waived at them from below as they shot away into the distance. Thinking to myself I had a strong feeling that Paige would be a formidable asset to us and especially my team of two KnM Blade. I could do with an additional person. After all, Icarus’ team Invictus eX did have three people. Yes after all this, Paige was worth it. She needed some taming of course, but I was willing to work with her on those matters. Then as I was getting back into my hovercar, the perfect alias name for her snapped to mind. Asuka. Asuka Blade. Yes that would suit the young red haired woman perfectly, I quietly mused to myself while starting up my hovercar and slowly began making my way back to Celestia City.  A huge smile would dominate my facial features knowing that this mission was not only complete, but had opened up a handful of new promising possibilities.  

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