KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.

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6. The Wrath of Cerberus

Chapter 5 : The Wrath of Cerberus.

Cerberus looked down at me as I stood up on my knees with both hands in the air. She briefly gazed down at the wounded Mako who was still laying on the floor beside me, before returning her gaze back at me.

"Get her on her feet and back to the wall." Cerberus ordered two of her men to do. Each soldier grabbed me by both of my arms and pinned me to the wall in a way that I couldn't move, but that I was still facing Cerberus. The men continued to hold me there tightly by each arm as Cerberus then walked up closer and knelt down before the terrified Mako still laying on the ground. Mako was shaking, not because of her wound. No that had already been stabilised. She was shaking at the sheer fact of Cerberus' present before her. Cerberus however didn't say a word to her. She picked up Mako's left arm and proceeded to scan her left wrist where her microchip was located in attempt to get her identity. As expected, it returned a null result. She then looked up at her number one soldier, General John Dekker and asked him to scan my own microchip. He promptly did so and obviously it yielded the same result as Mako. She smiled grimily before turning back to Mako.

"I'm familiar with your friend over there who calls herself by the alias Kay Blade, however since you two terrorists like to elude authority and I can't identify either of you, what name does your sorry little self go by?"

I could see that Cerberus was being calm and all friendly and sweet. I understood her personality. She was a deceitful and terrible person. She always did this to her victims. Act all nice and forgiving to them, but sooner or later she would reveal her true spiteful self.

"I'm Em Kay." Mako answered slowly trying ever so hard to calm herself down but couldn't.

"Em Blade." Cerberus repeated softly back before looking up at her General and then her other soldiers and then me.

"Em Fucking Blade." She then turned to face me directly, but continued to stay in her one knee kneeling position in front of Mako.

"So looks like we have two fucking terrorists who wanna be what, a dynamic duo or something. Hey boys I hereby present to you both Kay and Em fucking Blade."

Her warriors all began to laugh, as did Cerberus who then got back on her feet grabbing Mako by the hair in the process. She pulled on Mako's hair forcing her on her feet. Mako who could barely move due to the pain from her wound screamed in horror. Once Mako was on her two feet, Cerberus tossed her at the General who grabbed her, and then put his arm tightly around her neck holding her tightly. "I will deal with you later Em Blade." Cerberus again laughed as she saw the fear in Mako's eyes. Mako's facial expression was so pale that her skin appeared to look as white as that of a ghost. Her breathing was also somewhat erratic as a result.

"And now for the main catch of the day. Boy am I gonna have lots of fun with you Kay Blade." Cerberus then walked straight over to me, where two of her men were still holding me firmly by my arms on the wall. She came within less than a metre of me. I could hear her heavy breathing as I tried to remain calm myself, looking her directly into her hating eyes.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this moment. To finally capture you." I could see Cerberus gritting her teeth as she snarled in anger at me. She then softly placed her hand slowly beneath my chin, touching me slowly. Her touch felt soft and gentle. It was as if she wanted to feel me. Clearly she was mocking me. Playing all gentle with her prey before inevitably unleashing her fury on me. She slowly moved her hand under my lips and then proceeded to touch them with the tip of her thumb. I tried not to flinch. Although being same sex oriented, and liking the touch of another woman, I most certainly didn't like hers, especially knowing that violence would soon follow. "I have many questions for you, questions in which you will promptly answer." She then pushed down hard with her thumb on my lips, and in a very rough way put put her hand back under my chin, again in a forcing way demanding answers. I simply turned my head away defiantly to the right. This clearly ticked Cerberus off, as I had already come to expect. She forcibly turned my head around to face her again, and then placed her hand on my neck. "You Kay Blade will answer to me. You no fucking longer have any rights. Now you can start by telling me what you and your little partner over there were doing here in the first place?" Her hand grip on my neck was firm and strong. I could tell that all she wanted to do was squeeze the life force out of me. Her anger ran through her veins, yet i had no intention to give her any satisfaction. After all she was not only intent on killing me, but she was going to make this personal too.

"You can kiss my arse Cerberus!"

"What! I can't hear you! She yelled snarling at me like a wild angry beast. My defiance would only trigger her anger even further.

"Well then, I'll say it a little louder, get fucked you whore!

Cerberus' face then turned red. She was angry, very angry as she squeezed ever so tightly on my throat. I struggled to breathe but it didn't concern me, as much worse was still yet to come, and that would soon follow. I could literally feel Cerberus' hard angry breaths on my face as she then let go of my neck irritated and enraged. Her two soldiers were still holding both my arms as I remained pinned on the wall not taking my eyes away from Cerberus. She then retrieved her baton once more.

"Perhaps you need be given an incentive to talk. Do you know Kay what the punishment is for persons accused of espionage and terrorism against the State is?"

"Should I? Perhaps you should refresh my memory?"

"It's a slow and brutal death at the gladiatorial arena in which the entire citizens of this star system get to witnesses. In other words an entertaining battle for all to witness, and ultimately death at your expense."

"Oh lovely indeed, but it certainly beckons the question then. Why are you still here whore, you're the number one terrorist in all of Sol! You and that tyrant who calls himself a president."

"That's it, that does it Kay Blade! Time to teach you some fucking manners!"

The fury and anger in Cerberus' face was immense. I knew she would hit me at any moment now, but heck she was gonna hit me from the word go so I figured from the beginning that I might as well piss her off as much as possible since I had nothing to lose in the end. Well I had my life to lose, but she had already been intent on taking me out too.

"Oh did I just hit a soft nerve there Cerberus. The truth does hurt doesn't it?"

Then before I knew it, she stuck the tip of her baton hard against the under part of my chin, pushing up hard against it. Now my brutal beating would begin. And this would only be just the beginning.

"You do not speak to me like that! You Kay Blade will learn respect, and the only way that I'm gonna fucking teach that to you is by a powerful feeling called pain. Pain Kay Blade, now that's something you're about to experience a lot of."

She then removed her baton from the under part of my chin and slowly began to remove the part of my armoured suit that covered my torso area. She was very familiar with the make and model that taking it off me was a simple enough task for her. All I had covering the top of me now was a thin t-shirt. I realised now exactly what she was about to do to me, and knew that I was seriously fucked. Still better me than Mako I thought to myself. Had I left her here, what was about to happen to me, would've happened to her instead. She then proceeded to take a step back.

"Men no matter how agonising what she is about to experience is, continue to hold her firmly on that wall." She barked that command to the two soldiers who had me restrained on the wall and then went for it without further hesitation. She took a fierce shot at my gut with her baton. Man that damn hurt as I yelled out in pain. Then she hit me again and again as I groaned in pain. The strikes to my body, mostly my gut and chest areas were excruciating enough. Fact that I couldn't even bend down to absorb even a tiny fraction of the pain because I was being pinned firmly on the wall by her men made matters even worse. I lost count at the amount of times she hit me due to the sheer pain I was in, however she would've hit hard at least a good twenty times. It was that bad that I just dropped my head down almost passing out and losing consciousness. Then she stopped. She was done, for now at least. She walked back up to me and grabbed my hair and at the same time pulled my head back. I practically began coughing blood as I looked into her eyes, barely able to keep my eyes open. My breathing was erratic as the pain in my chest and especially stomach areas were now unbearable.

"Now are you going to cooperate? It will make whatever you have left in your short miserable life a lot fucking easier."

I simply snorted at her before spitting in her face. "Fuck you! You can go to fucking hell!"

Cerberus just froze there for a moment, no one muttered a word as she slowly placed her free hand on her cheek to wipe my spit off her. She then began laughing slowly, grinning at me with the evilest or smiles. I simply started laughing with her too, knowing I was obviously fucked anyway. It was laughter that quickly turned into coughing again. Then in a fit of rage, Cerberus put her baton across my neck and began pushing hard against my throat. That killed! I could barely breathe. "Men you may let go of her now." I could hear her instruct her soldiers to let go in which they did do promptly. However I was still being pinned on the wall by the fact that she chocking me with her baton. I could feel my head getting lighter, while noises around me became all distorted. My vision which was becoming a blur immediately followed. I thought that that would be it, when she finally let go and released her baton from my throat. I staggered forward a step as a result, while she took one quick step back, and then one forward again, striking me in the gut again with her baton. This time I would go down, seeing I wasn't being restrained to the wall anymore. As I dropped to my knees, Cerberus took a quick clean strike to the side of my head with her baton. As she hit me, I could hear the Ki she had exerted. At the same time I could hear the sound of cracking in my own head and upper neck area as I fell face first on the floor. That hurt, in fact it hurt a lot as I lay face down to the side and semi concussed. I could almost taste my own blood as blood which began to run from my nose, slowly began dripping towards my mouth. Yet Cerberus wasn't done just yet. She stomped her foot just under my neck area behind the back of my head. Now if the stomping wasn't enough to damn hurt, which it did, the resulting slamming of my head to the floor sure was. She then slowly began to bend down. As she removed her foot from the back of my neck, she replaced it with her knee. Not that I could move anyway, but now with her own body weight, she had me pinned down to the ground as she placed her other knee to my back. My arms and legs twitched a little. Such was the pain and shock my body had gone into. I moved my eyes a little so that I could see up. I could see the very frightened Mako standing, and still being held by one of Cerberus' soldiers with his forearm around her throat. It was General Dekker to be exact actually.

"Now since you won't talk, I guess I'll have to speak to your little pet over here. What was her name again? Oh yeah that's right, Em Blade."

Still remaining with both knees on top of me and pressing down, she looked up at Mako who was shaking in absolute fear. Never had she seen such brutality inflicted on another human being, and worse still, it was happening before her very eyes to me, her lover.

"You!" Cerberus would point at Mako while still pushing her body weight down at me. "I suggest you cooperate to avoid me repeating what I just did on Kay to you."

"Okay, okay." Mako would cry out aloud, still very shaken up."

"Good.. Now what were you doing here? Tell my now?"

"We were trying to access some secure files on your servers. We didn't know what it was, just something of importance to your organisation we were told."

"I see. Well you know that espionage is a very serious offence under our laws. Where's the data you downloaded?"

"It's on a date storage device in my pocket."

Cerberus nodded as she had another of her men search Mako and find the device which he promptly took away from Mako. Little did they realise that Mako had also uploaded the files on to a remote storage cloud, and that she wasn't indeed ever needing the storage device she had just had confiscated.

"Now I find it hard to fathom as to why your pitiful little friend would stay here with you, knowing that she could have escaped."

"Kay doesn't leave anyone behind."

"Bullshit! There's more to it than that!" Cerberus immediately retorted.

I struggled to breathe. The sheer weight of Cerberus' body on me by this stage had been a lot. Not to even mention the excruciating pains on my chest and stomach areas, plus my head which was ringing terribly in pain due to just being whacked across the head with Cerberus' baton.

"Well? Don't make me get angry. Despite the fact that I'm sending you both off to the gladiatorial arena, and that you'll both die as a result, I don't intend at this stage to want to hurt you like I did her." Cerberus picked my head up by my hair as she said her! Then she slammed it hard on the floor. I seriously had no idea how I was still able to remain conscious.

"It's, it's, it's um well it's no big deal really."

"No big deal? Now Em Blade are you asking for a beating, answer my question or else!"

"Okay, okay. Kay and I are together. So she refused to leave me even though she knew she would consequently get captured by you as a result."

"You're together? Now what the fuck is that supposed to mean Em? Seriously do you really wanna taste the tip of my baton too?"

"I mean, umm that we are together. Like companion, girlfriend, umm that sort of thing."

"Oh, that together! But you're both fucking girls!" Cerberus retorted back before finally realising the situation.

"Oh I see now. Oh how very sweet." Cerberus suddenly turned from enraged, to speaking in a very sweet and sensitive tone of voice herself. Of course it would only be momentarily as she saw it as an opportunity to mock us further. At that point she then deliberated pressed her knee harder down onto my neck. I could barely breathe but that was hardly my problem. Instead it was Cerberus' weight on top of me and the absolute pain both her knees were causing me. One digging into my back like a large piece of metal, the other pushing my neck firmly to the ground to ensure my head remained pinned to the floor. If she pushed any harder, she would be more than likely to crush my neck bones.

"So this piece of scumbag here is your girlfriend?" Cerberus' voice returned to her usual as she laughed. "Hey guys, these two are fucking lovers, did you hear that?" Cerberus looked around to all her men who all started laughing mockingly. "Well Em Blade you must be one dumb fucking stupid total fuck up, you know that? Do you know how long I've been trying to catch your sweeeeet little lover, Kay?" Once again she said the word sweet in a very sweet tone to mock Em further. "May I ask which of you two bitches is responsible for killing all my men here? Did you manage to kill any on your own hem?" Cerberus looked up directly at Mako raising both her eyebrows and expecting a response.

Mako slowly began to speak as she looked down into my agonising eyes. The two of us had many unique gifts. One was a limited ability to communicate telepathically. I told her telepathically to not hesitate that I killed them all, including that innocent woman if she asks. It was the truth anyway.

"Well I'm waiting, and I'm starting to get very impatient!" Cerberus quickly snapped.

"She killed them all." Mako quickly responded, her face full of sadness as she knew where this would be heading.

"Ah but of course Kay killed them all. And it's quite obvious that you, not being a real fighter got injured cos after all Kay is only one fucking human terrorist and probably wasn't able to prevent you from getting hurt in the end. As a result she managed to close your wound, but given the nature of your injury, you were not able to get out of here and escape." Cerberus paused a moment, her facial expression turning into one wicked grin. "And because Kay loves you so much, instead of leaving you here and saving herself, chose to stay with you and ultimately allow me to finally capture her. I must say its a bit of a shallow victory for me, but nonetheless at least I have her now and it's all thanks to you Em Blade. I bet deep down inside your lover must think you are the biggest fucking useless screwup piece of shit ever. What is this, what your first mission out in the field and you managed to allow me to capture the most wanted agent on my hit list. I must say congratulations are really on offer to you. A job truly well done." Cerberus finally finished as she and her men burst into laughter. "Oh and one last thing, who was responsible for slaying of that woman near the lift? Was that also Kay's work?" At this point I could hear Cerberus' tone of voice change from one of a controlled angriness, to one that she was about up lose total control. Mako simply nodded with her head quickly. The skin on her face at this stage had turned as pale and white as if a bright light had suddenly been shined on her face. "Of course she did it, of course she did." Cerberus responded grimly. She then got off of me, and as she stood up grabbed my head by my hair and forced me up. I screamed in agonising pain as I finally stood upright, but on my knees. Once again Cerberus placed her baton to my throat and began yelling in my ear. "So then you fucking wonder why I call you are terrorist. You are a cold blooded murderer too. Why did you fucking kill her? Why fucking? She yelled in my ear as she continued to pull at my hair pushing my head back and holding her baton firmly to my throat. I no longer screamed but closed my eyes as the pain was so unbearable.

"You will answer me even if it is the last thing you say as you take your last fucking breath! Answer me now!" Cerberus once again yelled in my ear.

I was struggling to breathe, let alone respond, given she was tightly holding my head with her baton firmly pressing down on my throat. "I didn't mean to kill her. I only wanted to stun her. It was an accident, she just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time." I managed to get the words out quickly despite my heavy and erratic breathing, plus the excruciating pain I was in.

"Well had you not fucking come into this building, to steal our data, not only would any of my men not died, not only would have this innocent woman not died, a women with a husband and children, a fucking mother dammit, nothing would have damn fucking happened. In the end had you not come here to commit your crimes, she would still be alive. This is not an accident you fucking piece of shit lesbian whore!" Cerberus had then had enough. I opened my eyes and could see her flaring up. Almost as if smoke were coming out of her nostrils. And then I blacked out as she removed the baton from my throat, and full hit me across first my forehead, and then to the side of my head. I had already lost consciousness by the time my body hit the cold hard floor with a loud thud.

Cerberus was done with us for now. She would then order her men to transport both Mako and myself down to the centre of the city, to where the holding cells beneath the Celestia Interplanetary Arena were situated. This arena was third biggest arena of its kind in the entire USS. I would wake up many hours later, slumped and left for dead in that cell with Mako closely by my side.

The next morning, LST 09:00, 3016-05-25.

In the meantime, back at Zed's and deep within the walls of the Arjian Resistance Cell, Ālrai had long reported back in giving the news of the demise of KnM Blade. However as far as their primary mission was concerned, it had been a success. Mako had managed to upload the data they had stolen from Skycom to their own cloud servers which were stored in an unsuspecting off world location. Only now had Arjian's lead scientists and engineers gained access to this data, and were busy analysing it. Yet they were desperate to know the fates of both Kixi and Mako. There hadn't been anything anyone could do but wait. It had only been a day since Ālrai had returned back to Arjian HQ as ordered by Kixi to report back of their then imminent capture. Yet that 24 hours had seemed like days and even a week. Everyone was worried. Not only was Kixi one of Arjian's best agents, both Kixi and Mako were extremely close and valued friends of Jarvis. He so to speak was like a fatherly figure to both girls, as well as their boss at Zed's when he was Jak, and their boss at Arjian when he assumed the role as Jarvis.

Finally the bad news would eventually spill in. In fact, it was all over the planet's Internet, spreading itself across the Sol System's wide Holonet. The upcoming gladiatorial games to be held in two days from now at the Celestia Interplanetary Arena in the heart of the city. There would now be a new main event for the fight night. Traitors and enemies of the state, the system wide broadcast would continue to telecast. The mention of captured terrorists, spies, murderers and then a name describing who. KnM Blade. At least it was now known that both girls were still alive, giving all at Arjian some hope. Yet that hope was only a glimmer. The chances of survival for KnM Blade would be next to zero. What would be certain however, was that those at Arjian would be mounting a rescue. Bold and daring it would most certainly be, that was a sure given. Immediately following the broadcast, detailed plans would already start being derived by Arjian, which for all intents and purposes, would intend to have the final say on the outcome of the upcoming tournament's main event.

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