KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


11. The Gift

Chapter 6 : The Gift


I found myself in a dark room when I slowly regained consciousness. I was lost, disoriented, and had lost total track of time. At this stage I could barely make out anything as far as where exactly I was and what or who was with me. Everything was a blur, and hearing was, hang on a second, someone was definitely with me, near me and touching me. It was a soft gentile touch, a familiar touch, one that subconsciously I knew felt from someone caring.

"Kay can you hear me? Wake up Kay?" The sound of the voice slowly and gradually got clearer and louder, as did the image of the girl who had her hand softly on my cheek bone, and was rubbing the tip of her thumb just beneath my eye. I then opened my eyes in full, blinking rapidly several times initially, as my vision returned and I could see the face of the person I cared most about before me.

"Kay you're awake, it's me eM, do you recognise me?" Mako would quickly add in worryingly. I could hardly speak though. Trying to move my jaw bone felt like it would be a huge effort. I simply nodded my head in acknowledgement.

"Thank God you are okay Kay. I was worried that you'd never wake up." Mako continued to keep her hand on my cheek, while with her other began brushing at my hair. My head was ringing as if I had been knocked over by a hover vehicle, so her brushing on my hair felt very relieving. She kept doing this for several minutes and even brought my head close to her body to hug me.

"Oh they messed you up hard. But you've managed to survive Kay." She held me tightly in her arms before slowly releasing her hug on me and slowly kissing me on the lips.

I slowly and gradually regained all my senses. I could feel my body too, and again slowly and gradually began moving my legs, arms, head and so forth. I did feel somewhat cold though. They had removed all our armour, belts with gadgets, gloves and so forth. We were in the light clothes which were now partially ripped to some degree, that we had been wearing when we left our apartment to fly over to the Wastelands.

It was cold in the cell we were in, and being stripped of the majority of our clothing most certainly did not help. Furthermore my splitting headache would not subside at all. Well that was expected as last I remember, Cerberus hit me hard across several parts of my head with her baton knocking me out cold.

"Help me up eM, please." I realised that we were in some sort of holding cell, and that for all I knew they could have any number of hidden surveillance devices in here. So as we were hard trained to do, we only called one another by our alias names.

"You need to rest Kay, you've suffered some obvious concussion."

"I know but I need to see if I can still walk properly. I remember it all, Cerberus gave me a pounding and a half. I just need to assess the extent of my injuries."

"Sure, no worries, but once you're done, you'll need to sit down a little."

I then got up, of course assisted by Mako and managed to walk around a little while Mako held on to me. Seemed a struggle at first, but eventually I was able to pace up and down on my own in our relatively small not very brightly lit up cell. As I stretched out my body fully and then sat down on what was the only thing that there was to sit on, a piece of metal that extruded from the wall, I asked Mako the inevitable question of where the heck we were, while at the same time placing both my hands to each side of my head. My headache was the only thing that seemed as if it didn't want to go away. It damn felt like it would literally fall off!

"We are in one of the holding cells deep within the walls of the Celestia Interplanetary Arena."

"Oh that figures, that Cerberus bitch said she was gonna make us part of the night's entertainment in one of the upcoming gladiatorial games. How long have I been out for? How long have we been here?" I asked slowly slurring my words. My excruciating headache clearly wasn't making matters any better, however I simply couldn't just rest now, especially knowing what being sent to where we were meant.

Mako sat beside me and gently put her arm around the top of my neck as I slowly put my hands down again. "About 13 and a half hours is how long you've been out. In all honesty I'm amazed on how you even survived that ordeal with Cerberus. She beat you up quite savagely."

"I know, but it probably won't matter, we're clearly on death row here." Then I suddenly remembered. "Oh dear me eM, your wound, you were injured and how—" I suddenly began to freak out remembering the very reason why we had gotten ourselves captured in the first place, but Mako cut me off mid sentence.

"Shush, shush, calm down Kay, calm down, I'm okay. Really I am. I'll explain in a sec, but I'm fine now." She then huddled herself closer to me to make sure I was okay. Mako knew how much I cared for her. It was a lot, and if it wasn't obvious to anyone, it would soon be when news regarding on just how exactly I had managed to get myself in the current unfortunate predicament I found myself in spread.

"They healed me using one of those flesh mending medical hand held devices. When they were transporting us here. Oh and to answer your other question, we've been in this cell for about 10 hours. Anyway they healed the wound just enough for me to regain my strength so that I could fight in the arena."

"Yeah." I sighed slowly as I took a long but short breath. "The arena to fight. Fight against overwhelming odds. To use us as entertainment as we fall to our deaths."

"But at least they didn't kill us then Kay. Now we at least have a chance, right?"

"A chance? Um not really eM." I slowly shook my head.

"No!" Mako exclaimed still holding me. "If anyone can do anything it's you Kay, please say we have even some sort of fighting chance?"

Mako was younger than me. A good four years younger. Although we were both adults now, I had known her from a much younger age. Obviously from long before we had fallen in love with one another. I had met her while going for a stroll one early morning. I've always loved my walks, as it allowed me to have timeout for myself, think about things, and simply relax the mind as I took in the world around me. I was only 18 at the time, when I noticed the then very young Mako being picked on, and being bullied upon in a public park area by a group of older people. Naturally being me, I walked over to investigate. The others, a group consisting of three girls and a guy roughy my age, didn't take lightly to my sudden appearance, nor my business in sticking my nose into their business.

My intervention however, had obviously been imminent from the very beginning. In the end, as quickly as the four then turned on me, I had made them disperse. They were no match for my superior combat skills, and since that day I had become Mako's hero. Someone she always could look up to. Initially given our age differences, simply because I was already and adult and she was just a young teenager, we found it hard to connect. Yet many times she would sought me out. However annoying at first, I had felt inclined to do so. Mako was a very talented girl when it came to using her brain. She was good with computers, electronics, anything of that nature for that matter, plus she had seemed to have a talent in piloting when I illegally let her fly my hovercar. As a result, she never fit in with her peers, and was many a time bullied. In time, despite our age differences, we began to gel more and began to enjoy being in each other's presence. As the years slowly passed we began spending more time together. I began bringing her with me to my various martial arts classes, and eventually introduced her to Jak Zed, my employer, where she took up a role in I.T. and eventually a hovercar test pilot. Slowly this would lead to other things such as our secret involvement in Arjian and the resistance. However there was also the obvious fact that we shared a lot more in common than I had initially perceived when first meeting her. In fact never did I imagine that she would ever be the one for me.

She like me was also same sex oriented, and she too in time became madly in love with me. So naturally as the time passed, we became intimate and a couple. Although we did try and keep this fact to ourselves. Initially anyway. At the time she was still 17 and maturing fast, however always to me she looked up to. Flattering as it was, I always had been the type to encourage her to stand up for herself. Something unfortunately she found hard to fathom even until now at age 19, and stupid me 4 years her elder, had always been in denial, that it brought us to where we were now. Captured by the enemy and on definite death row.

Mako simply had no idea of the dire predicament we were in. "Mako they wanted us dead from when we got caught at Skycom HQ. They have no intent to let us walk free. Why would they?" I could see the confused stare in her eyes but quickly continued. "We Mako, are deemed terrorists. Terrorists do not get a fair trial, if that even exists anyway. Instead people like us get the whole lot in one hit. Our trial is our death sentence out there, as we entertain those in charge and others in the crowd who follow them. They'll pit us against overwhelming odds, so that we can entertain their thirsts of hatred, but have them assured that we do not win, and that justice according to them is served upon our glorious deaths. The mentality of tyrants has never changed over the ages. What they are doing, or what they love doing in general when it comes to gladiatorial games, is very reminiscent to what the Romans did in ancient times. That was circa 3000 years ago since we're now in the 4th millennium, and the peak of the Roman Empire was very much in the early centuries of the 1st millennium. My point here is that technology may have advanced a lot in the last few thousand years, but not the mentality of those who wish to rule with an iron fist, and then make an example out of those who oppose them."

"But we are not terrorists, we are freedom fighters."

"We're not, but that's how they, the tyrannical rulers of society deem us as." I sighed, as Mako was really starting to frustrate me. She just didn't get it. Further proof that I screwed up in thinking she was ready.

"Am I annoying you Kay?" Mako suddenly asked spontaneously.

"No. It's just that you have so much to learn still. Although it won't matter anymore. I'll be straight to the point and honest with you, our chances of survival out there are slim. My advice is to fight hard and until your very last breath. I'm sorry but that's just how it is. It's unjust, but hopefully our deaths won't be in vain." I wasn't prepared to lie to her, nor give her false expectations. Even if our lives were about to end soon, there was always time to learn and mature up, and Mako would learn a valuable lesson from this so very unfortunate experience.

"I feel so terrible." Mako suddenly broke out into tears. "You shouldn't be here. You could've escaped but instead stayed back for me. I'm a screw up. Had I not—".

"Don't say it, please." I cut her off before she had the chance to finish her sentence. 

"But it's true and you know it." Mako's crying tears would then become more intense as she clutched her head into my chest. All I could do was wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly. This was hard, really hard on both of us. But it was showing us the true meaning of our love and devotion for one another. In the hardest of times, neither of us was getting angry at one another or losing control. Instead we found further strength and power through love and affection from deep within us.

"It's okay eM, it's okay. Don't despair. Just know one thing, I've never abandoned you until now, and I never will. We stay close to one another as much as humanly possible when the time comes to enter the arena." Mako then nodded quickly in acknowledgement while still having her head buried in my chest. She was still crying, but by this stage had almost stopped. Despite my injuries and splinting headache, cuddling with her gave me, and I assumed her too, a good sense of warmth, as I could hear and feel her heartbeat next to mine.

A good 30 minutes would pass when I began to overhear noise coming from outside our cell. "I think someone is coming eM?" I whispered to her in her ear as she slowly lifted her head from my chest. Then with a hissing noise our cell door opened. Both Mako and I were quickly on our feet as we saw Cerberus accompanied by General Dekker, plus several armed men step in. There was a small force field separating us, therefore effectively we were still locked in our cell even if Cerberus, Dekker and their men were to leave with the cell door wide open. Cerberus would then address us with the force field still up.

"Good morning to you both, or better I should say miserable morning to you both." Cerberus' attempt at sarcasm was to the absolute best, terrible. We just stood there and waited for her to get on with what she had come over to tell us. "What, you do not answer? No? What's wrong Kay Blade, did my beating work to wipe that smirk you had on your face yesterday? Well good, but you really need to work on your attitude girl!" Cerberus would then fold both her arms. She was a very intimidating person, and when that didn't work, she would be quick to lose her temper.

"I have nothing to say to you since you for one, won't listen to anything I say and secondly, you've already made up your mind about what you are going to do to us."

Cerberus continued to gaze at Kixi with her arms folded, her facial expression showing nothing more than a grimly smile.

"On the contrary Kay, I'm here to listen, sure I've made up my mind, but I've come here to hear anything you wanna tell me."

I knew all too well that she was playing her usual cruel games, but seeing this would be my last and only chance, I thought I had best just spill it out.

"I have a final request before you sentence me officially."

"Oh don't you mean we? What about your little pet girlfriend over there?"

Cerberus and the general then burst out into a brief laughter, as predicted. Cerberus had come here more to mock me than anything else. And if her methods of intimidation didn't work on me, her ways to mock me most certainly did.

"Well on the topic of eM Blade, I ask that you do not sentence her to partake in the coming tournament which clearly will be a death sentence. I ask that you kindly sentence her to a prison term instead. She didn't kill anyone, I killed all your men including that innocent woman. That fact we established yesterday." I raised an eyebrow emphasising my point.

Cerberus just stood there for a moment thinking. I knew too well that she would never allow Mako to live. She was far too cruel for that, and her agenda was to clearly set an example to all the citizens of Sol, as to what would happen to anyone who messed with those in command and authority.

"Um let's see Kay, your partner slash giiiirlfriend." Here she went again with her mockingly voice. "She didn't kill anyone, yet she assisted you to kill every single person you killed. She is an accessory to murder and your crimes. Further she hacked into our computer mainframe in an attempt to steal sensitive and top secret military and government files." She then paused for a second before producing her classic grim smile. "That Kay, is espionage and is punishable by death, but I'm not without a heart, I'll make you a great offer, one that will see your pitiful little girlfriend live."

Here we go I thought to myself. This can't be good.

"Would you like to hear it?"

I rolled my eyes at the thought, a gesture that immediately irritated Cerberus.

"Don't you roll your eyes at me! I suggest you take this seriously as I'm only gonna make this offer once." Again she spoke to me in a very mocking way. I knew that whatever it was she was gonna offer would be nothing more than a lie, even if I agreed to it. So I decided to hear her out anyway since it probably wasn't gonna make any difference given the predicament we were in.

"Okay then, I'm listening, tell me what this glorious offer of yours is then Cerberus?"

I sighed being sarcastic at the same time as I too folded my arms.

"You never cease to amaze me with your attitude Kay Blade. I mean you're in a big shit hole, and yet you still never know when it's a good time to quit with your foul mouth remarks. If you don't care about yourself, then perhaps you care for your girlfriend, after all isn't this why you are here now, no?"

"Okay then already. I get it. Just get on with it already. Clearly you're not sincere, you don't give a fuck, and you want us both dead, so wherever it is you wanna try offer in exchange for, just spill it out already!"

I must've ticked her off that time, nothing really new there anyway, as Cerberus ordered General Dekker to lower the force field and enter our cell. She then approached me, came face to face breathing heavily through her nostrils, and was clearly angry as she then slapped me across the face cheek. Of course I had anticipated it coming and allowed her to hit me.

"I swear girl, didn't your parents ever teach you any manners?"

"Well in actual fact they did, but only with civilised people. They told me it wasn't necessary to do so with animals. All I see before me is a pack of animals. Hey you must be the leader of the herd Cerberus."

And then she slapped me again.


"Oh and I saw that coming, and the one prior too. You wouldn't be so tough if it were just you and I alone." I retorted back spitting on the ground.

"Yeah well we'll see how tough you are when you fight to your death in the arena Kay."

"Well you'll be wasting your resources. I'll take out many before I die. You would be better off just killing me now to further cut your losses."

"You know what bitch, I might just consider that!"

She now came right up to me in that we could feel one another's breaths. Eventually though, General Dekker did place his hand on her shoulder and suggested she take a step back, which she did and just get on with it, given it was obvious that I wasn't gonna be cooperative. Cerberus then recomposed herself calming herself down. She took in a deep breath and this time just decided to get to the point not giving a damn anymore about my attitude.

"Okay I'm gonna make you a proposition that I'm quite certain you'll find hard to resist. I'm prepared to change eM Blade's sentence to life in prison in exchange for information regarding the Arjian Resistance Cell. Information such as its leader and its location." Cerberus was quick to get to the point as she immediately folded her arms expecting a response. If anything though, her offer took me aback. She got me off my guard as I wasn't expecting this from her, and I could tell from her firm stance that she knew that she had hit a sweet spot.

"Well Kay, it's time to decide who or what is more important to you. Your girlfriend's life or Arjian."

I starred into her evil eyes and could see it. Her final satisfaction. This time she was going to see me defeated. I felt like a helpless creature wanting to crawl into her small little cage. "Well the answer is quite obvious isn't it?" I replied back softly, in a weak voice of defeat.

"You can't be serious Kay!" Mako quickly intervened. "Even if you tell her, what makes you think she'll keep her word?" Mako finished first looking at me, and then at Cerberus.

"You don't." Was Cerberus quick counter response.

"But you see Kay, you are here today because of her, and because you love her beyond anything possibly imaginable. You will take up my offer knowing that if you do, she may yet live."

"No, my life is meaningless without Kay!" Mako retorted.

"We are like two symbionts. I would rather die with her." Mako yelled out angrily at Cerberus.

"Kay I can't believe you are even considering this. My life, one life isn't worth more than what Arjian and its cause stands for. It doesn't even come close. You know this, please don't do it, not for me."

"Ah but Kay will do it, won't you Kay?" Cerberus continued to counter not taking eye contact with me. "You're a tough little brat to break, but I've finally discovered your ultimate weakness. Her!" She pointed her finger at Mako but still kept her eyes on me. "Now tell me what I wish to know, and eM Blade lives."

I simply lowered my head and closed my eyes. It was only for about ten seconds, ten seconds that felt like ten minutes while I concentrated deeply in my thoughts. Mako continued to plead to me to not accept Cerberus' offer, that it was a lie and that she wasn't worth destroying Arjian for. Then all the sounds of voices around me eventually turned to nothing more but a distortion, as I slowly opened my eyes and raised my head. I smiled grimly at Cerberus.

"The location of the Arjian headquarters is at." I paused and looked into her eyes of hatred.

"Well, where is it Kay, stop stalling on me!"

I could see using my peripheral vision, Mako gritting her teeth as I slowly continued.

"It's located... Up that dirty arsehole of yours that's actually in your mouth. How's that for a fucking location whore." I spat in her face and immediately she tried to hit me back. However General Dekker put out his hand stopping her while at the same time explaining his actions, that being to save me for the arena.

"So then be it you little brat. Fuck you actually anyway. I wasn't gonna keep my word anyway. Soon enough you and your little piece of shit of a worthless girlfriend are going to be dead all the same. And once you're both dead, I'll have both your heads preserved and displayed for all to see in the city's Hall of Shame!"

"Ha! I never knew such a place even existed. I bet you just made that up you psycho whore?"

"It doesn't exist... Yet. But it will soon, and I'll inaugurate it with both your fucking heads!"

She then proceeded to try and slap me across the face again. However this time I reached out with my hand to catch her arm and block it. "I don't fucking think so."

She groaned a little as she tried to resist my block. General Dekker and others decided to watch on for a bit as both Cerberus and I got into a heated discussion. Not that this whole meeting wasn't already that. "You think I was even ever gonna consider your offer of empty promises. Even eM Blade could get it that you talk more shit than what goes into the city's sewage waste bitch!"

"Oh and now I have you admit it Kay Blade, finally!" Cerberus quickly countered."

"Admit what?" By this stage both of us were gritting our teeth and pushing at each other almost like a mini wrestling match. That was her arm pushing towards my face, and my hand holding her arm countering it.

"You just indirectly admitted that your precious girlfriend, or better said your little pet useless girl is so dumb! Let me recap your words Kay Blade. You said something along the lines that even she can get it that I talk more shit than whatever. Well hello, if it wasn't already blatant that I'm a liar, you very much said any moron could work it out." And with a big broad smile she ended off by saying, "Indirectly you referred to eM Blade as that moron."

"You fucking dirty bitch, that's not what I was referring to."

"Ah but you were, we all heard it. Even your little pet over there did." Mako was just standing there silently. I could sense already she was feeling gutted, yet I didn't mean anything Cerberus was saying. She by now had worked out that my love for Mako was my total weakness, and that it was already leading to my downfall as I stood where I was along with Mako on death row. She just twisted my words around to further add insult to injury.

"You're a deceitful whore Cerberus. You had better pray that for no miraculous reason I survive the battle in the arena, because if I do, you better run and keep running, because if you hide, I'll find you." By this stage I was fully enraged.

Then without any advanced warning, something unusual and totally bizarre took place. It only lasted a fraction of a second or so, but as I began to overpower Cerberus' push on me, I felt a surge of energy run through my body. In that few seconds everything around me had appeared to have slowed. The few seconds felt like half a minute. As I pushed her back and let go of her arm, I moved my hand towards her face. She staggered back a fraction, as if I had pushed her, but I had made no physical contact with her. It felt as if some sort of invisible tug pushed her back a fraction. Straight away I was thinking, what the hell was that?

I was about to try it again, but the whole event was short lived as General Dekker quickly intervened and separated us completely and then pushed me back. They then all took a few steps back towards the cell's door as the General raised the force field back up. In the heat of the moment, it didn't appear that she nor anyone else for that matter had realised what had just occurred. I could have sworn that in that moment's fit of enragement that I telekinetically had made her stagger back. Yet I wasn't aware of having such gift. Not many humans did. Although I had been genetically enhanced at birth and already knew I possessed telepathic abilities, but telekinesis? Well if what just happened had just answered that question, then the next question was how do I summon such abilities at will? Although the answer came to me quite quickly. Anger. Yet I had been angry before and never did this occur. No not just being angry, but have the emotion of pure hatred run through my veins. Like what just happened with Cerberus, that's what had triggered it. This I was certain of.

"I look forward to witnessing your demise in the arena Kay Blade. In two days from now. The bitter end awaits you, an end which will be a celebration for the good citizens of Sol. And just so you know, it's the president that insists on having these glorious gladiatorial games to the death. In all honesty, if it were up to me I would cut both your throats now and kill you slowly where you stand!"

"Well then, I should be indeed grateful that it's not up to you." Was my calm response to her enraged comment. Despite being angry inside and holding it in, I figured what better way to piss Cerberus off further, than by letting her know indirectly with my clearly smart arse response, that she was nothing more than a puppet to the president who in the end was the one who made all the final decisions.

"Grrrrrr! Cerberus indeed still fuming at my lack of respect and insolence had decided that she had had enough as she, the General and the entire escort of men then turned around and left, as the sound of a loud hissing noise followed as Cerberus shut the door behind us.

I turned around to Mako who had seen what I had done regarding the momentary and brief use of telekinesis and was stunned. I ignored that however, instead I needed to ensure that she understood that I had never intended to refer to her as a moron and that Cerberus had been attempting to rattle us. She looked at me, I could see the tear drops coming out of her eyes slowly as she quickly embraced me in a hug.

"I know you didn't. I would be kidding myself if I did. You've stuck up for me like no one ever has, and cared for me. The fact that you're here with me in this cell sums it all up, as you could've just left me back at Skycom Central and saved your own butt."

"I know, I know you believe in me, I'm just making sure as right now we need to both be stronger and more united than ever." I slowly and gently patted her on the back as we continued to hug. Eventually letting go of one another I sat down again. My headache appeared almost gone too by this stage.

"Kay I don't know if I was seeing things just before, but I saw you use telekinesis?"

"Yes I did, but it was by accident. I never knew I had that ability until now though."

"Do you know how you harnessed it?"

"Rage and hatred combined. I've never really hated anyone so much that whilst in their presence wanted to kill them. Something happened when I had those feelings before with Cerberus. I'm not fully certain but I think it was that, that triggered off my telekinetic abilities."

"Um but how? How is it that it's even possible that you can do this Kay?"

I just shook my head not fully sure. "Highly likely due to being genetically enhanced at birth. I'm faster and have quicker reflexes than an average human as well as telepathy. Um so do you eM. It's highly possible then that you too have telekinetic abilities?"

"Maybe, but why were we never told?"

"We were not told a great many things. This could be another hidden secret about us that we may have just uncovered?"

"Kay I think you should try and replicate what you just did to Cerberus. If you manage to be able to, it could be put to good use. Especially since now we'll be sent out there to fight to the death against unimaginable odds. It might you know, just bridge the gap back slightly in our favour."

"Agreed. Let's experiment now. After all we have plenty of time since our presence in the arena won't be needed for another two days still."

I got up again and looked for something to pickup. Although that seemed impossible as the cell we were in was fairly clean with no rogue objects laying about.

"There is nothing I can use to try and push or pull at. Um I know what, I'll use my t-shirt." I slowly took off my t-shirt as my body was still sore all over. Once it was off, I chucked it on the bench and could really see the extent of my injuries to my upper body, as all I was now wearing was my bra.

My lower chest and abdomen area were badly bruised. Mako was about to comment but I quickly put my hand up. "I know, I know. It's what happens when some coward bitch has to restrain you and then hit you when you can't fight back." I clearly was making reference to the beating Cerberus had given me a day ago.

"Okay here goes then. Let's test out my so called magic abilities shall we." I said it in a jokingly manner, more to try and ease the mood. Sure we were still incarcerated with things still looking bleak for us, but I thought heck, better stay positive than negative.

I closed my eyes and began thinking of Cerberus. I thought of how much I despised her, how much I hated her, how much I craved to kill her and to kill her slowly. I stretched out with my arm and hand towards the t-shirt and nothing. I kept thinking of my hatred for Cerberus more and more until the emotion began to flow through my body in sync with the Ki energy that was also freely flowing through me. Deeper and deeper I allowed my hatred for Cerberus to flow through me until it became one with the Ki around me. And then I felt it extend from my arm, and then hand, and then outwards towards my t-shirt.

"I've almost got it!" I cried out excited. Concentrating further, I envisioned myself killing Cerberus with my bare hands, as the hatred now flowed freely through my veins. Now I could feel the invisible tug I was causing. I opened my eyes and pushed the t-shirt away. So long as I kept my thoughts of hate strong within me, the invisible hand I had would remain ever present and invisibly tethered to me. I then lifted the t-shirt in that air, pulled it towards me, then up high in the air and then threw it at Mako who promptly caught it. Then I snapped out of my trance releasing all my feelings of hate away, and as I did so, the invisible hand I had also vanished.

"You did it Kay, you did it. Wow! That was absolutely incredible if you ask me."

I felt as if the wind had just been knocked out of me though. The little test of my ability had been very taxing on my body, as one would come to expect. I simply nodded to Mako in acknowledgement, and then sat down again.

"I guess we have two days of doing nothing in here. That's plenty of time to you know, enhance your newly discovered skill. It will most certainly help our chances you know."

I simply sighed at Mako's comment, although a good point. "Yes eM Blade, indeed valid your suggestion is, but exerting and tiring it also is. Especially with little understanding of telekinesis. Yet I could probably improve in the next two days a great deal. Might as well exert myself cos in the end I don't have much to lose."

I smiled at her as I patted her on the shoulder wondering what Arjian was up to. By now our ingress to the upcoming gladiatorial games as the main event would have been made public system wide. I had a strong feeling that they would attempt a daring rescue mission, despite not wanting to discuss it with Mako. That was moreover not to get her hopes up high, as chances of them succeeding would be significantly not in our favour, given the fortified style security that would be present at the arena and in its surrounding vicinity. Still if there was a chance, surviving long enough in the arena could be key, and this newly discovered ability of mine might just be the decider in making the difference, on being able to hold out just that bit long enough to survive and ultimately escape.

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