KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species. More info here.


1. The calm before the storm.

Chapter 1 : The Calm Before The Storm


Early morning, at Kixi Rajki's & Mako Jhasmin Zaneca's apartment, Celestia City, Earth, The United Systems of Sol.


Date : EST 22:00, CE 3016-05-23, LST 06:00, CE 3016-05-24


It was looking like it was gonna be a wonderful day weather wise. I thought this to myself as I half got out of bed and streched my hands out in the air. I could see the rays of the sun slowly breaking their way through the tiny gaps on the small window shutters of my bedroom ensuite. I could tell they were bright, and on level 154 of the appartment that i shared with my companion Mako who was still quietly sleeping beside me, much light entered during the day when the weather was good. The city itself was one mega huge jungle of tall skyscrapers spanning endlessly in all directions. The tallest ones up to 2 kilometres in height. The city was always busy and fast moving. Hovering vehicles moved everywhere and in all directions and heights. Busy, rushing, moving, it never stopped. The humming smooth sound and zooming past of vehicles was constant, but bareable, and most of the time not even noticeable, as to the common citizen, they were accustomed to it all, as if it were all a natural part of their existence.

I got myself out of bed and fully streched myself. Mako was still sleeping, so i went around to her side of the bed as I gently brushed her black hair to one side and then gently kissed her on the forehead as she slept in tranquility. Her breathing was soft and quiet. She seemed at peace, beautiful. I slowly lifted the cover and picked up her hand, holding it just so I could feel her gentle and warmth of her touch. Then I realised that I might wake her up. Best leave her alone, she'll wake up soon on her own I presumed. I kissed her on the top of her hand and then gently put it down and fully covered her again as she continued to sleep quietly.

I walked out of the room and through the kitchen and dining area towards the balcony door. On the way I replicated myself an instant hot chocolate. On a personal note, I wasn't a tea or coffee drinker. I opened the balcony door and stepped outside. Indeed it was and would be a splendid day. I could smell the crisp smell of the morning air, as I took in the glorious view of the seemingless never ending kilometre long skycrapers that spanned in all directions, the many interconnecting long walkways and gangways connecting many of the structures, the busy moving hovering air traffic which seemed endlessly in motion, and the huge mega arcologies standing tall out in the middle of the large bay that the mega metropolis surrounded.

I stood there and watched. From this height there was always a breeze. Sometimes it was too windy, however today the breeze was perfect as the soft gentle wind brushed softly at my hair. Although I then just realised that I yet hadn't even done my hair as I only had just gotten up from bed about 10 minutes earlier. I continued to stare out at the balcony, not really thinking of anything except how in general I was enjoying my life at the moment, and how easily all that could change in a single heartbeat. Then the sound of a large spaceship liner broke my concentration, as it whizzed past well above the tall city landscape on its way to one of the other worlds that made up United Systems of Sol, or simply put, just the USS.

Then Mako came out onto the balcony and approached me. We kissed one another on the lips as we said good morning to one other. She pointed out that I was up early this morning. However I would tell her that I had only been up for around 15 minutes. The two of us would be having an extremely busy day today. I had figured that since neither of us would be getting much rest today, that at least we might as well start off the day in a relaxed mood. We both just stood at the balcony for a good 20 minutes, I sipped at my hot chocolate, and Mako at her tea. I put my arm around the back of her back and around her waist and to her hip, and she did the same. I told her how much I loved her, nothing new there I guess, but I knew that she liked hearing it.

Today we would be particpating in a tricky and perhaps dangerous mission. We were good at what we did, I being the more skilled and experienced one, however Mako was adapt at the task at hand, but naturally me being her love and vice versa, I had my worries. I tightened my grip around her waist just a little bit more, as I rubbed my hand a little on the side of her hip. I told her again how much I loved her and that losing her would practically kill me too. She knew of my concerns but assured me she would be okay. Then she rested her head on my shoulder, gently as I then put my cup down and put my other arm around her to hug her tightly. We stayed like that for at least under 5 minutes, allowing the wind to breeze past us, hearing the sound of the busy traffic whizz around past us from all directions, and feel each other's heartbeats as we cuddled closely together. We felt like we were one and in unison. At that moment in time, I felt so good as I'm sure Mako did too. "You will protect me Kixi if anything goes wrong won't you?" Mako softly muttered the words into my ear as I held her even tighter and gave her my assurances. "If it comes down to it my love, I will die for you if left with no choice." I whispered back to her as she then hugged me ever so tightly.

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