KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.

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2. Project X.

Chapter 2 : Project X.


At 07:15 hours that same morning.


I got myself ready rather quickly. We both did for that matter. I wore only light clothing and I instructed Mako to do the same. Although she already knew this. Our heavier clothing, or better put, our armour was waiting for us stashed away in my hover vehicle which was parked around 100 floors down. Normally I would keep it at our hidden headquarters and get changed there.

Speaking of, our headquarters was very much a garage. A garage known as Zed's Performance & Auto Care Centre, or commonly referred to as simply Zed's. A garage for either the repairing or modding of hovercars and also law enforcement and military vehicles. So basically put, a mechanical workshop for vehicles. And for that matter, it was a well known workshop, a rather large one with the reputable image of being the best in all of Celestia City. For this very reason, Skycom, the very same powerful corporation that was run and controlled by the same deceitful and tyrannical government that we sought to fight against and take down, brought in their best vehicles, both civilian and military, for maintenance, repair and modding. Little did they know, that the owner of Zed's, Jak Zed, also known by the alias Jarvis to very few, our boss and leader of the Arjian Resistance Cell had setup base deep down within the same large mechanical workshop complex. What better way to disguise one's opposing forces. Very much from within the enemy itself, and right where the enemy would never think twice to look.

Anyway, back to the present time. As we would be going directly to our destination, well not exactly directly as I did intend to make a few diversions in the opposite direction to avoid any possibility of being followed and traced. In this case, we were not going back to our headquarters to get all geared up. Besides walking through the corridors and lifts of our massive apartment complex in full armoured combat gear wasn't exactly a bright idea. If Mako and I did that, one could bet that it wouldn't take the local authorities long before they would apprehend us, as someone would undoubtedly report us if the actual police didn't see us first.

We both wore light long legged pants, with sandal like shoes. I myself wore a t-shirt, while Mako a sleeveless top. We both slapped on our usual gizmos on our wrists, arms and belts, but no weapons. Instead those were placed in a single bag which I was going to carry over my shoulder. The actual weapons consisted of both of our katana swords, plasma firing pistols, a set of knives, a hand held forward energy shield and several small explosives. In addition, Mako also placed her hacking equipment in the same bag.

This inevitably would ask the obvious question. Well not that there was anyone around to ask it, nor did I intend for there to be. However why all the weapons, why the armoured suit, and the hacking equipment? Well yeah, our job would basically be to break into a high security government building owned by Skycom. Apparently the big and powerful government agency, a planet wide corporation with influence on all other worlds and governments comprising the USS, was working on some sort of secret project of great importance. Although no one including Jarvis and those I reported to really knew what it was, except that it was important. So Mako and myself were being sent by our boss, the head of the secretive Arjian Resistance Cell, in to basically break in and steal whatever intel we could get on this so called important secret project. As a result, our mission had been dubbed "Project X". X basically meaning that we had absolutely no idea what it was we were after, but that we definitely knew it would be extremely important and vital to discover what it was. Being a high security installation that we were going to attempt to infiltrate, it was clearly going to be inevitable that somewhere during our mission, that we would encounter some sort of resistance at some point, thus why we had to be fully armoured and armed. I myself would be doing most of the fighting if or when it came down to that, while it would be Mako's job to slice through their complex network of computers to find what it was we were seeking.

As I went to close the balcony door, the breeze hit me once more. Indeed it had turned out to be a splendid day. I shut the door and turned to look at Mako who was still getting ready and had her back facing me. Naturally the worries once again entered my mind. This would be her first mission. Now that Mako and I were our own duo team working for Jarvis, we now would be known as KnM Blade. In a way, this would also be my first mission with her and as KnM Blade, and hopefully the first of many. Now as far as hacking was concerned, she was nothing but the best. Well at least I knew of no one who could match her skill. However as a fighter, that was another matter altogether. Naturally Mako had a talent for anything I.T. and for piloting fighter aircraft, starfighters and even vehicular warfare for that matter.

In regards to ground combat however, together the two of us had trained in various martial arts for years. Predominately these consisted of the millennia year old martial arts from a country once known as Japan up until the sometime in the late 23rd century, but today known as just the province of Japan, which in itself comprised of several mega districts and metropolises. These martial arts in which we trained in consisted of primarily Ninjutsu, Kendo and Aikido/Aiko Ken-Jo from Japan's 13th, 14th and 20th centuries respectively. I myself had also formal training in Dim Mak, that martial art dating back its origins to what was once China and even Japan over a period of many centuries well prior to the 21st which that century alone was a thousand years ago. This martial art specialised primarily in using pressure points to incapacitate or even kill and opponent. I myself was a complete warrior, formidable in every sense. Recently I had the privilege to train up Mako to be an elite agent by both myself and best instructors that we had available at our disposal. She had only just scrapped through her tests though. Yet I convinced myself, the instructors, those above me, our boss and leader Jarvis and most importantly of all Mako, that she was ready for this mission. After all it would mostly be a stealth mission. If any fighting was to occur, I would be engaging in the majority of it, and all she mostly had to do is what she did best, hack into Skycom's network and mainframe. "Don't worry Kixi, you're just overreacting, Mako will be fine, she is ready." I said those words to myself, convincing myself that all would work out fine in the end.

I approached Mako who by that stage was all ready in that we could make our way down to my hovercar. Gently I placed the palm of my hand just below the back of her neck in between her shoulders and rubbed on it gently. "You feeling okay Mako. You feel ready?" I spoke to her in the usual sweet voice that I preferred speaking to her in. I still felt the need to ask her this question as very much immediately I would be able to tell by the way she were to respond, and her overall body language if she herself indeed felt ready. "Yes Kixi, I'm all psyched up already and we haven't even left our apartment yet." That was Mako's response. A response that indeed was full of confidence, with her body language following suit. Well it sure boosted my confidence and morale in that she was ready then. "Good then Mako, that's what I like hearing." I took a quick glance at the time showing on one of the gizmos on my wrist, and without further hesitation advised Mako that we best get moving.

Slowly the two of us walked down the corridor where our apartment, along with several others lead to one of the main turbo lifts. I didn't speak much as Mako had decided to not speak much either. I knew the look though, the nervousness was beginning to settle in for her, irregardless on whether she mentally was all psyched up and excited, her nervousness was perfectly normal, so I thought it best to just leave her be. The trip in the lift down to level 40 was quick and smooth as per the usual. Casually we walked up to my vehicle. Not that I suspected anyone to have touched my hovercar since the last time I was here or overnight, but I decided to take a quick look into the compartment area to make sure our armoured suits were still there, and they were.

Promptly I threw the bag I had been carrying with our weapons and equipment in the back seat, as we both got into the hovercar with me at the controls. I turned to look at Mako. "Okay so we're going to be going to the massive district area Argon Central. As you already know of course. And as you know that district houses the main Skycom buildings and so forth. However we're not going there directly. On the contrary, we're going elsewhere here on Celestia City. Our destination is around 300 kilometres in the opposite direction. An abandoned warehouse. The area is actually off the grid, but don't worry, last we checked, we as in I and our buddies at Arjian, it was an abandoned wasteland. No one will be there. We basically gear up, then awaiting us there, will be another vehicle which our friends from the Arjian Resistance Cell had the courtesy to prep for us with fake Skycom IDs." I gave Mako a cheesy grin she was so used to me doing when I was so sure of myself as I continued. "So we then head back to Argon Central in that. From there you already know the rest of the plan." I continued to smile at her and then took her hand. I could tell she didn't like the idea of going off the grid, yet although not ideal, in this line of work it was necessary. I moved the tip of my thumb over the top of her fingers giving her my usual affection, and then kissed her on the cheek. I told her that I had done this countless times and never did it go wrong. The part about going off the grid that was. "The only thing we should concern ourselves with are Skycom's security officers. They'll be out to either capture, maim or kill us. But you know that already love, please don't let the other things distract you. They're trivial in the grand scheme of things. Now take a deep breath and enjoy the ride as once we get to Argon Central, we'll be in the thick of it, okay Mako?" Mako did just that. She took in a deep breath and at least seemed more relaxed. I gently kissed her on the top of her hand before letting go of her and powered up my hovercar, in which I then wasted no further time, hovering away as we zipped into the busy mega metropolis sky traffic .

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