KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.

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12. Paige's Defection

Chapter 10 : Paige’s Defection.

EST 02:00, CE 3016-06-04, LST 10:00, CE 3016-06-04

The day was clear. Neither cold, nor warm. Cloud cover was minimal now, yet it was evident that it had been raining here minutes earlier, the clouds moving away from us in a north easterly direction.

I looked through the cockpit glass of the Gencore Maelstrom, a cruiser actually designed for space flight, and currently being commandeered by none other than Mako, my beautiful sweet Mako. The sound of the cruiser's harmonious ion engines hummed, as the cruiser gracefully skimmed the few remaining clouds leaving the endless skyscrapers of Celestia City behind us. The trip to the Wastelands would be a relatively quick one given the transport we were in, however we were fuelled up for a longer trip. I had no intention to stick around once I met up with Paige Langley, Cerberus' youngest daughter, who’s actual intent would be defection to our cause. Tread carefully were the words installed into me by none other than Jarvis, employer, boss, mentor, and to a certain degree, a fatherly figure.

The morning following the unexpected communication between Paige and myself, I immediately got myself in early at Arjian HQ. Due to the unforeseeable nature of the situation, the skepticism that Jarvis had displayed on his face upon me showing him the recorded conversation between Paige and I was expected. Yet the stakes were way too high to just brush aside. Despite his initial reluctance, in the end he gave us the green light to proceed with this mission. Yet understandingly he wasn't prepared to take any chances. Given she was Cerberus' daughter, the opportunity of betrayed was still real. Under no circumstances, even if I and the others were convinced that her desire to defect were authentic, that she be brought back to HQ. The risks were simply just too high. To put it simple, if she were to manage to deceive us and reveal the location of our HQ to Skycom or the authorities, we would all be very much done for.

The plan initially would be to meet at the agreed coordinates in the Wastelands. From there our intent would be to fly outward in a south westerly direction towards the continent of Antarctica. However our final destination would not be that far south. Instead, a hidden Arjian outpost located on an isolated archipelago known as the Kerguelen Islands would be the location of our secluded safe haven. Situated about 3,000 km to the southwest of Australia, the Kerguelen Islands are a group of islands in the southern Indian Ocean. Over one thousand years ago, these small remote group of islands were satellites that had belonged to a nation that was known as France. Since then, for centuries long gone by, the islands had no real permanent inhabitants other than a research centre that had been developed by France. Consequently, the what was then capital region Port-aux-Français, did eventually grow into a permanent city of a quarter of a million people. However the city had not begun to grow in size and population until the late 27th century. Yet compared to the majority of Earth cities, not only was the Port-aux-Français like a tiny grain of sand, it was also secluded and had no real significance in the larger context of things. Perfect for the Arjian Resistance to house one of its many secluded underground base of operations on the planet, in its ever going battle against the baneful and corrupt forces in power. There I would conduct the actual interrogation, and if all checked out, from there we would plan the forthcoming assassination of Cerberus in which I looked forward to with tremendous immensity.

After the last argument turned ugly with Icarus, I was looking for ways to minimise any foul-ups. And if I could come out a hero myself in the process, well, that would suit me just fine as well. Especially after the previous cockup. Although I was leading this particular mission, Icarus had now become the head coordinator of Covert Operations. Already in command of the most notable and elite team at Arjian known as Invictus eX, he boasted the expertise of two more of Arjian's finest under him. Both Ālrai Tānien and Miyuki Kazama. This giving him very much exclusive bragging rights, especially compared to me and my team KnM Blade, which only on my first mission with Mako had already demonstrated our overall inferiority. Given KnM Bladed had been grounded indefinitely, Jarvis had insisted that I bring two more agents. Braj'tec Qarr a much older man with a lifetime of experience was my first choice, and on the other end of the scale, the very young 16 year old Shizuka Uchiha eX. I figured Shizuka could do with some live field experience, with Jarvis approving of course, I instructed the highly experienced Braj'tec to keep a constant watch over her.

Icarus had urged caution, planning and negotiation. But that was not the way I saw things. Fortunately, our immediate boss and head of Arjian, Jarvis, felt the same way I did. To me it was clear: Paige Langley was holding valuable information. Information that could prove vital to the resistance cause. However, she had been the one who had contacted us, with the mind-blogging claim in wanting to defect. Given whom she was, Jarvis had insisted that a most scrupulous attention to detail in our performance during this mission would be absolutely uncompromisable.

Showing no real sense of urgency, our Maelstrom cruiser made its way over the barren landscape below. A natural concern of ambush did exist in the fact that Skycom forces could ambush us from the air. Or if not from the air, at least follow us and then land their soldiers and have us waylaid. Taking no chances in what we had foreseen as an operation with undoubtedly high chances of betrayal, a second team of highly skilled and armed agents followed us in a second Maelstrom cruiser. Although they did not follow us directly, they instead circled the area in the Wastelands from afar, at least a good 20 kilometres away and at a much higher altitude. Using this tactic, it would give them the higher ground so to speak, allowing them to observe and detect any sign of ambush, thus both warning us and intervening if the situation were to present itself.

Mako the pilot turned her head back towards me. I was riding in the seat directly behind her, while Icarus was seated in the co-pilot's chair.

“Kixi, we’re about five minutes to alpha one," Mako said.

Icarus spoke before I could respond, “Then I suggest reducing airspeed from here on out, Mako. It will reduce our noise signature. That's unless you don’t care.” He had a comforting voice as he spoke, and definitely one full of confidence.

“I care," she said turning back at Icarus and then back to the cruiser's front view screen.

“Copy that.” Icarus affirmed.

I could feel the cruiser slowing down. Not a lot, but enough to notice. I could see several abandoned buildings up ahead, while Icarus conducted a quick scan of the immediate and surrounding area.

"Scans register only one life form in the approaching vicinity. Physique definitely human, and appears to be female."

"It is her, Paige Langley." I said looking at the man that was seated in the co-pilot's seat and then standing up.

"Mako proceed to land with caution, Icarus re-scan the area to double check that all is clear." I then said as I walked out of the cockpit area to where the others patiently awaited. There the other four agents, kitted out in black commando gear like myself, returned my look, awaiting the word, weapons at the ready.

“Our targets is Paige Langley, the youngest daughter of our arch nemesis Cerberus. Each of you know what she looks like so will recognise her upon our arrival. We do not expect resistance or an ambush, however your task is to secure the area and creating a perimeter." I said.

They all nodded in unison as my voice came through their headsets.

“Braj'tec also ensure to keep Shizuka in your sights at all times. This is her first live operation." I added in looking directly at the older man who promptly nodded in acknowledgement while the Maelstrom cruiser began its descent.

The rain was coming down harder. Paige had been waiting at the set of co-ordinates given to her by Kay Blade in a desolate area in the Wastelands for the good part of an hour. Waiting and wondering, looking at her own set of gizmos attached to her wrist.

Maybe she's not coming or maybe she changed her mind. She wondered to herself as the rain slowly began to subside.

Eyeing a sole abandoned building only metres away from her, she wondered what this place had been like in its former days many centuries ago. Thinking, wondering, she pondered over whether she should abandon her crazy idea of meeting up with me. After all she was certain that at least initially, that I wouldn't be taking lightly or easy on her, and convincing me that she was truly the real deal would take one colossal effort.

Then she heard the sound. A single ship approaching from the direction of Celestia's majestic skyline a hundred or so kilometres away. It had to be them she murmured to herself. Nervous, frightened but at the same time excited, she watched as the small approaching dot grew larger and larger. Finally she could recognise it, the Gencore Maelstrom small space cruiser beginning to take shape in front of the backdrop of Celestia City's skyline. Closer and closer it got, the wooing sound of its ion engines getting louder and louder as the ship began zeroing in on her location.

Finally they're here Paige thought to herself. The Maelstrom my crew and I were in circled the lone girl on the ground, doing one final check that the area was clear of anyone laying in ambush before finally putting down metres from where she stood. Dirt and dust momentarily kicked up around the descending ship as Mako settled it down gently. Finally the dirt and dust settled once more, returning back to the lifeless barren ground, the Maelstrom's engines slowly powering down, while its exit ramp slowly lowered following a loud hissing sound.

I began walking towards the cruiser's exit ramp, leading the way with Icarus to my right. Using my NFV, a diaphanous mist followed, swirling around my face, then finally materialising into my other familiar self in the form of Kay Blade. Stepping off the ship’s ramp and onto the dry but moist ground, I couldn’t help my smug look upon seeing the lone young girl waiting there before us.

"You're late, I was afraid you weren't coming." Paige immediately said as Icarus and I approached her, while others from my team spread around forming a strategic perimeter. As for Mako, she remained in the pilot's seat of the Maelstrom. After the way Mako and I had messed up the last mission, Mako had been put off from field action indefinitely while she undertook further intensive training. Jarvis had allowed her to come along for this minor covert operation, however under the strict order that she only piloted the Maelstrom. Under no circumstances was she allowed to exit the ship. Jarvis was clear and explicit with his orders, and dare I push my luck and disobey it after he had let me off lightly following the previous incident.

"I wanted to make sure you got here before us." I replied not lifting a muscle to even try smiling at her.

"Why didn't you contact me, you had me worried," she said her voice showing signs of fear yet she was trying ever so hard to not show it.

"Sorry it won't happen again," I said smiling with a mischievous look on my face.

"What are you smiling about Kay?"

"I lied! I'm not really sorry we're late." I began laughing out aloud as I approached the young girl, the youngest of my arch nemesis Cerberus. She stood motionless as I slowly walked behind her and placed my hand on the back of her neck. Feeling her for the first time sent goosebumps running through my whole body. I wanted to rape then kill her, and I would if I sensed even the slightest hint of betrayal in her. Pushing down hard I forced her down on her knees, keeping my hand firmly on her neck and pointing my blaster pistol at the side of her head with the other, digging its nozzle into her red windswept hair and into the side of her head.

"Get both your hands up and then behind your head now girl!" I yelled in her ear as I brought my face so close to hers, that I could've made physical contact with her had I wanted to. Looking back up at the others, I barked a command to re-scan the area.

"Already have." Came back the heavier voice of the older Braj'tec."

Nodding in acknowledgment I then focused all of my attention on the petrified young girl kneeling before me. Although set to stun and unknowingly to Paige, I continued to dig my blaster's nozzle into her head. Her facial expression as a result, demonstrated a sense of agony from it, further adding to my satisfaction.

"You gonna eat plasma if this a trick!" I said snarling at her, breathily heavily into her ear, as the anger began building up from within me.

"Your mother piece of shit, I want nothing more in this entire world than to kill her. Her and her entire fucking family which includes you. So understand this, give me even the slightest excuse to fucking kill you, and I won't hesitate not just to do it, but to rape your beautiful little body like I will your mother's before I slaughter that venomous scumbag!" Emotional rage had fully built up in me by now, resulting in me being able to fully tap into my extraordinary abilities. Focusing on my other hand that was placed firmly on her neck, using an invisible force I began pressing harder. "Well start talking cos you're only going to get one shot at this."

"I'll give you what you want in return—"

"In return for what?" I snapped back cutting off her speech. The young girl began struggling to speak as a result of both the fear I had just inflicted upon her, and the invisible grip I had firmly applied to her throat.

"Hey don't you think you're being a little to rough on the girl?" Icarus finally decided to intervene having observed enough of my malicious and unnecessary conduct.

"No I don't think. I know I am being. It's irrelevant. She's the daughter of Cerberus and must understand I mean serious business."

"I believe she more than gets it Kay. Really just look at her. She's shaking all over, the girl’s totally petrified."

"And so she should be."

"Don't you think you're making this a tad personal?"

"And if I am?"

"And if you are it must stop now. For all we know she could be a valuable asset to us. After all she is here to defect and help us, and you in particular kill Cerberus."

"I, I thought you were a nicer person Kay?" Paige suddenly spoke out, her body trembling along with her voice. "By now you should have realised that no one has come here with me and that this isn't a trap. You've also searched me and not found anything suspicious."

"I know. Yet it still means nothing Paige. For all I know you could be here alone just so you can convince us to have you join us and then spy on us from within."

I then looked back up at Icarus. "Did that thought ever occur to you?" Countering his previous comment.

"Paige you still have much to prove to me. So far you present me with no good reasons to support your case. Even if you truly want to defect, give me a reason why we should take you in?"

"I want to kill Cerberus just as much as you do."

"Ah yes that. You know Paige, I find it hard to stomach the mere thought of you wanting to kill Cerberus, your own fucking mother." I said, deciding to now remove my blaster from her head holstering it. At the same time I removed the invisible choke I had on her throat seeing that she was talking now. It no longer made any logical sense to have her gasping for air while she did so.

"But I really, really do." Paige began pleading .

"But you really, really do," I repeated looking at the others in amusement. Then in a quick shift of anger, I gritted my teeth, pulled out my stiletto flicking out the blade, and then moved on in behind her. I pushed her in close to my body, and with her arms and hands still remaining on her head, I brought the stiletto's blade millimetres from her throat. "You know I'm one with a vivid imagination. I've had fantasies of having you, your older sister and your fucking whore of a mother fully immobilised, while raping the lot of you and slowly choking you all to death in turn one at a time." I angrily spoke into her ear, my breath flaring from my nostrils as I spoke.

"I get your hatred, it's not my fault I'm her daughter. But I'm determined to convince you, and to one day fight by your side." I simply pushed her into me tighter, snarling as my stiletto's blade now touched her skin. "I, I will help you kill her. In fact I want us to do it together. I kill her slowly while you indulge yourself with her body before she dies. As for my older sister, she is very much like Cerberus, I intend to kill her too eventually."

I continued to hold her there, at knifepoint in silence. I could feel the fear in her by the way her heart raced erratically. Finally I decided that perhaps a proper interrogation would be worth the while. After all for some reason I could not explain, I was almost certain that she was telling the truth. The thought of having her actually assist me in killing her own mother in whom I resented most, was more than an intriguing offer. One I really couldn't resist.

"Okay Paige, I'll give you a chance to prove your worth."

"Really Kay? Thank you." Paige replied with excitement, albeit that only a quick swift downward movement of my arm was all that was needed to slit her throat clean.

"Don't thank me just yet. You still need to get through my interrogation which speaking of, it's gonna be at another location."

I then removed the knife from her throat and stood up. "My apologies in advance but this is absolute necessary."

With a clean karate chop like cut, I hit her hard with the blade of my hand to the side of her neck using the full power of my body in the process. This resulted in her falling forward face first to the ground. Yet I wasn’t done yet. As she began toppling over, using the heel of my boot, I kicked her hard dead centre in the back causing her to firstly groan, before hitting the slightly muddy ground face first.

“Oh that’s gotta hurt.” I sarcastically said out aloud to the others in amusement.

Paige struggled to breathe as I bent down on top of her placing my knee onto her back. I then dug it into her back, pressing down hard with all my body weight on top.

"Really Kay is that absolutely necessary? Man you're a fucking bitch!"

Ignoring Icarus, I grabbed both her hands and began binding then together behind her back. In the process, I lifting my head up only to see a hot tempered Icarus staring down at me.

"Oh you fancy her or something dude?" I replied mockingly, laughing and totally not giving a shit what he thought of me.

"Oh and by the way Paige, you have nice smooth hands." I couldn't help but comment at the frightened 17 year old who's hands I just bound together and inevitably touched. I relished at the thought of forcing my body all over the young girl before ending her pathetic little sheltered life, if it ended up turning out that this were to be a charade all along. If? That was the million dollar question. Well if what she was claiming really were to turn out to be the sole truth, having her as an ally and to slow kill that venomous Cerberus sounded far more appetising.

"You Kay are quite the pathetic scumbag if you ask me. If it weren't for us being on the same side, I wouldn't fucking hesitate to spit in your face!"

"Oh really? Well why don't you do it anyway? No one's stopping you. I'm not gonna stop you. Go on take a free shot at me and put your money where your mouth is."

We then just stared one another in the eye, while I had Paige firmly pinned beneath me. The other's silently watched on at what was unfolding in utter disbelief. Yet Icarus decided to play another card rather than spit at me.

"In all honesty, I find you the most despicable woman I've ever met. How Mako tolerates you is beyond my comprehension. I personally wouldn't look at you twice in the face!”

"Oh so now you wish to bring her into the mist of things?" I snapped back fuming. He'd clearly hit a soft spot with that comment. "Well I guess I should be thankful that it isn't you who has to look at me in the face and tolerate me."

"And now we all see the angry Kay Blade, angry because she knows I speak the truth in which she now has no answer to deny it." Icarus looked around at others stretching out his hands displaying a sense of triumph in his body posture. I didn't like what he had said at all. Furthermore, Mako was sitting inside the cockpit of the Maelstrom cruiser witnessing all of this. "Look at her, silent, has no answer because I speak solely the truth. You Kay Blade, your mentality is no different to that of Cerberus. Sometimes I wonder if we were to ever win this war if you'd become just like her. You're no fucking different. In fact you're worse as you're a psycho sex predator on top of what she is!"

Retorting I told him to shut his mouth. I really didn't have anything to say, and he knew it. He had won this insignificant argumentative little battle, and consequently I looked like the biggest idealistic idiot on the planet, as I realised poor Paige was still breathing heavily beneath me.

“Jarvis put me in charge of this operation. That means I am in charge here and you will not speak to me like that! Now as commander of this mission, I order you to get back onto the ship now!”

“Oh you want to order me around now do you? You are nothing! If I don’t comply with your pesky little order, what the fuck are you gonna do about it you pathetic little brat?”

“You will fall to command! Now Icarus!”

“Oh dear me Kay Blade, you must’ve been born on a rundown skylane, because that’s where most accidents happen.”

“Oh you’re such the comedian dickhead! If you were twice as smart, I’d bet that you’d still be stupid!”

By this stage, Braj'tec who along with the others had watched on for long enough, had decided that enough was enough. Approaching Icarus he put his heavy hand on his shoulder and politely asked him to stand down. He did so without further hesitation as his work at denouncing me was done.

"Kay we need to leave now. Finish binding her up and we'll begin heading off to Gamma Delta IV.” In that Braj’tec had referred to Arjian’s secret base of operations on the Kerguelen Islands. “From there you can conduct a proper interrogation on her." Braj'tec said not fazed or giving a damn at what had just unfolded. The tension between Icarus and myself had been high for some time now. It was known knowledge within the peers of our ranks that neither of us got along well with one another.

Looking back down on Paige, I lifted her head and then placed my hand over her mouth and nose. Pressing down hard I gritted my teeth in anger as she rolled her eyes back and fainted. Now that Paige had been knocked out cold, I knelt beside her gently placing my hand over her mouth. Observing, other than the soft sound of her reposeful breathing, she now lay motionless on what earlier on wasn't a noticeable muddy gravel terrain. I then gagged her mouth before placing a cloth bag over head with just a tiny slit near the nose area for her to be able to breathe. Using a small thin piece of string, I then tightened the bag that was covering her whole head from the neck area. Inside I felt tempted to simply tighten the string as tight as possible so that she would be strangled and die slowly. Somehow however, I found the courage from within me to hold back. Finally I first bound and tied her hands firmly behind her back, and then tied up both of her legs too. Picking her up and carrying her in my arms back to our cruiser, we wasted no further time. Our departure was immediate to our relatively short journey to the Kerguelen Islands. She would eventually come back to consciousness six hours later when she finally woke up in the darkness of one of our interrogation rooms.

EST 08:30, CE 3016-06-04, LST 13:30, CE 3016-06-04

High heeled boots clicked against the cold stone floor and warned Paige of the incoming presence. She didn't know how long she had been bound up on the chair that she was sitting on. Last thing she remembered was standing upright on her knees before Kay Blade whom she had agreed to meet up with in the Wastelands, and now here. Her shoulders had gone stiff from being twisted back behind her and handcuffed behind the chair back. Since she had awoken, she'd already tried to break out of the handcuffs but to no avail, only proving to bruise her wrists.

Her ankles were also tied to the chair by a textured rope. A black cloth blindfold tied over her eyes had replaced the initial cloth bag that I had placed on her head on our departure from the Wastelands. Her mouth gag also removed now, she sat up a little straighter as the person's sharp footsteps, my footsteps came closer and I dragged my cold hand over her chest and then over her shoulders.

"Comfortable?" My smooth voice purred in her ear. Paige exhaled slowly, shying away slightly at the touch. Swallowing, she tried to calm her palpitating heart. She had no idea what I would do to her, even though she had come to me with legitimate intents of defection.

Not receiving an answer, I ran my other hand over Paige's chest and up over her shoulder, hands kneading the sore muscles. Paige bit the inside of her lower lip to keep from moaning as my hands expertly worked the soreness from her shoulders. My hands, despite being feminine, held strength and power, easily able to achieve the right force to make Paige sigh quietly, in content.

"Comfortable now?" I purred again. Something behind my voice was telling Paige that this was all a game now, and that I was going to have fun at her expense.

"Not exactly the best treatment, yet the massage is nice." Paige said realising it was me despite not being able to see due to the blindfold over her eyes.

"I am glad you’re enjoying it." I said smoothly. There were a few clicks of my heeled boots as I moved slowly around Paige, dragging a gentle hand from her shoulder, down her shoulder blade and around her bicep, fingers flitting over her ribs and midsection before up her chest and up her neck slowly to cup her left jaw. Paige involuntarily shivered, her skin tingling from the ghost-like touch. The thumb of my hand traced gentle circles on the edge of her mouth.

"What," my voice whispered, dangerously close to her right ear. "Is the daughter of one of the most powerful woman in all of the USS really wanting?"

With the fingers of my hand on her cheek, I dug in a little, nails pressing onto her olive skin, not enough to be painful, but enough to start the discomfort. My hot breath enveloped Paige's ear, making blood rush to her cheeks as well. She jumped a little when my warm tongue traced the shell of her ear. Her earlobe and shell were assaulted with little nibbles and kisses and she felt more blood rush. The thought did occur to me, that Paige was now probably not only thinking what kind of an interrogation this would be, but more along the lines of what kind of a nutter I was. Yet I couldn’t care less about what she thought.

"Would you consider telling me?" I whispered teasingly, breath tickling her ear making Paige shiver again.

Paige twitched but didn't answer, her brain struggling to keep up with the little sensations. I was known to be same sex oriented when it came down to sexual preferences, but I already have a girlfriend is what would now be passing through Paige's thoughts. Whatever game I was playing clearly had Paige bamboozled. Paige gave the feeling that she was completely helpless. She didn't like that feeling one bit, and I knowing it was so, used it to further prey upon her.

"Perhaps it's time to look at me in the face while I determine the validity of your intents." I purred and she felt my hand leave her jaw only to fiddle with the knot at the back of her head. The blindfold fell away from her eyes and her lids fluttered opened, her pupils focusing on me as I stood in the dim light.

Her eyes widened slightly as she raked her gaze over me as I stood before her. Under the single bright light in the dark room we were in, my skin appeared a smooth white porcelain. I licked my lips and smirked at her, scanning her all over.

"Feel like telling me now?" I asked again. Paige smirked back at me.

"I have to say, you've got killer legs Kay Blade and the answer is a definite yes. After all I came to you freely did I not?" Paige now seemed tuned into my game and notwithstanding the predicament she was in, decided to flirt with me. Very flattering indeed, as I watched in total amusement at Paige sighing. Not responding nor reacting I only stepped closer to her again, leaning over to cup her jaw again with my right hand.

"Very well Paige Langley, daughter of Cerberus, I'm all ears." I said, letting a slight whine into the words.

"I would appreciate you drop the Cerberus shit, you know who I am, no need to constantly remind me." Paige rolled her eyes, now starting to grow in confidence.

"Sure, okay my apologies. My sincere apologies even for beating up at you earlier on. Just spill it out then. All of it my little Skycom spy." I smiled slyly, going back to nibbling on her left ear. Paige felt the small electrical sparks around her ear, as they went back to her brain, making her ears and cheeks warm.

"I'm not a spy. I'm here to defect. I want to help you fight for your cause. I can prove my worth if you will allow me to. Furthermore I want to help you kill Cerberus, your sworn enemy." The hint of frustration now evident in the young woman's voice as I moved back a fraction and silenced her by placing my finger on her lips.

"So killing your own mother, the woman I resent most in this entire universe, that's how far you will go to convince me? And as for your secrets?" I said firmly now crossing my arms.

"Yes. And I will tell you all of what I know about what Skycom is up to on Mars and beyond. All of it. But only if you accept my defection and take me in personally as your apprentice." Paige responded keenly.

"Umm we'll see." I responded with another sly smile. In all honesty I actually liked the idea of her being my own little apprentice. Her, the daughter of that wretched and dreaded Cerberus bowing to my every single command. I then smiled at her pleasantly. "Wonderful, please do tell."

Through a small one way window which Paige failed to notice, the others watched us through the window, smiling in genuine amusement. Except Icarus. The man had a clear dislike towards me. My actions towards Paige, especially my advancements on the girl to touch and feel her, so that I could get pleasurably aroused from it, further infuriated him.

"Okay Kay, recently you were involved in a covert operation attempting to steal important data from one of Skycom's databases by hacking into one of their mainframes. You probably didn't obtain much. I can tell you for a fact that no data regarding sensitive top secret information is stored anywhere here on Earth. Skycom has taken the extra measures knowing it's possible that people like yourselves will try and steal it by successfully infiltrating through their security. In fact you were successful on your last mission in uploading the data to your organisation's computers before you allowed yourself to get captured." I was quite impressed at this stage at Paige's ability to stay focused as she began revealing these facts.

"I see," I intoned. "We did figure that Skycom have some sort of facility on Mars that might lead to some answers. Possibly regarding some project of mass scale or preposition happening in the outer part of the Sol System."

"No, no, no, I mean yes and no. Please listen up and I'll explain to the best of my knowledge." Paige shook her head. She wanted me to remain silent so that she could finish off what she had to say. Continuing, she kept her eyes locked with me.

"Mars is only the location of where the data is stored. There is more than meets the eye regarding the signals or whatever it is that is originating from the outer parts of the Sol System. I can tell you for a fact, that it most certainly is not any natural phenomena. It is some kind of weapon. A very powerful weapon. Unfortunately I do not know nor have access to anything beyond that. Well apart from whispers and rumours that its some sort of advanced weapon or weapons based on some sort of alien technology. I also know that the signals bouncing from Mars and into the outer part of the Sol System are originating from one of many small planetoids in the outer regions of the Sol System. Sadly I don’t know which one. If you can infiltrate the heavily guarded facility on Mars, you will get the exact planetoid the weapons research facility is on.” Paige’s eyes widened a little as she focused her gaze directly at me and had finished telling me all that she knew.

Listening to her attentively, I gave away little or no expression on my face, yet I was really intrigued at what Paige had said. We had already gathered something was happening along the lines Paige had just told me, yet she had elaborated on the subject a little further.

I smiled and commented, tilting my head and slowly began speaking in a contemplative voice. "At this stage Paige, I believe you.” Walking behind her, I slowly unbound her cuffed hands and untied her legs from the chair. “You can get up now. Stretch a little or whatever.”

I raised out my hand and helped Paige up on her feet as she then fully stretched her aching body.

“So how about the others watching through the one way window over there. Do they believe me Kay? I am quite the observant person, I did actually notice it once you removed my blindfold.” Paige said shrugging not too sure about how things would go from here on in.

There was a brief moment of silence between the two before I burst out laughing. I then put a hand to my mouth to try and stifle the laughter but it did nothing to stop my shaking shoulders. Seconds later, the lights in the room we were in fully lit up as the others who had been watching entered. Confirming that they all concurred with me on the matter regarding Paige’s stance, I then glared at Paige slightly frowning.

“Of course one last thing remains for this to end up in a propitious outcome for you.” I said still failing to stop the laughter that echoed around the room. Then after taking a shaky deep breath, in an attempt to focus my mind again, I finally stopped with the giggles.

“From here we plan the assassination of Cerberus. From here we go to her and fulfill the deed. You will lead her to me and help me end her once and for all. In return I will take you under my belt and train you as my apprentice. In doing so your defection and ultimate acceptance into the Arjian Resistance Cell will be complete.” I said cracking a lopsided grin.

“No, we will do all that except I will deliver the final killer blow to Cerberus.” Paige quickly shot back at me which caused me to lift an eyebrow.

“Paige you’re not exactly in a position to give orders, nor you should be once I become your master and mentor.” I flinched a little as for some unknown and unrelated reason I felt a shiver run down through my spine. “But you know what, I’ll grant you that request, as it will add further credibility to your intents. However you will allow me to rape her savagely before you make her breathe her last breath. Agreed?”

“It’s a deal Kay.” Paige said slightly mumbling extending her right hand towards me. Nodding at her in acceptance, I stretched out my arm and shook her hand smirking at the same time.

After I was done shaking her hand, looking at Miyuki I then swiveled to face her fully. “Miyuki, please take Paige to her quarters and make sure she is comfortable. Show her where all the facilities are in terms of bathing, eating etc. Get her some fresh clothes while you’re at it too. Oh and have one of the doctors look at her bruises and so forth.” After acknowledging my request, Miyuki then led Paige out of the interrogation room. The others also left as I too made my way out. Mako remained with me for a little while longer though. That was something I never disliked. In fact if I could be with her all the time, I would. I held her gentle soft hand, while the two of us decided to take a stroll around the base a little. We walked and chatted for a while before eventually sitting outside of the base’s entry, breathing the fresh crisp outside air and simply relaxing for a change. I constantly fondled her hand with the tip of my thumb, feeling the smooth skin of her soft hand. Leaning my head on her shoulder, I closed my eyes as she then wrapped her free arm around me. When we were together and alone, at peace with myself I always was. We sat together quietly as several hours passed, neither of us spoke, we simply felt each other’s warmth through the touch of each other’s bodies, the sound of one another’s breaths, and the feeling of her heartbeat next to mine and vice versa. My devotion to her was nothing short of immense. Paradise truly did exist, in my case it being in the form of Mako.

Later that night, I eventually found myself alone in a small quiet room. Mako had long gone to bed, whilst I had decided to gather my thoughts in solitude. By now I was exhausted. Almost convinced that Paige's intents were genuinely real, I quietly stood in the dark room. Thinking, reflecting, I now kind of felt bad in the way I had treated the young 17 year old girl. Although I had it in me to be brutal to those who wished to seek harm on me or loved ones, it wasn't really like me to be nasty and terrible to another living being. Totally forgetting about my surroundings, I contemplated further into thought. Paige, the youngest daughter of my arch nemesis Cerberus, undeniably I found her attractive. "Oh stop it Kixi." I softly murmured to myself. "Gee you're bloody hopeless girl." I continued to softly say to myself. There was no denying the fact though, Mako had been perfectly accurate about me when it came down to being immature and not being able to contain my emotions around other pretty girls. Although I personally didn't see it as being immature, but rather a sign of weakness on my part.

Suddenly a cracking noise streaked through one of the surrounding walls snapping me out of my pensive state. As I turned around, I felt a sickening thud hit me in the stomach. Like a sledgehammer. But I knew it was a boot, delivered with precision, skill and incredible force. Someone who had been trained in the combat arts like me had kicked me across the midsection.

I choked for breath and began to heave.

My attacker Icarus knew what he was doing. That one cowardly kick had debilitated me and taken me out of the fight assuming there was ever going to be one.

I knew there would be another hit coming and I was powerless to do anything about it. I fell to the ground, winded, struggling for breath.

"That's what you get for being a fucking little arrogant bitch and for talking out of line to me." His voice barked out angrily at me as I rolled myself up into a ball trying to alleviate some of the pain.

Yet the much bigger man didn’t hesitate to grab me by the shirt and then pin me to the wall.

"What are you doing, you're hurting me!" I eyed Icarus in the eyes, distress suddenly filled my body posture, agony my facial expression as I begged him to stop.

"Consider this a lesson in learning some manners and understanding that I have power over you and not the other way around girl!”

He then let go of my shirt, only to punch me hard in the gut. Being hit a second time in the gut only amplified the pain further as I groaned and fell straight to the floor producing a loud clunking sound.

"After tonight, you will never dare backchat nor insult me again!" He yelled at me kicking me once more in the gut. This time he had taken a far more cheaper shot at me given that down on the floor I already was.

"I get it, I get it already, please stop, this is killing me. I'm just a girl after all!" I yelped painfully, coughing and spitting, while clutched my hand on my stomach area.” You’re one bastard of a man laying your hands on a smaller and weaker woman.” I said barely able to speak.

“You're not just any girl. You're an exception to the rule of not beating up on girls. The fact that you see it fit, and as a given right to brutally beat up on others, and furthermore, sexually torment your victims, excludes you from that general rule.” Icarus shot back at me.

Still on the floor, I curled myself up in a corner of the room like a frightened little girl. Nevertheless, my fear soon turned into hate. I began thinking of Cerberus and my ultimate desire to kill her. Allowing me to summon my special abilities, I found myself bouncing back on my two feet and grabbing Icarus by the throat. However the contact was not physical. Using an invisible grip, the strong built man began to choke momentarily before telekinetically throwing him across the room where he hit the wall with a deafening thud. l wanted to wipe the smile off his face so bad at that moment. Literally I was tempted to further pick him up using my telekinetic abilities and repeatedly throw him across the room’s walls. Though instead, I decided that this had to be the last scuffle between the two of us. I casually walked up to him and extended my right arm at him to his total utter surprise.

“We’re on the same side you know. I think it’s time we put our differences aside and learn to agree to disagree and all that. Can we at least try and be friends?”

He seemed reluctant at first, but slowly got himself back onto his own two feet.

“Friends”. He said firmly shaking my hand.

Finally that would be it. Another eventful day gone past in which I could gladly put behind me. Satisfied that I now had a realistic opportunity to finally unleash my revenge on Cerberus, I chucked to myself as I calmly made my way towards my sleeping quarters where Mako was already fast asleep. Although under somewhat extreme conditions, I felt a further sense of satisfaction that I had finally made amends with Icarus, a matter that others including Jarvis himself, would find most welcoming indeed.

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