KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.

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10. One Hell Of An Action Packed Day. Part 1.

Chapter 9 : One Hell Of An Action Packed Day. Part 1.

LST 08:00, CE 3016-06-02

Kajtia Xiz'injhürek paced back and forth in the main garage area of Zed's Performance & Auto Care Centre. Her boots scuffed the dark yet shiny steel floor surface as she walked. She was getting agitated with the fact that I was running late. She's never late. She thought whipping her brow. Kajtia continued to wonder further for a reason as she paced, finally surmising that I was possibly running late due to my shoulder injury.

The last race of the F-Zero System Wide Championship was forthcoming. To be exact, it was only nine days away. Kajtia, a tall dark haired woman of 180cm in height, and originally from Hedstaden Sajna, the largest human city outside of the Sol System in the Alpha Centauri system, was my very talented co-driver. The upcoming race would be extremely vital for us. As it currently stood, defeat was lingering upon us. It was imperative that both Kajtia and I finished ahead of our main rival and championship leaders, Michael Vickers and Ramsey Gatehouse. Our car as far as I was aware of, should be by now ready. Kajtia, our technicians and test drivers had constantly been at it, while I had been busy with other commitments. Today’s test would be intended as the final run before it fully be spec’d out in full race trim.

Kajtia, now she was an interesting character. Also directly involved with the Arjian Resistance Cell, she however had chosen to not get directly involved with any of the dangerous missions. I enjoyed her company, even outside of the racing scene. Sometimes we would spend hours chatting once we were done with work commitments. Other times, if neither of us weren’t too tired from work, we enjoyed sparring with one another. Kajtia may have not been an agent, but she sure loved her martial arts. I presumed that in her case it was a trait of being Sajnen. Consequently we fought many times in the pavilion.

While Kajtia patiently waited, she shuttered recalling a specific moment that happened in that pavilion building next to Zed's. That pavilion was also owned by Jak. It contained several gyms, sports, martial arts and leisure complexes from within it. I had just instructed Kajtia how to complete a binding takedown in one of the gyms. However I deliberately tripped up and shoved Kajtia to the ground, allowing myself to go down with her. This caused me to fall head first onto her. I landed right on top of her with my face planted between her sweaty breasts. I made absolute no effort to jump off her, however she immediately rolled herself out, leaving her face as red as a tomato in embarrassment. However I had enjoyed every single bit of it. That a result of being a lesbian and all. Sure I had Mako, and I would never cheat on her nor do anything indecent. However any opportunity to get close, make some sort of skin contact with another beautiful woman, would always be a turn on and a very welcoming feeling for me. Kajtia was a straight woman, like most. Of course I always did my best to not make it obvious that secretly I had the hots for her. After all she was 180cm tall and attractively charming. I knew that if I could, I would blindly screw her like a fierce animal that hadn’t seen sex in weeks. In fact I've also had fantasies of having a threesome with both Kajtia and Mako. Damn the thought of that was totally irresistible. But yeah I just couldn't. Not just because of Mako, but the fact that we were race partners. Such sexual attractions towards someone who wasn't even same sex oriented, would undoubtedly make life working together extremely awkward.

Kajtia remained quiet. I couldn't see her face for she had turned her head away embarrassed. The sparring ended with that awkwardness that night, and very much since then, it seemed that our sparring times got ever more awkward. A brush of the hand in bold places, more sneaky tricks to trip up the other, a lingering stare, or a stronger urge to continue even when drenched in the warm night's sweat. The sparring was growing more and more awkward, and Kajtia eventually did discover why. It made her stomach flip and her loins itch, despite her not being into other women. Her hands trembled just thinking about how close she was with my body every time we sparred. Kajtia was aware of my same sex orientation, and it was more than blatant that I was deliberately trying extra hard to touch her in places that would normally be hard to do so accidentally. Yet Kajtia was fully aware that I had a girlfriend that I was totally crazy and committed to. Kajtia's stretched out a little thinking if I possibly envied her body? I was considered an elite fighter by Arjian's extremely high standards, yet in very few areas, Kajtia was clearly more than a match for me. For one thing, she was better at close hand combat than me. Her body was the idol of all female models. She had the right amount of curvature to her body, slender limps, above average height, full lips and decently sized breasts. She was the catch of everyone's eye whenever she went out into the streets. Kajtia tightened her fists raving in the thought of her feeling, that her own race partner, the one she had to work with professionally could be so unscrupulously cunning. Sure Kajtia felt a sense of flattery, yet she had no interest in other women, nor one that was already committed to someone else.

I finally arrived at the garage. "So you finally decided to show up after all." Kajtia's voice startled me for a moment. She clearly seemed irritated. For a moment, I took my eyes away from Kajtia and looked around the large garage. Strangely enough there was no one other than us around. Here we were surrounded by a host of different vehicles ranging from your standard issue police hovercar, to fully armed and decked out Skysec and military machinery. Save for all that, there were shelves of tools lined up against most of the walls, plus movable shelves or trays of equipment, and complex testing and tuning equipment fixed in many random sections of the garage.

"Kajtia, how you doing?" Despite her clear irritation, I walked with growing confidence to the front of the car where she was standing. I stared at her for a fraction of second. I just wanted to stick my head in between her breasts and lose myself in them, as I licked and kissed them all over.

I knew all too well that having such thoughts of Kajtia wasn't right. In fact, despite my thoughts, my fantasies, I wasn't in love with her. I had only one true love. Yet Kajtia's body and looks were stunning. No it wasn't Kajtia in which I fancied, it was her awesome body. If Kajtia had known anything about my feelings, she sure didn't make things easy for me in any way. Kajtia was wearing such a revealing outfit. Well as far as revealing her body shape, curvatures and contours were concerned at least. She wore a tight black long leather turtleneck sweater. This resulted in the shape and size of her boobs to extrude ever so more. But that wasn't even the worst part. She wore tight black jeans which portrayed the exact shape of her stunning long legs, not to mention the perfect arse she had. The upper part of her pants formed tightly around her butt which pulled them higher up her legs. And then there was her choice of footwear. She wore tight crusted leather boots that came up to her knees. Fuck me! I thought to myself. It's like she does this on purpose. Seriously how am I supposed to drive with her when all I can think of, is ripping all her clothes off and putting my body all over hers and fucking the living daylights out of her.

As per usual Kajtia was wearing her bracelet on the upper lower part of her right arm. She very much wore this bracelet no matter what. It seemed odd though, as her turtleneck sweater had long sleeves. Although the left side was rolled up to her shoulder, in which it exposed her arm’s smooth skin on that side of her body. As for her right arm, the bracelet itself was being worn on top of the sweater's sleeve on her arm, rather than on her actual arm itself had she been wearing a short sleeved or no sleeved top. The actual bracelet had some form of significance for her. Kajtia wasn't originally from Earth or anywhere in the Sol System. She was in fact from a place known as the Sajnen Confederate located in the Alpha Centauri region of space. A binary star system not too far from Sol, her birth place was from a mega city known as Hedstaden Sajna. The name Hedstaden Sajna literally translated as The Sajnen Capital from Züncålidiom to Solan. A few hundred years ago, the city had been all but a human colony. Now it was a sprawling mega metropolis reminiscent of the cities on Earth. Other cities had also sprawled on the planet known as Terra Prime and along with it, countless more on other planets between the binary star system. Despite its size though, the entire Sajnen Confederate was still a province of the USS, and tightly controlled by President Atul Drex and Skycom. Fortunately however, given it was located in an interstellar location, the USS' so called tightly controlled grip over this territory did have its limits. At least for now. The bracelet reminded Kajtia of home, a place she indeed dearly missed, thus why she endeavoured to wear it very much at all times.

Kajtia literally had her body draped over onto the bonnet compartment of the car. The quad ion engines were located on the rear end of the vehicle, however she had leaned over to pick up a holo device she had placed there earlier. In the position she was in, her rear end stood out as the most dominant form of her body. Upon retrieving the holo device, Kajtia then swivelled around to face me. I looked down at her sapphire eyes. “I'm glad we are both here today." Kajtia continued, "We need to take the car out for a test run. Our engineers have made all the necessary tweaks and modification as per your prior recommendations." Kajtia then brought the holo device to life. A three dimensional image of the car spun around in the air, along with numbers, read outs indicating work and changes that had been done to the car. Kajtia explained it all while I silently stood there and attentively listened, with the corner of my eyes discreetly looking at her breasts. Finally the holo device flickered off. "So what do you think Kixi?”

“Looks good on paper, but the only way to really know if the tweaks and mods are gonna work is to take it for a test run. You feel like riding today?”

Finding the question a little puzzling, Kajtia dusted herself off, trying to ignore the fact that I didn't appear to be all there. "Well yeah I do Kixi, why the heck are here for otherwise." Kajtia shook her head, still irritated at me no doubt. "Yeah let's go, it sounds like we'll have some fun. Fun that you need to have more of." Indirectly Kajtia had referred to my deep commitments with the cause of the resistance, and to the fact that I should take some time out with that. However I simply shrugged it off.

"Okay I just need to do a final system check before we start." I said as we both got into the car. I took my time getting into the driver’s seat of the car. Located on the left side of the vehicle, I sunk myself into the deep bucket seat and slowly harnessed myself up. Kajtia did the same seating herself in the co-driver’s seat on the right side of the vehicle.

“By the way, I already did all that while I was waiting for you.” Kajtia turned around looking slightly miffed.

“Yeah but I just wanna double check a couple of things before we head out. If that’s okay with you.” I said sensing her annoyance at the fact that I had insisted on doing that despite her already very proficient thorough check. Ignoring Kajtia for a good part of a minute, I brought up a small holo video screen and flicked few several read outs and images by waving my hand to the right and then to the left again. Satisfied, I then shut down the holo video and comfortably sunk myself deeper into my seat as the images that had been displayed before me seconds earlier vanished.

"Are you feeling okay Kixi?"Kajtia randomly asked looked at me a moment before looking back at the cluster of digital, electronic and holo instruments on the car's dash. A slight concern was evident in her tone of voice, a concern in which naturally I brushed off giggling.

“Relax, will ya already. I'm good. Why would you think different Kajtia?”

“You just don't seem your usual self. Only an observation, but if you insist that there's nothing wrong, then it must be just my imagination.”

“Well it's good to see that that's settled then. I'm just doing one morequick final check. Sorry. A quick diagnostics on the tyres, the engine functions, the cabin's functions and most importantly of all, the cabin's force field shield bubble. Once on done, then we are all set for this test drive.”

Kajtia remained speechless while I conducted my final quick checks. I didn't expect to find any last minute problems. It was just out of habit that I always conducted these final checks, regardless if someone else had already done them.

“Alright looks good, all systems check out, so it's a go. Let's take her for a spin.”

“Good. I've got the course laid out and ready to give instructions. Although you are obviously familiar with it. As per usual I'll be monitoring the engines and all critical diagnostics while you do your thing.”

"Roger that Kajtia, I'm starting up the engines."

I smiled at Kajtia as I reached over to flip the main red switch to the right side of the steering wheel, followed by four smaller ignition switches located beneath the main switch. "Start, ignition, sequence." A low sounding female AI voice spoke out. I leaned back on my seat, the slow wooo of the ion propulsion drives starting up could be heard. The four small ion engines to the rear of the car gradually fired themselves up. Inside the cabin, the humming sound of the engines still idling gave out a false sense of tranquility. I bit the bottom of my lip pleased by the sound.

I slowly drove to the large landing platform located at the main entrance of the garage. At 150 stories up, from the platform itself, the view of the city appeared in all its glory, its majestic skyscrapers in view and spanning in countless endless directions. It was nothing short of marvellous. I slowly drove to a large lift located towards the far edge of the platform. The lift was designed to carry vehicles of the sort from the surface far down below to Zed's main garage section. Although it wasn't used frequently as most vehicles were the hovering type which could levitate as far as four kilometres into the air. Such vehicles mostly cars, were dubbed hovercars because of this limitation, yet not withstanding that fact, the reality was that very much all hovercars were really flying cars.

The trip to the surface far below only took a good two minutes or so. Once below, the roads there were narrow as busy people hurried in all directions on foot or light vehicles. Hovercars or cars like ours were a rarity on the ground level. Usually only seen parking or to make their way to a nearby destination with very strict speed limits. No more than 40 km/h was permitted whilst we drove from Zed's building to our local test track. It seemed like an eternity getting there, forced to drive at such extremely low speeds in a car that would be reaching speeds of up to 500 km/h when unleashed on the purposely designed race track it was designed for.

"We're here, finally. Damn feels like a life time has passed by having to drive at those ridiculous speed limits," I said frowning.

"Well I'm ready when you are Kixi, I have a need today, a need for speed!" Kajtia said with excitement and urging me to not delay any further.

"Yes ma'am. All systems are a go, course laid in and locked, and cabin shield integrity presents no anomalies. We're good to go." A holo image of a 3D race course materialised above the centre console of the car, floating between both Kajtia and I. Given I the driver was seated on left side of the car, I would be able to see the ever changing holo image with the corner of my right eye. However at the tremendous speeds we were about to reach, the only place I would be keeping my eyes on was most certainly the road ahead. The sole purpose of the floating holo map was to aid the co-driver, as were the countless consoles directly below it and on the right side of the dash where Kajtia sat.

My heart was pumping, adrenaline high, I was ready. I moved my right hand to the centre where the four thruster levers were situated, and tightly placed my hand over the top of the levers. This added further to my adrenaline rush. I could feel the tremendous power that now lay at my fingertips. Soon my body would become one with the vehicle so to speak. Every ounce of roar sheer power would be soaked through my veins once frantically at the controls between thrusters, steering wheel and brakes.

The hiss of the ion engines squealed the moment I engaged the thruster levers to full power. As the engines roared, everything behind our vehicle was instantly superheated, the fiery exhaust billowing from their tailpieces. The sudden shift in motion made my stomach giggle allowing me to smile to myself. Furiously, I worked the controls, ensuring the car remained stable during rapid acceleration. The brutal power of acceleration simply blew me away. The feeling like always was ecstatic. The Gs we were pulling were tremendous. However all F-Zero cars were equipped with inertia compensators, similar to that on fast accelerating aircraft and spacecraft. Our bodies were well protected from the immense G-forces outside of the now velocious moving vehicle. Watching out of the corner of my eyes, the walls of buildings rushed past leaving a rippling effect as we blasted past.

The track course although private, ran alongside many public buildings, alongside and adjacent other roads, through aqueducts, and through the countless tunnels that were common in the city's lower levels. The course twisted, intertwined and levelled out before again twisting and turning in many more random sequences. Yet the turns and twists were not just any ordinary turns and twists. What made F-Zero unique was the fact that the cars wouldn't only climb on walls at 90 degree angles on the purposely designed course, but also 180 degree on the ceilings of tunnels.

The initial part of the course consisted of a series of long semicircular vertical walls. Vertical walls that curved in one direction, then briefly levelled out flat again, before again curving vertically 90 degrees in the other direction. Furthermore some were full 360 degree circular sections with full 90 degree walls. In such sections, we would enter from an opening beneath the ringed track section and then climb a wall at 90 degrees and drive in the inside part of the ring. In this area of the track, the centripetal force being generated would greatly assist keeping the car glued to the wall. Then when it was time to exit the inner ring, we would lower the car a tad to the banked section of the under part of the ring, and another opening opposite to where the entry was would lead us back out to the next section of the track.

By now, our car was travelling in excess of 450 km/h. The force of gravity acting on our racing car was less than the frictional force that was holding the car on the vertically banked walls. The section of course we were furiously roaring past, it being circular in nature also ensured a constant centripetal force. Alone however this wouldn't be enough to hold us on the many virtual walls, and most certainly not upside down at 180 degrees on subsequent tunnel ceilings. The key factor to that was downforce. F-Zero race cars had huge spoilers. Spoilers were not just on the classic front and rear of the cars, but all across the sides, bonnet and roof top. Due to the speeds we were travelling at, the spoilers created an immense force sucking the car onto the wall. When travelling upside down on a tunnel ceiling, the spoilers would also be upside down, thus acting as wings creating an upward effect. With the ceiling's walls acting as a driving surface, the spoilers now acting as wings and creating an upward effect would stick us firmly on the ceiling walls, zooming us through those tunnels at speed. The many sequence of sections that consisted of such tunnels, followed by vertical 90 degree walls, flat level surfaces and so forth were random. Given the sheer speed we were travelling at, Kajtia's role as a co-driver was extremely imperative. Yet the test run we were undertaking was an easier run given we were the only ones on the track. In real race conditions whilst racing with other cars all around us, things were a little more complicated. Naturally during a live race, in either trying to pass one another or simply defending our positions, the role of the co-driver would also involve telling me the driver exactly where everyone was. Kajtia would then advise me accordingly which path or trajectory to take in order to better best the opponent.

Whilst on a flat levelled section of the track, suddenly the car jerked sharply to the right as I made a very tight turn. I had one hand on the thruster levers, temporarily reducing speed in order to safety negotiate the corner, before once again smacking the levers to full power. The engines squealing roar of the ion engines grew louder, as I blasted down the subsequent straight. I headed for a maze of twists, turns and tunnels consisting of both the vertical 90 degree ones and upside down 180 degree types. I could feel and hear my own heartbeat as we accelerated faster towards the twisty death trap.

Shifting to the right, then quickly shifting to the left. The turns and banks were quick and harsh. Yet both Kajtia and I kept out cool. Then a tunnel which had no road surface below it began to approach us fast. This was an obvious case where it was compulsory to drive on its ceiling upside down. I did just that, first raising the car on the proceeding vertical 90 degree wall, quickly after entering the tunnel vertically before moving onto the ceiling wall. Then the exit neared where I had to do the exact opposite. That was to drop back vertically in order to exit the tunnel safety before the tunnel ended. It all then happened without warning. It felt like a thousand sharp blades had just cut into the right front of my shoulder area close to my chest area. Although I held it in, I cringed in the sudden unexpected pain, flinching my right arm in total agony, I dipped the car from the ceiling back down a vertical 90 degree angle, but only just. I cursed under my lip. Yet I wouldn't hear the end of that.

"What the fuck was that Kixi, you were millimetres from having us exit the tunnel while still driving on the ceiling. We would have fucking flown out and then crashed and burned!" An extremely valid point from Kajtia. The upward force being generated by the sheer speed we were driving at, assisted by the spoilers that acted as wings whilst the car was flipped around, had us firmly gripped on the ceiling wall of the tunnel. However as the tunnel ended, it was necessary to dip the car from its 180 degree position back down to a 90 degree vertical position. Then depending on the track configuration, return levelled on the ground, or back again up to 180 degree on a subsequent tunnel if that had no actual road under it. I was a fraction slow at dipping back to 90 degree as the tunnel ended. At 500 km/h, a little slow could easily result in being too late in being able to do that. In such an instant, the outcome would be catastrophic. The result would be the car exiting the tunnel with the wings still creating a massive lifting effect. With no more ceiling to push against, the car would have exited the tunnel at in excess of 500 km/h, becoming airborne reaching an altitude of a kilometre or so, before spiralling out of control back down to earth. The only thing that would have protected us from a violent high speed impact, would have been the force field bubble inside the car's cabin. Yet given the sheer immensity of such an impact, that still gave no guarantees of walking away from such a crash unscathed. Simply put, F-Zero racing was an extremely dangerous sport. My attitude following this incident gave my co-driver further reason of concern and to be irate at me.

“The force field bubble around us would have protected us like it was designed to do.”

“What! Is that your response Kixi? Maybe it is so but you would have totalled the fucking car! Also I doubt we would have walked away unscathed. It's a rarity anyone ever does. What the hell is wrong with you today? I fucking knew it that you're not all here today. Seriously though, do you want us to win this damn title or not? The way you're going, you are gonna get us killed before race day!”

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Umm just... Just lost a bit of..”

“Lost a bit of what, your focus perhaps? Well Kixi, if you actually spent more time concentrating on your driving rather than on my tits, that kinda shit wouldn't just happen!”

"Your tits? Um no, it's not that at all." A pretty wild accusation I thought. Given the circumstances, there was no way I had been looking at Kajtia's breasts nor even be thinking about them.

“C'mon Kixi, what do you take me for, a fool? I know you find me attractive. There's no point trying to hide it girl. Every time we've sparred for example, I know you've deliberately gone out of your way to touch and feel me. Don't deny it, not now.”

“Well umm okay come to think of it, you're right, I do find you attractive, but it's not why I almost lost it before. I swear it's not Kajtia. It's my injured shoulder. They've mended it in the med centre, but it's still not 100% yet. It's hindering my reflexes a little and umm it's starting to hurt.”

“Well Kixi you need to have it looked at again immediately. We can't afford any more of these cockups. Not only will we lose the race, potentially we'll also crash and burn. However in all seriousness, Jak needs to give you less dangerous assignments. At least for now. That shit is really impeding on our chances of success. ”

“Well that's not gonna happen. I'm his best agent.”

"And you're also his number one damn driver. You're blasted involvement in his damn covert missions and what have you is hindering your ability to drive, and furthermore you are jeopardizing the safety of both of us.

"Well whether you want to admit it or not Kajtia, you're involved just as much as I am," I bluntly added in.

Then another tunnel very reminiscent of the first one rapidly approached us. With the pain on my front shoulder area now more excruciating than ever, I experienced a sudden unexpected lapse in concentration. Controversially I begin to slow down.

"What the fuck are you doing Kixi!" Kajtia began yelling out at me in a frantic panic. "We’re not going slow enough to come to a complete stop before the tunnel, nor fast enough to drive on any walls or ceilings! " There was no road under the tunnel either, only water for the matter. If we didn't stop on time, or increase our velocity in time in order to climb the tunnel's walls, a serious crash would unmistakably be looming. My injury was hurting. To make matters worse, the area just became numb. "Oh shit!" I cried out in fear. With just one arm, the car's controls felt heavy. Now with having reached the point of no return, I had no choice but to accelerate, but was not able to. "Kajtia I'm so sorry. We're in serious shit. Brace for impact." I said gulping, suddenly feeling lost, helpless, and readying for the worse.

In the meantime...

The three highly sophisticated military aircrafts, and one larger spacecraft skimmed past the great skyscrapers of Celestia, weaving in and out of the huge amber structures, artificial stalagmites rising higher and higher over the years, and now obscuring the natural formations of the surface, a very much a familiar sight throughout the large mega cities of Earth. Sunlight reflected off the many mirror like windows of those massive structures, and gleamed brilliantly off the chrome of the sleek airborne crafts. The larger spacecraft, which resembled a flying silver boomerang, almost glowed, smooth and flowing with huge and powerful engines set on each of its arms, a third of the way to the wingtip. Alongside it soared three military fighter planes, their graceful engines set out on wings from the main hulls with their distinctive elongated tails. Those three were atmospheric aircraft only, used primarily within Celestia itself, or usually other, but not limited to Earth cities.

One of the smaller planes led the procession, veering around and about nearly every passing tower, running point for the second larger spacecraft, the USS Zephyr, a Skycom Intrepid X small class cruiser. Behind that larger craft came two more fighters, running swift and close to the USS Zephyr, shielding her, pilots ready to instantly intercept any threat. The lead fighter avoided the more heavily trafficked routes of the huge city, where potential enemies might be flying within the cover of thousands of ordinary vehicles. Many knew that Cerberus, the head of Skysec, Skycom's elite military police force would be on the spacecraft en-route to any given destination. In this instance Zed's Performance and Auto Care Centre.

Cerberus had made many enemies as head of Skysec. Only having to answer to the President himself and Gabriel the CEO of Skycom, she was nothing short of ruthless. In fact her remorseless, relentless, and unsympathetic approach in dealing with her arch nemesis Kay Blade at the most recent gladiatorial games, was an uttermost perfect example of her merciless nature. The lead fighter flew past the landing platform to the left, then cut a tight turn back to the right, encircling one of the nearby structures adjacent to the landing platform. He kept his fighter up and about as the other two fighters put down side by side on one end of the platforms, the larger Intrepid cruiser hovering nearby for just a moment, then gently landing. The remaining airborne fighter did another circuit, then, seeing no traffic at all in the vicinity, settled his fighter across the way from his companion craft. He didn’t put it down all the way just yet, though, but remained ready to swivel about and strike hard at any attackers, if need be. Opposite him, the other two fighter pilots threw back their respective canopies and climbed from their cockpits. The pilot of the still hovering lead fighter looked back toward the USS Zephyr, where the ramp was already lowering to the platform. He spotted an entourage approaching, but was satisfied that no immediate threats lurked in the vicinity, thus finally setting down his own fighter joining his companions.

The larger of the four, the spacecraft sat quietly, dwarfed by the immense reaches of the huge kilometre long skyscrapers that surrounded the landing platform it was docked at. This platform and the large hangar bay connected to it, was located on the opposite side to where the main garage was located. The other three fighters now resting were assembled in formation, flanking the rear side of the larger Intrepid cruiser’s ramp. Jak Zed accompanied by Ālrai, Miyuki and several others hurried along towards where the larger spacecraft's lowing ramp had already been lowered. They snapped to attention as Cerberus, General Dekker and several armed Skysec warriors entered. Cerberus, arrogant as she ever was, slowly walked without hurry towards the approaching personnel. Hurry was not in Cerberus, for hurry implied a wanting to be elsewhere, and she was a woman who distinctively was exactly where she wanted to be. Great warriors never hurried. Those who were great, superior and beyond others caused others to hurry. She was ambitious. One day it would be her that would rule over the people of Sol, she mused to herself. She stood next to the aircraft's entrance ramp, therefore, waiting with respect, but not hurry. Jak and his own entourage strode towards the ramp, looking over at Cerberus and her assemblage. He stopped when he came to Cerberus. The facility's head bowed from the neck, and smiled.

“Cerberus, this is an unexpected pleasure. We are honored by your presence.”

"You're a charming man Jak, however we can cut the unnecessary pleasantries." Her words were firm and strong, echoing with authority. "I'm concerned with your progress in repairing the many damaged vehicles from the unfortunate events that occurred during the last gladiatorial games. I am here to ensure you get back on schedule and set your priorities right."

Jak didn't flinch nor show any emotion. "Sorry Cerberus, I'm not following you. All the damaged Skycom and Skysec vehicles are here, I assure you that my people are working as fast as they can to complete all repairs."

“Yet you could complete the work quicker by prioritising our assets above all others.”

“Cerberus you must understand, that my other customers are just as important, I can't simply bump them off for you.”

"You can't? What does you can't mean? Or is it that you won't?" Cerberus immediately snapped back.

Jak and the others continued to stand there not fazed by Cerberus' sudden tantrum.

"Oh so your tactic is to give me the silent treatment? Perhaps I can encourage your progress in ways you have not considered," Cerberus growled. She had ways, this was well known.

"Are you trying to threaten me Cerberus?" Jak kept his tone even, maintaining a firm stance.

"When have I been known to act in such an unreasonable manner Jak?" Cerberus suddenly burst out into laughter.

Yet Jak and the others were neither fazed nor intimated by the powerful woman's disdainful behaviour.

"We need all our vehicles operational by the end of the week. That's four days from now." Cerberus decided to finally cut to the chase, a hint of irritation beginning to show in her. "We're increasing all patrols and security presence in all public areas in the wake of what occurred at the not so memorable gladiatorial event gone by. The president demands you prioritise our repairs above all. He is determined to rid our glorious city and ultimately this planet and star system of those villainous resistance scumbags once and for all. This Jak is only just the beginning." Cerberus continued calming, yet the malice in her voice was clear.

"I see." Jak responded loudly. "No, that won't be necessary." The thought of having the president visiting sent cold shivers down his spine. Concerning the whole matter was when looking at the bigger picture. They were the Arjian Resistance Cell. Indeed a phantom enemy in the oblivious eyes of the vile viscous woman that stood before him. Arjian secret at deception was strong, and by no means in jeopardy as a result of this unpleasant visit. Yet creating unnecessary attention to themselves could slowly unbalance that shroud of secrecy. Jak thus decided the better and succumb to Cerberus' unreasonable demands. " We shall double our efforts. Without question, there shall be no further delays." Jak said and meaning it.

"Excellent, that's what I like to hear. I knew you would understand Jak. Skycom thanks you for your cooperation." Cerberus said out spitefully and loudly knowing she had gotten the better of Jak. "Now Jak your facility here appears to be nothing short of grandeur. Very state of the art indeed. Since I've gone to such extraordinary lengths to come here today, may I please have the honoured privilege of a guided tour?" Cerberus cranked her head speaking with deep authoritative, acting all sophisticated at the same time. Clearly she hadn't asked if she could take the tour, but rather demanded it.

"By all means you may Cerberus. Come right this way, follow me please." If there was any defeat in the older man, he clearly had made an agonisingly strong effort to not betray his emotions. Cerberus and her escort unhesitatingly fell into formation around Cerberus, Jak and Jak's entourage. With inconspicuous reluctance, the tour would begin. Amidst Cerberus who took up position to the right of Jak and walked in the middle, Ālrai, Miyuki and Jak's other two security officers took to the rear of them, whilst Cerberus' escort flanked the lot of them also assuming the rear positions.

30 minutes earlier…

“Kixi no!” Kajtia screamed as she undid the upper part of her harness allowing her to spring at me and take the controls. “Hang on Kixi, I’ve got this.” Despite the self-evident perils that we were in, Kajtia's body which was virtually slumped all over mine while she momentarily assisted with the controls, felt like anything well beyond sensational. The sides of her cheeks made contact with mine as her long now messy black hair kept twirling in my face. I felt the pressure of her beautiful breasts push into my body as she leaned over to help me push the what had just become an extremely heavy steering wheel to the left, allowing the car to climb the port side wall just in a nick of time. Still keeping her body clamped on mine, she continued, pushing the thrusters for more power and the wheel slowly further leftwards. Now upside down on the tunnel ceiling, she would remain body all over me, her hair dandling in my face for until we eventually exited. Then once levelled back on the ground, we would safely be able to slow down and inevitably come to a halt. No one was perfect I guess. I might be a talented race driver, an agent and even a pilot, yet I couldn't resist the touch of another extremely hot chick. Despite already having an extremely gorgeous girlfriend. Moving upside down on a tunnel ceiling at close to 500 km/h, injured close to the point of incapacitation as far as driving was concerned, the only reason why my extremely pretty co-driver was on top of me was so that she could take control in order for us not to crash .

The tighter she gripped on me and pushed her body on to mine, the faster both my heart rate and car seemed to go. In fact I could feel her breath as she frantically worked on the car's controls. I was so tempted to turn my head a tad and kiss her, but decided the better and not to. In doing that I was sure she would fume at me afterwards and accuse me of deliberately trying to kill us, or whatever would cross her mind at the spare of the moment. However before I could inadvertently do something stupid, the car safely came out of the tunnel and onto one of the 90 degree side walls, before slowly levelling back on the ground surface of the road. Kajtia slowed us down to under 50 km/h before removing her body from mine. Despite all the dangers we were just in, I could still feel the sensation of her body all over mine. Just for another 30 seconds as the feeling wore off.

"Kixi! Kajtia to Kixi, Earth calling Kixi do you copy!" Kajtia was yelling at me. I seemed lost for a moment, dazed and still tangled in the thought of having Kajtia's body all over mine.

"Oh yeah sorry. My right arm has gone totally numb. I can't feel it." The gravity of the situation suddenly sunk in, and the placid thought of Kajtia's body all over mine dissipated.

"There is an emergency exit just up ahead. Drive us off the track there. We're not far from Zed's as we were almost at the end of the lap. At this speed you should be able to drive us into the garage unassisted." Kajtia said frowning. She understood that due to my injuries none of this had been my fault entirely. Yet I could tell that she sensed the way I had been feeling with her on top me only moments earlier, totally ignoring the peril we had been in. She was without a doubt frustrated at me and my total lack of maturity. I slowly drove us back to the garage without further incident.

Abruptly Kajtia climbed out of the cabin. She walked up to a small nearby cabinet with fast ridged movements. She seemed tense and mad. The way she removed her wrist braces that contained specific gizmos and comm units, slamming them down on the shelf, then furiously opening the cabinet to retrieve a medical kit. The way Kajtia stared at its contents made me feel very uneasy. Finally she retrieved a stimulator. She hurriedly turned around and approached me.

“Stay still while I administer this. It should give you some movement back by stimulating your nerves and muscles. But you need to see a medic asap.”

I remained silent while she injected the small stimulant into me. Slowly movement to my arm returned. Obviously not enough to drive again, but to at least do basic stuff.

“Kixi I'm sorry to have to say this to you, but you're one very immature woman. And before you reply, you know precisely what I'm talking about.”

“Ah? But clearly you can see my arm and shoulder are stuffed." I protested knowing she wasn't gonna buy it. "I mean you just administered the stimulant on me right?”

“Nice try Kixi." Kajtia simply shook her head me. "You're immaturity or better said the fact that you can't hold back your sexual desires and hormones is going to tarnish both our reputations.”

I tried to interrupt her but Kajtia was quick to stop me and continued putting her hand out in a stop it now gesture.

"Uh, uh, don't. Just be quiet Kixi. Seriously I just think we've both had enough for today. You know exactly what, and I will be having a chat to Mako about this matter. You need to grow up Kixi. We could have been seriously injured out there today, and you can't even concentrate for like less than a minute while I was forced to place my body on top of yours." Kajtia said firmly coming down on me hard.

“If you weren't the best there was, well with the exception of out rival Michael Vickers, I would have seriously considered leaving. You have to learn to control your hormones Kixi. You can't have both me and Mako. For one thing it will not go down well with her, and two I'm not into other women like you. I'm straight sweetie, so it's just handsome men for me.”

By then I had just broken down into tears. I couldn't believe it. Me out of all people sobbing. Yet it wasn't because Kajtia had come down hard on me.

"I feel helpless. I've never felt so useless in my life. Yes I want us to be system champions more than anything, but if I can't get treatment that will work properly in the small amount of time we have, we might as well not even bother competing." I placed both my hands over my face covering my eyes. I felt embarrassed and stupid, my voice was beginning to tremble on those last few words.

"Are you ok?" Kajtia took one cautious step towards me and placed her hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sure I will be once I'm over this little tantrum of mine." I sourly admitted removing both my hands from my face and looking straight at Kajtia's sapphire eyes. "I'll get myself sorted, I'll get over this. And sorry for my childish behaviour regarding my inability to control my sexual desires. I know it's my weakness." I had stopped crying by this stage, still sniffling a little as Kajtia politely handed me a handkerchief. "Thank you." I said finally smiling again.

"On a more positive note, it seems that our test run of this car has at least yielded some encouraging results. I'll send them off to our engineers. Probably a few little tweaks here and there and we're set for the big one, the final show down. You just make sure you have that arm and shoulder fully sorted by then girl." Kajtia smiled as she rubbed the top of my shoulder which helped me feel better. Then out of nowhere we heard a sudden sound. The muttering of people chatting, and it was getting closer. "Look Kixi someone is coming." Kajtia quickly brought the fact to my attention.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw several people entering the garage. Although I had not the slightest clue on who they were yet. Kajtia still slightly displeased with me at this very moment, had at least not decided on giving me the silent treatment. Rather she did try and comfort me. Given that I still felt embarrassed at myself, I would certainly jump at the chance to talk to that someone else just to try and help shrug things off a little. Right now, anything to break the awkwardness in the atmosphere that I had brought upon myself would be most welcoming. At least that's what I thought until I realised who it was that was coming.

I deliberately ignored Cerberus as she conversed metres from me with Jak. Her visit was expected though, as during my escape, we had wreaked havoc in the arena and throughout the city. This had caused damage to a wide range of police, Skycom and Skysec vehicles. Cerberus nor anyone else ever suspected that it was us. However being Zed's main customer, she was here to ensure that the repair of all damaged vehicles would be carried out in an effective and efficient timeframe. Without a question of doubt, she would make certain the urgency of the matter by asserting her authority of power, and nailing down her demands.

I turned around slowly as Jak and Cerberus approached me. In all honesty I couldn't have given a shit more than ever about meeting her. I totally hated her guts and had made a pact to myself that I would endeavour to kill her up front and close, and with my own hands. The reality was we had already met, except she had no idea that I was also Kay Blade. I glanced up into a pair of sea-green eyes, and instantly I froze on the spot. They were staring right at me, possibly seeing things I don't want them to see. Shit! I thought to myself. I broke the contact immediately, a decidedly wise move, but in the end, it just meant that my eyes ended up flitting over her entire face, skimming over her chest and her arms. Without thinking, I found myself extending my right hand as I introduced myself, braced myself to look back up at her with a smile.

“Hi, I'm Kixi, Kixi' Rajki.”

"Cerberus, but you may call me Emilia." She spoke back politely and to my utter astonishment, genuinely really meant it.

One would wonder how on Earth Cerberus did not recognise me. After all when I was Kay Blade, not only did she get up and close to me, she had also gotten personal with me and had made physical contact. Anyone could have easily recognised that I, Kixi Rajki and Kay Blade were the same person. Simply blanking out an implanted identity microchip on one's wrist was obviously not going to alter one's appearance. For the part of actually altering my facial appearance, I have my Nanotech Facial Veil, or simply put, my NFV to thank. This hi-tech marvel, was a result of years of illegal underground research that had been carried out by the best and elite scientists of the underground world. The technology was unknown to the authorities of the United Systems of Sol. It had been developed chiefly by the lead scientists working for the Arjian Resistance Cell in collaboration with other underground groups from the Sajnen Confederate. The technology used primarily by resistance agents such as myself, allows for the physical masking of our real identities. It was the sole reason why both Mako and I were actually able to physically mask our identities when on our last mission, the unmemorable one that later on had led to our escape. The bold rescue attempt by Ālrai and Miyuki that had caused fireworks to streak across the skylanes of Celestia during our desperate escape to freedom. Whilst captured, the nanotech veil had been responsible for altering our appearances well beyond possible exposure.

Although complex, the way the Nanotech Facial Veil dubbed NFV functioned was simple in theory. It consisted of highly advance nanite technology implanted inside the skin pores of a subject's face. This allowed for the instant manipulation of the subject's appearance at will. Me being one such agent, in using the NFV nanites implanted into my facial pores, it allows me to alter my appearance into that of Kay Blade at any time without failure. In a likewise manner, changing my appearance back to my original self at any time was not an issue.

"She's my prized F-Zero race driver. She's got a shot at the System Title in less than a couple of weeks from now." Jak mentioned to Cerberus informally introducing me. "She's therefore paramount to this business." He continued wanting to leave a good impression of me. "That over there is Kajtia Xiz'injhürek, her co-driver." Jak finished off nodding over to the taller woman who just stood several metres back smiling and pretending to care.

"Well Kixi Rajki, I am the head of Skysec security. I'm a fan of the F-Zero racing series. I've seen you race and you certainly have some talent. I've been wanting to meet you a long time." Cerberus strangely kept a firm grip on my hand with her hand. "It's really nice to finally meet you," Cerberus said swiftly eying me directly once more. "I know you probably have many fans out there, but I would like you to know that I'm a big fan of yours Kixi." Whoa! Now that got me off the edge of my seat. The woman I hated most in the entire universe one of my biggest fans. Now if she only had the faintest idea regarding my covert double life, and that I had in actual fact been the very same person she spited most and had tried to execute just days earlier. How ironic I mused to myself. Deep down I craved wanted to kill her slowly knowing that the chance will come all in good time.

Cerberus was dressed in full business corporate attire. I had to admit that she did look quite the attractive one. Still holding my hand in a firm grip, her touch did feel familiar. I could feel my rage slowly build up inside me. Yes that was right, I had learnt to use my fuelled hated towards her to summon my telekinetic abilities. Now with the both of us holding hands, had I wanted to summon my special abilities, I could easily have done so without even having to think of her. I could feel the very life energy that comprised her very existence as both our hands were locked in a tight grip. I felt endowed with the power to crush every single molecule in her body.

"I'm pleased to me you too Cerberus, and am flattered to have a person of your prestigious calibre and elite status be a fan of mine. Both Cerberus and I were still holding hands. As far as she was concerned we'd just met. She was this mega fan of mine apparently, so I guess that's what you do when you meet your fan, right? A handshake seemed appropriate in the end.

Yet I could still feel a spark, no, not a spark, a jolt. It was something I couldn't quite put my finger on. It tingled right up my arm at the feel of her skin against mine. I looked down at our hands as they stayed together for a second longer, with a silent intake of breath. Finally we let go of each other. I reckon that was probably the longest and most intense handshake I had ever done. The connection was now broken, however I could still feel the effects. It was a strange sensation, like faint pins and needles in my fingertips. I could still feel her touch. My inner hatred towards her only fuelled my extraordinary abilities further.

I stared at her hand as she moved it back to her side. I then looked back at her earnestly, confident that she hadn't noticed anything unusual about my manner. That, along with others in my circle of friends around her had been completely honest with her. Cerberus casually looked at me and felt nothing suss, which was a downright relief not just for me, but everyone else present that was part of Arjian.

"Well it was good to meet you Kixi. A real pleasure. I guess I'll leave you and your co-driver back to your work then." She nodded and smiled at me swivelling around and then walking away with the Jak and the others. Well that was another major highlight of my day over. Who would've fancied that I would've met my arch nemesis face to face like that, and with her further declaring that she was a fan of mine. Well I sure made a good impression, and first impressions count for a lot. My desire to want to kill her had increased two fold just in that hand shake with her. Feeling her warmth, her skin, her pulse, thoughts of the desire to feel her again by simply taking her hand once more dawned on me. Yet this time cold, motionless, limp and dead. Just the thought in revealing to her that her nemesis Kay Blade was her race car hero Kixi Rajki, me, and to see the look in her eyes moments before I would forever make them lifeless. I would be ruthless and merciless to her, just as she had been to me. These sheer thoughts languished the good in me, yet it was the dark side in me that ultimately I couldn't really deny even if I'd tried to.

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