KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


9. In the thick of it.

Chapter 4 : In the thick of it.


We were now on our way back to Celestia City. I always loved the feeling of approaching the massive skyline ahead and then being thrown from nothingness to a busy thriving city. It didn't take long to reach what was usually referred to as the city limits, the outskirts where the city would end and the open land begin. Except we were travelling from the open land back into the city. As we entered in, a sudden dimness of light would occur. I maintained my low altitude as I entered the urban jungle momentarily, before increasing altitude into one of the much higher lane ways, one that would take us directly to Argon Central District. The sun once again shined brightly as I zipped the Skycom hovercar into merging traffic. I couldn't help but smirk as I noticed people making an effort to move out of our way. Clearly it was due to the reputation and power of Skycom, and we were in a Skycom vehicle.

"ETA to destination is approximately 45 minutes if we maintain our present course and speed." I told Mako. Funny enough she seemed relaxed for now. I would have thought that now being dressed in her combat armour, plus flying in towards our actual target and in a Skycom vehicle, that now she would have began feeling the reality of all this. But no, she really seemed calm which was a good thing.

"Mako I'm just gonna use my comms device now to make contact with Ālrai." The small comms unit I had on my wrist would be using a highly advanced system with 2048 bit encryption. There would be no way that anyone from Skycom could intercept it and decipher it. Even with the most powerful computers, the encryption was far to great to be able to achieve in such a small amount of time.

"Ālrai come in Ālrai, this is Kay Blade do you copy?"

"How you doin' Kay Blade?"Ālrai's voice crackled to life as his image appeared in the air on the virtual screen being generated from the comms device on my wrist.

"We're on how way to Skycom now as per the plan for Mission Project X."

"Yeah I assumed you would be. How's Em Blade pulling along, this is her first mission right?"

"Yeah it is. So far she's doing well."

The virtual screen loomed in the air at a point where Mako could see Ālrai's image, and from where Ālrai was, he could see Mako too.

"Hi Ālrai." Mako cheerfully waved at him.

I was then quick to get to the point. Despite the fact that I normally would be happy to speak to Ālrai all day, since we were indeed close friends, However in this instant we simply had not much time. "Circle the vicinity of Argon Central once we are in. Do it discreetly like I'm sure you'll do. There is always that off chance that something goes terribly wrong and we get ourselves busted. If it does we will send a distress signal, however do not do anything foolish like attempt to rescue us, as you know already that you will have no chance. Simply report back to base. You got all that Ālrai?

"Yeah affirmative Kixi, got it."

"Great." I nodded as I answered him and then ended the conversation and the transmission, turning my head slightly at Mako.

"Okay Mako we're almost there. As this is an executive's hovercar, we can just fly right into their main parking area on one of the lower levels. Shouldn't be too populated around there, however the obvious problem is that neither of us are dressed as executives or business women."

I began laughing as I made my next comment trying to be sarcastic. "On that matter of looks, we both look like walking armouries. Whoever sees us is gonna think what the fuck, but don't worry Mako, I intend for no one to see us." I could see that my attempt at sarcasm in thus instance had the opposite effect on Mako. She looked at me, and then back in front of her at the moving traffic ahead of us. Her face showed nothing but anxiety and nervousness. Shit! I thought to myself.

"Okay Mako that was meant to be a joke. Just relax and stick with everything I do and say, and you'll be fine. In terms of parking, we have access to a small private parking space. We drive in through the main area and then from there we drive in the private area which is for high ranking executives, in his case us. No one but us should be in there, so no one will see us get out of this hovercar once we are parked."

I began slowing down as we neared the exit from the fast lane way that would then lead us to Argon Central District. As the exit came by, I lowered my altitude by a good 10 metres. It was a sharp dip in which I then swung the hovercar sharply to the left and in the direction of Argon. The obvious reasoning for the sudden dip before the turn was to not collide with oncoming traffic moving to the left of us in the opposite direction. I then began accelerating once again, but only momentarily. The centre of the district and our destination wasn't far, and it wasn't long until the building we were heading for would be looming largely ahead of us.


At 10:30 hours.


"There it is Mako, that's it. The central headquarter building of Skycom Corporation. Lovely isn't?"

Despite my obviously sarcasm, as far as the complex's architecture was concerned, it was a marvellous piece of work. The main building, the one we were inevitably going to be going to was a wide and tall 200 storey plus building which got thinner the higher it went. Surrounding it were a series of several other buildings, some still over 100 storeys in height, others not far off that. A complex series of platforms intertwined themselves around the many buildings, while many other hovercars includes military vehicles moved in all different directions around the buildings, and also to and from.

Our exact spot to land in was very far below. Level 40 of the tallest building. Pressing a button on our vehicle's console had the coordinates preprogrammed, so all I had to do was press it, and the hovercar would then fly itself slowly to where we were going. I proceeded to do so and our vehicle slowly began to hover itself down. As it did, the sunlight began to fade and then almost vanish, as we were now covered by the shadows of the many other skyscrapers that virtually obscured the sky above.

"Okay Mako. Just sit tight, the autopilot will take us in. Don't worry no one can see us through the heavily tinted glass, but I'm sure you already knew that."

The hovercar from this point on flew itself. It descended slowly to the necessary level, level 40 which even from there, the ground looked very far down. The hovercar then kinked slowly to the right, then straighten again, and then kinked one last time before doing a full right turn towards the building's parking entrance lane. From there we gradually descended in a straight line trajectory that lead us right into the parking area. We then continued to hover slowly, almost at floor level.

All around us there were other hovercars, either parked or moving in and out. People, mostly business people moved busily going about their own business. Our hovercar had already been programmed to take us to a private section of this parking area. One used mostly by top end executives, programmers and computer maintenance crews that used the direct private access lifts there, to go straight to the computer mainframe room over a hundred floors up. Very much where we were heading.

The hovercar stopped momentarily as it reached a sliding door. The door then slowly slid opened and we began moving again as the door once again slid shut behind us. This area was small. Room for probably six or so hovercars. There was a vehicle already parked there in which ours automatically parked itself beside. I scanned the area for any life forms using my small tricorder as I couldn't see into the vehicle in which we just parked next to. It was unlikely anyone would be in there, but I thought it was wise to check just in case. The tricorder quickly confirmed the absence of anyone in the other vehicle giving us the all clear, and both Mako and I slowly got out.

"Okay we're here. It's possible someone could come through that door at anytime so let's hurry up and get the rest of our weapons on us."

Mako I could tell was feeling nervous. Now that we had both stepped foot on enemy territory. We wasted no time putting our katanas on our backs, and then clipping a variety of weapons to our belts. Weapons such as knives, grenades and even a hand held forward force field shield.

"You look so lovely Mako. Like a death machine from hell." I laughed and patted her on the shoulder. "You'll be fine. Just stick close to me at all times and follow my instructions. Camon, let's go."

From there we subtilely walked through to the small corridor which lead to a lift. The corridor did keep going elsewhere, but I could see this wasn't an area in which too many people would come through unless they had a specific reason to do so. A good thing as far as we both were concerned.

"Okay Mako, do your thing. Rig that lift so we can go up." We didn't have access codes to use the lift so it was necessary for Mako to slice and then rig the lift's control panel. I then patiently waited a few minutes, but after a while it seemed like she was taking a tad too long.

"Mako can you go any quicker?"

"I'm going as quick as I possibly can. The code in this lift's console is fairly complex."

"We'll try harder, it's only a matter of time until someone walks past and then I'll have to...... Fuck dammit, someone's coming. Just keep at what you're doing. I'll take care of this."

I walked away from the lift and towards the end of the short corridor. I took a peek around the corner and saw a young woman dressed in full business attire approaching. Clearly the long blank haired woman who was of average height and build, was no soldier or security officer. She was coming their way which presented itself as an obvious problem. I had to silence her. Well not silence as in kill her, but certainly knock her out cold or something.

As she got closer to where I was hiding, she suddenly stopped. She was looking at something on her handheld device. Most likely direction. She then went the other way, walked a metre and then stopped. Now she had her back facing me at least. He's my chance to neutralise her I quickly realised.

I stealthily stepped out and quietly sneaked up behind her. I put one hand over her mouth and with the other a knife to her throat. "Scream and I'll slit your throat, got it?" The woman clutched both her hands close to her throat. Must've been a natural reaction as in reality it was fruitless, as I could just press the knife down on her throat at anytime and slit it clean killing her.

"Please, please don't kill me. I was just lost, I didn't mean to__"

"Shut the hell up. I won't kill you if for one you shut the heck up and secondly you don't try any funny business." I loudly said into her ear cutting off her speech.

"Okay, okay, I'll do whatever you say just please don't kill me."

"Well you can start by shutting that mouth of yours. Shut it now!" She quickly got the hint and stopped talking as I turned her around and dragged her back over where Mako was at the lift.

"Today already eM Blade, you done or what?"

"Almost, just another minute or so. Just a couple of more wires here and there. By the way, umm her? What are you gonna do with her?"

"Knock her out cold is what I'm gonna do." I then forced the woman on her knees and removed my knife from her throat. Taking my other hand off of her mouth, I grabbed both her hands and placed them forcibly over her head.

"I don't wanna die!" The woman cried out bursting out into tears. "I don't wanna die. I wanna see my two little kids again. Please." The woman was now in full tears crying as her nose also sniffled in the process.

"I'm not going to kill you. I'm just gonna smack you hard on the back of the head with the butt of my gun. At worse you'll wake up later with a ringing headache." I then readied my gun to hit her across the head with when Mako called out to me.

"Kixi the lift is ready. We can go up now." And then something happened. I don't know how the woman did it, but in that moment that I looked up at Mako, she spun around and from somewhere produced some form of bladed weapon. It came straight for my own throat, although I managed to take a small step back in a nick of time. The weapon she had then hit the neck armouring part of my suit, protecting me well. I was however taken aback by it all. The woman then saw it as her chance to run. Dropping her weapon she made a run for it.

"Freeze don't move!" I yelled at her with my gun pointed to her. Yet she ignored me.

I had to stop her as otherwise I was certain that she would warn security of our presence thwarting our plans. I fired my gun at her thinking it was set to stun. It was not. The plasma bolt from my pistol hit her dead centre in the back, the bolt piercing her heart and going straight through her as she dropped dead on the ground head first.

"Oh fuck!" I yelped as I ran towards her. But I knew instantly that I had messed up big time. Smoke oozed from the woman's back. I turned her around and looked into her lifeless eyes as Mako also came running towards me.

Although I was certain that she was dead, I still placed my fingers on the side of her neck in search for a pulse but as expected felt nothing but coldness. I looked up at Mako with genuine despair. My voice was full of sadness.

"I didn't mean for this to happen Mako. I just killed an innocent woman, a mother. What have I done?" I gulped my throat as Mako just stood there not knowing what to say. She too was in more of a shock, as being on her first real mission had never witnessed such acts of horrors before.

"I thought my gun was set to stun. But how? It happened so quickly. How did I not see it coming?" I then just covered my mouth with my hand, still trying to come to terms regarding what I had just committed.

"We need to go Kixi. I don't know what else to say. She attacked you in self defence and you murdered her in cold blood. Yet it was one an accident and you had to stop her." Mako shook her head, I don't think I could have fired the shot if it were me. So I'm glad it was you, as if it were me, she would have gotten away and then we would both have been in trouble."

I looked up at Mako as I nodded in acknowledgement and slowly stood up. I then grabbed the dead woman by her legs and dragged her over to the lift. "I guess we best move along then. We'll dump her body on the level we're going to. The one you'll be doing the hacking on. Besides there will be security forces up there which we will have to neutralise which translates to killing. Might as well add her body to the collection of corpses." I sort of said that in a deep cold voice.

Not sure if Mako thought that I might be trying to be funny. She didn't laugh and I wasn't trying to be funny anyway. We entered the lift with the dead body of the woman I had just killed and the lift door was closed, as we then proceeded to rise over 100 floors in the express turbolift which would lead us to the floor containing the main computer servers and mainframes.

As we were going up, I searched the woman's body for some identification. I wanted to know who she was, although no one carried IDs in the 31st century. Everything was contained on the small implant on our wrists. I was obviously searching for something else and then found it as Mako watched on wondering what I was doing. I retrieved what looked like a tiny pad. It was mostly just a screen, an electronic image frame. I turned it on and an image of her, a man and two young kids appeared. Immediately I put my other hand on my mouth in total shock.

"Oh my God Mako, she was telling the truth. She was a mother. I just killed that man's wife or partner along with the children's mother. Noooo, how the fuck did I screw up so hard?" I spoke in a voice Mako had never seen me speak in. Broken, distraught, shattered. I was not a cold blooded killer, yet in the heat of the moment I did just that. And as far as killing was concerned, that business was far from over, as a team of security surely would be waiting in front of our destination.

Mako put her hand on my shoulder to comfort me, although it really at this stage was pointless. I was a warrior and the leader of this mission. In the grand schemes of things this was a minor error of judgement. One that would have little or no consequence on the outcome of the primary objective of our mission. I turned off the small screen and pocketed it securely.

"I'm gonna have to somehow contact them at a later time and tell them what happened, the truth. I don't know how, but I'm the one who's fault this is, so it's my duty of care and obligation to do so, despite the obvious fact that they will totally hate me and want me trialled and executed for it." I looked up at Mako as I spoke.

"Don't worry I would never allow the last part to happen to me, but they need to be told the truth as otherwise I don't think I can live with this guilt." I once again looked down at the dead woman and took her left arm. The left wrist was where the ID microchip implants were placed on all humans. I scanned it using a small Tricorder on my own wrist and arm. Her credentials came up.

Her name was Helen Jane Jamison. The rest of the details appeared on the virtual holoscreen that had been produced in thin air from my own Tricorder. The names of her children, her partner, where she lived and so forth. It was then all recorded on my own device and uploaded onto my own secure cloud device using my own 2048 encryption key and algorithm. The virtual screen then disappeared once I was done. Just as the lift arrived at our destination level. I then got up.

"We're here. Time to snap out of this shit as this is gonna get rough."

The lift doors opened slowly as I took a peep out. No one was around yet. Good I thought as I dragged the woman's body out of the lift and placed her laying down to her side across the opposite wall.

"Right Mako, we'll leave her here. Let's get moving."

We then slowly and discreetly made our way towards the computer mainframe room. The corridors up here were narrow. The light greyish colour of the walls, along with the transparent lighting that seemed endless as we walked down the corridor, sure did a good job in making the area brightly lit. Then I could hear them. Security officers most likely guarding the entrance to the room we were heading into. I put my arm out to the side signalling Mako to stop. Then I put my finger on my lips indicating for her not to speak. I retrieved a small insect like camera and let it go in the direction of where the security officers were, just around the other side or corner of us. Once again the virtual screen came to life in mid air from the small tricorder on my wrist. With the little insect like camera flying towards them, Mako and I could see all of them, but they didn't notice the small bug flying towards them, and if they did, would think it was nothing more than just an annoying insectoid bug.

"There are four of them. They appear to be lightly armed. But still it's four versus two. We'll run straight at them. They'll be caught by surprise. Mako you take the one on the far right. I reckon I can since we will be surprising them, take the first and maybe second one out quickly, and then go one on one with the last one. Anyway that's the plan, let's make it swift and quick." The virtual screen then disappeared as I turned off my tricorder.

"You ready?" I asked Mako as she nodded in acknowledgement.

"Good. Let's move". I finally said as we both retrieved our katanas, and charged straight out for the security officers.

The fight in this case I assumed would be over quickly. More the less because for one, there were only four security officers, they weren't in this case highly trained or elite combat soldiers, and lastly we had the element of surprise on our side. I charged with katana in one hand and gun in the other. Before they even realised or could react, I shot the first one dead in the chest. By now the other three had readied their rifles, but such was my own genetically enhanced speed, and that of Mako, that we were up and close to them by that stage.

I holstered my gun and launched myself in the air as I slashed the next officer cross ways across his torso ending his life. The next one fired a shot at me, I managed to move a fraction to the side, however the plasma blast from his rifle did manage to skim the side of my armour. The suit did what it was designed to do, protecting me as I then deflected his next shot which was coming dead centre for me with my sword. The bolt bounced off my sword and back at him. However it hit the arm that was holding his gun which he then dropped as a result, yelping in pain.

In the meantime, Mako had managed to deflect the plasma bolts fired at her with her own katana, in her case she sent the bolts in random directions as she wasn't able to direct them back at the shooter like I was able to. Nonetheless she managed to get close enough to him unscathed, and slashing at his arm disarming him. Subsequently he fell to his knees clutching his now injured arm with his other arm. Or at least it appeared that that was what he was doing.

The officer I was fighting, the third out of the three I had fought, raised both his hands in the air to surrender and took a step back.

"I surrender, I surrender!" He desperately screamed out. Yet I didn't hesitate to forward lunge my katana through his chest, and then into his heart and out of his back.

"Well say hi to your buddies for me in the afterlife." I spat out those words at him as I pulled out my blooded sword from his chest, and the now deceased man fell slowly, sliding on the wall behind him, and leaving a trail of blood stains in the process on the wall. I then turned to face Mako and the man she had been fighting who appeared to be begging for his life as well.

“Please don’t kill me” He began begging to Mako who held her katana out a metre or so in front of him. Damn I cursed under my lips, she is hesitating.

“I surrender, I surrender, please”. However I could see the man was slowly and subtly trying to pull out another weapon in which he had all intents to take Mako out with.

“Mako, what the hell are you doing, Kill him now! Do it or he will kill you”. I yelled at her as I firmly made myself clear to her.

“No, no, he is unarmed now and the last man down.”

“What the fuck Mako, are you fucking kidding me? He won’t hesitate to kill you at any moment that he gets. Fucking kill him now, that’s a damn order Mako, do it now!”

Suddenly however the man got back up on his feet and raised both arms in the air as he saw that I had my pistol trained on him.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, clearly I surrender , see my hands are up in the air girl.”

“Fuck you arsehole!” Was my quick reply to him as I put a plasma bolt in between his eyes. The man slumped to the ground dead, as smoke oozed from the charred hole from the plasma bolt that had just gone through his brain. Mako completely frozen just stared at me. Like she couldn’t believe what I just done.

“You killed him in cold blood Kixi, Why?”

“Oh dear, here we go again Mako. Did you just not fucking get that or something? Really are you on another planet girl?” I holstered my weapon and walked right up to her so that we were now less than a metre from one another and facing each other.

“He only put his hands up because he saw or realised that I had the gun pointed at him. He was going to kill you and would have done so because you hesitated to kill him when you had the chance. I hate to be the bearer of bad news Mako, but these guys here will not think twice or hesitate to kill you!”

I then turned slightly pointing to the dead man I had just shot in the head, smoke still oozing from his head, “He most certainly did not hesitate.”

I gritted my teeth in total anger as I faced Mako again. “We Mako are deep inside a high security Skycom building. To them we are the bad guys. If more of them show up, they’re not gonna come in and welcome us with open arms. It will more like with open fucking guns. When you fight, you fight to kill. Understood? Fight to fucking damn kill!” I turned slightly towards the door we had come in from and then faced her again. “Do not fucking pull any of those bullshit stunts again Mako, because if you do, the next time you might actually get us either both captured or killed. Got it!”

I was very frustrated with Mako and I was yelling at her face. I had never spoken to her like this before. I’ve only ever said nice sweet things to her. Yet at the present moment, she had given me no choice. I felt absolutely so shit having to do it to her, that inside it pained me. I stared at her and saw it in her eyes. I had for the first time ever hurt her feelings by speaking to her like that. I dropped my head down for a second and put one hand on my forehead and the other on my hip. Clearly I was totally frustrated and was regretting speaking to Mako the way I just did.

“Look Mako, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I spoke to you in that way. I really didn’t mean to.”

“Go away Kixi. Leave me alone. I get it. I’m useless. You think I’m a failure”. Mako simply responded back as she turned her back to me.

“No, no no. Mako, don’t be upset at me.” I walked up to her and put my hand on her shoulder. Yet she pushed me away.

“I said leave me alone. Don’t talk to me anymore unless it has to do with this job.” I saw a tear in her eye as she again turned her back to me. All I could think of how fucked up all this was. I didn’t need this now. Not in the middle of a vital mission deep inside enemy territory.

“Mako!” I said all astonished at her reaction towards me. I put both hands out to my side as if I were pleading to her. However she didn’t want a bar of me at this very moment. I sighed heavily and shook my head. What had I done. But then I thought about the mission and Mako. Had I made an error in judgement regarding Mako really being ready for this? The thought raced through my head, but now wasn’t the time to think about it. We were in the thick of it, and I had a strong feeling the worse of it was yet to come.

I walked straight up to Mako and grabbed her and turned her to make her face me. “Mako please listen to me. I know you’re thinking a thousand and one things right now, but you need to get it together, we need to get it together. I love you with all my heart, but if I pretend that things are okay when they clearly are not, then I wouldn’t be showing you my true love.”

I paused a moment and took in a deep breath while starring deeply into her beautiful eyes. “Mako the room which we need to go to for you to do your thing, the thing that you are as far as I know the best in the world at doing, that is slice and hack into their computer mainframe is over there down the hall. Please let’s go there now and do what we came here for to do. When we get back and are very far away from this place, I promise I’ll let you say anything you want about me, how much of a bitch I am and so forth and so forth.” Mako sniffled her nose a bit as she had been close to tears. Then she pushed me into her and hugged me.

“I’m sorry I hesitated. You were right to be angry at me. I won’t do that again, I promise.”

“Good Mako, good. I was wrong to speak to you the way I did too, but we’ll work on it and get it right eventually.”

We then let go of one other and she gestured for me to lead the way to the computer mainframe room. “After you Kixi.”

“Abso-fucking-lutely.” Was my prompted response to her, as I winked an eye at her and lead the way to the computer mainframe room.

Now that the guards guarding the room with all the computer servers and mainframes were dead, the two of us wasted no time going in there. I cautiously walked in first. Peeked around, made sure it was all clear, and then motioned Mako to enter.

"Okay girl we're all good in here. Go do what you reign supreme at." I grinned at her as I felt it necessary to flatter her a little. The truth was that she was the best slicer I've ever known, and those at Arjian for that matter. I just needed to boost her confidence after the previous course of events, and what better way to do it.

She quickly sat down at the main terminal and plugged a few of her gizmos in and frantically got to work. "I'm just gonna wait outside and keep a look out."

Several minutes went past as I took my time to gather a couple of the rifles from the dead security officers on the floor. Another 10 minutes then passed and I too began to get anxious.

"Mako what's taking you so long? I called out as I was certain I heard some noises of a group of people approaching.

"I'm done. I've got everything we need on a disc. No idea what it is though but the dudes back at Arjian will work it out for sure. I'm just uploading it all to our secure cloud just in case. Lots of data, should be done in around a minute."

"Great." I acknowledged her as I quickly realised that a group of security officers were on their way up. I ran back into the room where Mako was very much done.

"Hi beautiful.... Um looks like we have company!" I told her taking a deep breath in and tossing one of the rifles at her. "Let's get into position, a fight in this case is unavoidable."

Again this had to be a fight where we had to be quick. Both Mako and I had been genetically enhanced at birth. We had speed on our side, and enhanced leaping abilities, that was a given. The small team of elite fighters, probably soldiers would come up cautiously. This would make a surprise attack difficult since they simply were not gonna charge right at us. What I knew was that they would be coming up the fire escape staircase in which its door was parallel to the same lift Mako and I had entered the floor from.

I sprinted at lightning speed towards that door, Mako followed, and then in my hand activated my hand held forward shield. The front energy barrier that protected my body except my head, lower legs and feet from all frontal attacks hummed to life. I opened the fire escape door, ducked my head behind the shield and threw several grenades in succession with my other hand.

The explosions were deafening, and it vaporised several of the soldiers who were coming up and had already been close to the door. I however was taken aback not only by the explosion that I had just caused, but by return fire by other soldiers still coming up. My shield did its job as I fired my rifle back at them. Mako taking cover behind me also fired her weapon. I could see there were only three of them left. The exchange of gun fire continued for at least under 30 seconds, by that time I had shot one of the three men dead, leaving two to deal with for now. Then one threw an explosive at us, more powerful then our grenades.

"Fuck! Mako fall back, take cover!" I yelled as she dived for cover back outside the door. I was thrown backwards out the door by the sheer force of the explosion. My shield however did absorb most of the explosion as it flickered off and then malfunctioned. I hit the ground hard but was unscathed, thanks to the rest of my body armour doing its job.

The two remaining soldiers came charging through the door, rifles ready to fire. Again our enhanced speed and reflexes saved the day. Both Mako and I were back on our feet as we both kicked the guns off both men. Then it became a one on one fight. I fought one, and Mako the other. This is where our martial art skills would be tested, although it was clear these soldiers relied mostly on weapons combat rather than hand to hand combat. I easily blocked several of his punches, before grabbing one of his punches and using his own energy against him to throw him a few metres across the corridor. I then executed several forward moving kicks, finally hitting him with a roundhouse kick and knocking him down. I without further hesitation, released my katana and from on top of the man, lifted my sword, and then lunged it down through his heart.

I turned and saw Mako. She had pinned the man she was fighting on the wall. He was helpless as all Mako had to do was stab him. The knife was in her hand but she just stood there, again not sure, again hesitating. And it all happened too quickly after that. The man grabbed her and as he pushed her into him, stabbed her on the side of the hip area. By this stage I had lunged myself in the air with my katana out. Mako stumbled backwards. The man was about to finish her off, however I got to him just on time decapitating him with one single strike, and slicing his head off cleanly.

I quickly turned and saw Mako staggering backwards, with both her hands clutched close to the side of her hip. I dropped my katana and leaped over to her catching her just as she was about to collapse onto the floor. I saw the paleness in her face, the pain in her eyes as they become wide from the shock of being stabbed . She tried to speak but couldn't. I held her in my arms and slowly lowered myself to gently bring her down on the floor so she could lie on her back.

"Noooo! No, no, no! Oh my God no!" I spoke out aloud in a frantic voice as I looked around and saw all the bodies on the ground, including the woman who I had accidentally killed earlier on. "Mako hang in there. It's just a stab wound, I'm gonna attend to it now."

She continued to look at me with eyes wide open still in shock. "Fuck! Shit! No! Mako I'm going to slowly remove the top part of your armour which means I need to roll you over a little. Just bare with me okay."

Mako frightened by the ordeal simply shook her head in acknowledgement, as she now began to shiver. I did what I needed to do slowly moving her and removing the upper part of her armour. The soldier had used a reinforced stiletto blade, probably a Damascus blade. Had Mako not had her armoured suit on, the stiletto would have punctured several wounds in her, making closing the wound an almost impossible task, as usually this type of wound would require surgery, an option she clearly didn't have at the moment.

"It's not that big of a wound, fortunately it has missed all vital organs, but it's bleeding. I can stop it." I then retrieved the necessary apparatuses from my small med kit on my belt.

"This is gonna sting or hurt a little, so here, bite on this with your teeth." I handed her a small rod in which she bit on with her teeth and then got to work. Mako's body twitched and she kicked her legs as I applied the necessary aid to stop the bleeding. I could see the agony on her facial expression as she bit ever so hard on the rod in between her teeth. Yet at least it prevented her from screaming. As quickly as she had yelped in pain, I managed to close her wound.

"There you go, brand new second hand." I tried to cheer her up a little by joking around, but it was obvious that she wouldn't be able to go far without being carried, and doing that would make an escape impossible, as now I could hear more soldiers on their way up.

"I can't move and more are coming. You need to go without me Kixi."

"No, I can't leave you here."

"Be rational Kixi, if you stay with me, you're going to get captured. You can still escape and save yourself. You are one of the best agents that Arjian has, the resistance needs you. Go now Kixi, leave me."

"No I can't. You mean more to me than any damn resistance!" A solitary tear trickled down my cheek.

"I know, but it is pointless for you to get captured now and face a definite execution when you can still do much more. This is how it is meant to be Kixi. Perhaps one day we'll be reunited again in the afterlife."

I simply shook my head. I understood that she was right, however true her words were, my love for her simply wouldn't accept it.

Our bond was too strong. I retrieved my comm unit and sent out a decoded distress signal to Ālrai who I assumed was flying around in the vicinity. Hopefully he would pick it up, as I then destroyed the comm unit.

"My fate Mako is joined to yours. I'm hard headed and you know that, so save your energy and stop trying to convince me to run. We are in this together. We are bound together for eternity. If we die, we're going down together as one." I smiled at her as she weakly smiled back. Deep down I knew and felt that she was content of my brave decision to stay with her . This was true love.

As I remained on my knees with Mako who was laying on the floor tightly in my arms, I slowly brushed her hair. The others were coming. This time most likely an elite squad of soldiers.

"It's okay Mako, it's gonna be okay." I told her even though it was clearly obvious to the both of us that we wouldn't be okay. She was shaking a little shivering. The shivers were due to a combination of her wound in which I had just stabilised the bleeding, and her fear knowingly and waiting for the enemy soldiers to storm through the side door and capture us both. Being captured would be as good as dead, as it was likely that both of us would be severely bashed, tortured, interrogated and then ultimately killed.

Mako's lips were cold as I put the fingers of my other hand gently on them and touched them softly. She looked at me in despair and for the first time in my life I felt a sense of helplessness. There was nothing I could do to get us both out of this mess. Lest we survived whatever they had planned for us, it seemed like an impossible feet at the present moment though.

I took my hand off of her lips and took the glove off one of her hands, and then one of my own. I then held her hand tightly. "We're together Mako, and no matter what, we always will be." The sounds of the soldiers got louder and louder as they closed in on our position.

"Mako I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. I thought you were ready for this. I misjudged your abilities. Had I not, I would not have allowed you on this mission." I began to sniffle a little as a tear drop fell from eye onto her forehead.

"No Kixi don't blame yourself. No matter how you try and twist the facts, in the end it was I that stuffed you up. You know you could still get away and save yourself if you want." She once again offered but I simply just shook my head.

"Never. I will never abandoned you. Irregardless on who is to blame. You mean the universe to me. I would prefer to meet our fates together." Mako's eyes suddenly felt relaxed as she smiled at me. Even if it would only last for a few moments. I then smiled back as I wiped the tears off of my face. I kissed her on the lips. It was be a long sweet kiss, one that we both assumed would be our last. Then I simply continued to hold her in my arms.

The group of elite soldiers came through with a loud deafening bang as they caused the door they had come through from to be knocked down. The next moment after that, Mako and I were surrounded by at least a dozen soldiers, all of whom had their rifles pointed at us.

"Freeze don't move and both hands in the air now!" I complied to the soldier's orders without hesitation. Then as quickly as I had risen my hands in the air, the two soldiers in the centre moved over to the side, allowing for an opening. And then there she stood. Cerberus.

The tall slender woman with her bob cut shiny white hair appeared like a tower before us. Director and head of Skysec, Skycom's security forces, and a very powerful business woman and warrior, one who answered only to the supreme ruler of the government, and to the CEO of Skycom Corporation himself, stood there as she tapped the end of her baton on her free hand. Despite the colour of her hair, she wasn't that old. The Director, as she was also known as, was in her mid 40s, an age considered quite young in the 31st century where the average lifespan was around 120 years. The shiny white hair was all cosmetics.

"Kay Blade, finally I get the pleasure to meet you in person. It's been a long time in the reckoning." Cerberus then moved on closer, while continuing to tap her baton onto her free hand.

"Now you will answer to me and account for all your countless crimes against our corporation, the government and the citizens of this entire system." Her eyes were filled with nothing but hatred, as she spoke and eyed me with the intent of giving neither myself nor Mako absolutely no mercy.

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