This Twisted Game We Weave

Must read... Many sudden plot twists and surprises along the way


2. Uprisings

The cold and sharp outdoor breeze sent a shiver down my pale spine. I should go inside. With the others, but I don't trust him. I wrap my arms into an over-extended hug around my ribs, sticking out subtly due to myself refusing to eat the food that they offer. Snow will do anything to abolish me before the games begin, and food poisoning is the last way I plan on leaving. "Katniss!" Peeta yells, trying to cover his paranoid feelings. He wanted to die. Not to be courageous, but to act courageous. I turn and glare at him, my point is taken in without another word. He slowly lumbers back and slams the door so hard it makes my ears ring. I wanted him gone. I refused to be his charity case, his "damsel in distress", therefore I made him a laughingstock of district twelve. His mom, yelling at the television and throwing a stored explosive at it. How dare I keep us both alive.

A dried wildflower dats across the small and slightly isolated courtyard. I instantly am reminded of Rue. I clench my fists. Peeta should have been dead, or even me, but not Rue. Cunning, witty, protective and fragile Rue. A salty tear dribbles down my numb cheek. "Stop it!" I mutter to myself. My fist clenches harder. " Stop crying about things you can't change." Peeta murmurs behind me, fuelling my rage. "I guess that's why you're not crying."

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