Falling for the Gang Leader (M.C.)

Sophie Love is a normal high school girl who always sees the good in everyone. According to most people, she is a good girl.
Michael Clifford is the leader of the Jet Black Hearts gang. According to most people he is ruthless, dangerous, and not someone that you want to mess with.
Travis Meyer is the leader of The Sadistic Sinners, who is also Michael's rival gang, he meets Sophie and decides that he likes her and will do anything to get her.
When Sophie meets Michael and his gang will she realize that they really are as heartless as they seem or will she discover another side to them?


10. Chapter 9

"Ugh. Are they almost here yet?" Grace complained sitting next to me. We had bought our movie tickets and were sitting in the middle of the third to last row.

"They should be. I'll text them." I said opening up my messages on my phone and typing out a text to Jace.

"Okay I texted Jace he should reply soon." I smiled at Grace. 

"They better buy us some popcorn." Grace said eating more laffy taffy.

"I'm sure they will. If not, we'll just tell them they don't get any candy until they buy us some." I said smiling down at my phone as I got a text from Jace saying that they just got here.

"Oh and they just got here."

"Okay and that's a good idea about the candy." Grace smiled at me. 

The rest of our friends from our group walked in. Jace, Mason, Chloe, and Troy. Jace has caramel colored hair with brown eyes. He's also an average height but a little bit taller than both Mason and Troy. Mason has espresso brown hair with green eyes. Troy has sandy blonde hair with blue eyes. Chloe is a little bit taller than both Grace and I and has straight long dark brown hair with brown eyes. 

They walked right up to our row and sat down next to us. Every time we go to the movies we always sit in the same exact spot. The order we sat in was Grace, me, Jace, Mason, Troy, and Chloe. Chloe and Troy are also dating. That's actually how Chloe came into our group. Troy started dating her and introduced her to us and then we all became friends and she joined our group.

"You're lucky I was with those three they almost forgot to get you guys popcorn." Jace said handing Grace and I our own buckets of popcorn.

"See this is why you're my favorite." I said smiling.

"We both know that's not true. I'm your bestie so that means I'm your favorite." Grace smirked throwing some candy at Jace. 

"True. But Jace is my best guy friend." I said eating some popcorn.

"Would you guys shut up the move is starting!" Mason whisper shouted at us.

The movie started and we all quietly watched it. It was about halfway through the movie when I had to use the restroom.

"Grace can you move? I have to pee." I whispered.

"Sure." She said moving so that I could get up. I was walking down the hall towards the lobby where the restrooms were when I felt like I was being followed. I started feeling a little uneasy but decided to just ignore it for now. 

I got to the bathroom and did my business and washed my hands and walked out of the bathroom. As soon as I walked out my eyes widened and I walked right back into the bathroom. What is he doing here? I knew I saw him! I took a couple deep breaths to calm myself down before deciding on what I should do.

I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and texted Grace. I know it's probably dumb but I'm afraid to go out there. I don't want to be alone with him.

Me: Grace remember when I said that I thought I saw Travis following us earlier?

I sat on the counter of the sink while waiting for Grace to reply.

Grace: Yeah. Sophie are you okay?

Me: I'm kinda scared but other then that I'm fine. As dumb as it sounds I'm afraid to leave the bathroom. I'm scared that he'll do something.

Grace: I don't think that's dumb. From what you've told me you should be afraid. I'd be worried if you weren't. You're just being cautious. Do you want me to walk with you back to the movie?

Me: No. It's okay. I'll just walk really fast back to the movie.

Grace: Okay. Stay there I'm coming.

I rolled my eyes. I don't want Grace coming over here I mean what if he does something to her too? I shook my head before jumping off the sink and starting to walk out of the bathroom and back to my friends. Just as I was about to walk out Grace came walking in making us almost run into each other.

"Sophie what are you doing? I said I was coming." Grace said sounding like a mother.

"I was going to walk back to the movie and you guys." I said going to walk out again before I got pulled back.

"No. You have to do something first." Grace said.

"I do?" I asked making Grace roll her eyes at me.

"Of course you do. Remember what you told the boys earlier about Travis?" 

"Yeah, but he's not actually doing anything right now. I could just be worried over nothing." I shrugged.

"No. Sophie, you have every reason to be afraid. Just let one of the boys know. You told them you would." Grace said crossing her arms.

"I don't want to bother them though. I mean they're already doing something tonight and I don't want to get in the way of that." I argued.

"Is that really what you're worried about?" Grace asked and I nodded. "Sophie like I said before those boys care about you. If they knew that Travis was around and you weren't feeling safe you know that they would want to know. Even if they're doing something or not." 

"I guess you're right." I said quietly.

"Just like always." Grace smiled. "If I couldn't convince you to tell one of them I was going to call Ashton anyway." 

"Of course you were." I smiled back.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Grace questioned.

"It means that obviously you would tell Ashton because you like him." I teased.

"And who are you calling?" Grace asked.

"Michael." I answered going to his contact and pressing the call button. I mean I did promise to tell him if anything Travis related happens, and I intend to keep that promise.

"Exactly." Grace giggled.

I was about to ask her what that was supposed to mean when I heard Michael answer.

"Hello?" He asked sounding out of breath.

"Hey Michael. It's Sophie I hope I'm not bugging you." I answered shyly.

"Oh hey Sophie! Don't worry you're not bugging me. Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah. I'm just a little freaked out I guess." I admitted.

"Why? What's wrong?" Michael questioned.

"Well I'm seeing a movie with some friends and Travis is here and I think he's following me." 

"Okay. Should I come to where you are just in case he does something other then just following you?" He asked sounding worried.

"No. It's okay. You have plans with the boys tonight."

"It's fine. The boys can finish the job up we're almost done anyway. I'll just come make sure Travis knows to leave you alone." Michael decided.

"Michael it's--" I started to say before he cut me off.

"Sophie it's fine I'll be there in like 5 minutes." He said.

I sighed. Whatever I say he's just going to come anyway although I guess that's not totally a bad thing. He's doing it to make sure that I'm okay.

"Okay. Bye Michael." 

"Bye Sophie." 

I hung up the phone and then turned to look at Grace.

"Well I guess Michael will be here in five minutes."

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