Falling for the Gang Leader (M.C.)

Sophie Love is a normal high school girl who always sees the good in everyone. According to most people, she is a good girl.
Michael Clifford is the leader of the Jet Black Hearts gang. According to most people he is ruthless, dangerous, and not someone that you want to mess with.
Travis Meyer is the leader of The Sadistic Sinners, who is also Michael's rival gang, he meets Sophie and decides that he likes her and will do anything to get her.
When Sophie meets Michael and his gang will she realize that they really are as heartless as they seem or will she discover another side to them?


9. Chapter 8

Grace and I had just gotten back from meeting up with the boys and now we were at her place. Ashton walked us back to Grace's car and those two were laughing and flirting the whole time. I think it's cute that my best friend likes someone and it looks like he likes her too.

"So what should we do now?" I asked plopping on the couch next to Grace.

"I don't know. What do you wanna do?" She asked.

"I don't know." I replied. After I said that my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID and saw my friend Jace was calling.

"Hey." I said answering the phone while getting a confused look from Grace.

"Hey Sophie! You're with Grace aren't you?" He asked. 

"Yeah. What's up?" I asked.

"Well I'm with our group and we were all wondering if you two wanted to come hang out with us. We're all going to see that new comedy movie." He replied.

"Um... maybe let me ask Grace what she wants to do we might already be doing something." I said.

"Hey Grace. Jace is on the phone and he wants to know if we want to go see a movie with our group." I said turning my attention to her.

"Do you want to go?" She asked.

"If you do. I mean the only other thing we would be doing if we didn't go is just sit here. It would be fun to go and hang out with our friends."

"Okay tell him we'll meet them at the movie theater then." Grace said smiling.


"Hey Jace that sounds like fun. Grace and I will meet you guys there." I said going back to my phone call with Jace.

"Alright see you guys then." He said before he hung up.

Grace and I grabbed our purses before getting into her car and going to the store. We always buy candy before actually going to the theater and then we just hide it. The prices at the theater are just too much for what you're getting. I mean you can get the same candy cheaper from the store.

We walked into the store and immediately went to the candy aisle. We grabbed some kit kats, sour patch kids, laffy taffy, starburst, and twizzlers before going to pay for them. Once we paid for our candy we got back into Grace's car and went to the movie theater.

We got to the movie theater and I texted Jace to ask him if he was here yet with our group and he said that they were just now leaving Chloe's house. 

"So are they here yet?" Grace asked while eating a cherry laffy taffy.

"Grace! The candy is for the movie and no they're leaving Chloe's now." I said turning to look at her.

"Don't worry I won't eat it all. You don't even like cherry laffy taffy anyway." She said smiling.

"I know." I looked out the window of Grace's car and thought about whether we should go inside and wait for our friends or not.

"Can we go in and get our tickets?" I asked.

"Sure." Grace said and we got out of her car and walked into the theater. While we were walking into the theater I could have sworn that I saw someone following us.

"Hey Grace can you help me fix my makeup real quick?" I asked.

"Why? You're makeup looks perfect." Grace smiled at me.

"Please?" I asked.

"If you're worried about how you look you look beautiful." She smiled.

"Grace can you please just come help me please?" I begged. Grace turned to look at me before sighing and nodding her head.

"Thanks." I smiled.

We walked into the bathroom and luckily we were the only ones in here.

"Okay. I didn't ask you to come in here to help me with my makeup. I have to tell you something." I said nervously. I really hope I didn't see who I thought I did.

"Okay. What is it?" 

"When we were walking into the theater I could have sworn that I saw Travis and he was following us." I said a little afraid.

"Are you sure it was him?" Grace asked probably not believing me.

"I think so. What if it was and he's following us?"

"Sophie. You're overreacting. It probably wasn't even him and if it was all of our friends will be here soon. He won't do anything if we're all there." Grace said trying to calm me down.

"You're right." I agreed even though I was still a little unsure. 

We walked back into the lobby and got in line to buy our tickets for the movie. While we waited I glanced around and didn't see Travis anywhere. Maybe he really wasn't here. Maybe it was just my imagination.

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