Falling for the Gang Leader (M.C.)

Sophie Love is a normal high school girl who always sees the good in everyone. According to most people, she is a good girl.
Michael Clifford is the leader of the Jet Black Hearts gang. According to most people he is ruthless, dangerous, and not someone that you want to mess with.
Travis Meyer is the leader of The Sadistic Sinners, who is also Michael's rival gang, he meets Sophie and decides that he likes her and will do anything to get her.
When Sophie meets Michael and his gang will she realize that they really are as heartless as they seem or will she discover another side to them?


14. Chapter 13

A/N: The character Jessie is Khloe_Clifford95's character :) She also came up with the idea of her character :) Also Picture at top is Grace's outfit :) Outfit not mine I take no credit for making it. I don't have anyone in my family who's a nurse so I'm just using what Google said about nurses only working three days a week.

"Your homework for tonight is to finish the worksheet about scientific notation. Remember we are having a quiz over this tomorrow so please know how to do this or come in and ask for help before we take the quiz." My chemistry teacher, Mrs. Massey quickly told the class trying to tell us before the bell rang. Right after Mrs. Massey finished talking to us, the bell rang. All at once everyone got up and started rushing towards the door.

"Sophie could you come here for a moment please?" Mrs. Massey asked kindly.

"Sure." I said before getting up and walking over to Mrs. Massey's desk.

"I don't think you've heard yet, but we're getting a new student tomorrow. She will be in this class and in a few of your other classes as well." Mrs. Massey told me.

"Okay. So would you like me to help her catch up with the work that we're doing and show her around?" I asked. 

"Yes please that would be great. I'm asking you because you are one of the best students we have here and don't tell anyone I told you this, but you're also my favorite student." Mrs. Massey smiled.

"Okay and thank you. Your secrets safe with me." I smiled back, giggling a little.

"Alright. Now go out and spend time with your friends." Mrs. Massey smiled.

"Okay. Bye Mrs. Massey see you tomorrow." I waved before walking out of the classroom to be met with Grace.

"Finally! There you are I can't believe you were still in class! You have to help me get ready!" Grace complained.

"Grace. Mrs. Massey just wanted to talk to me about the new student that we're getting tomorrow. Plus we still have a little less than three hours to get you ready. I think you'll be fine." I smiled a little.

"But Sophie, that's the point. We only have less than three hours to get me ready." Grace whined. I just smiled and rolled my eyes at my best friend.

We got to my locker and I quickly put my stuff away while putting the things that I would be needing tonight in my backpack before closing my locker and turning back towards a very impatient Grace.

"Are you finally ready to go now?" Grace questioned sounding annoyed.

"Yes. Now let's go." I said walking towards her car. We got in and drove back to my house talking about what Grace was going to wear for her date. We got to my house and Grace jumped out of the car and ran to my door. I just rolled my eyes before going to catch up with her. She must be more excited for tonight than I thought. I walked into my house to be greeted by my mom.

"Hey mom. Is it okay if instead of doing homework right now I help Grace get ready for her date tonight?" I asked, already knowing that my mom would say yes.

"Sure honey. Oh and Grace I want to hear all about your date tomorrow!" My mom said excitedly. My mom loves to talk with me, Grace, and probably my brothers too about pretty much anything even if that does include things like who we like and who we're dating and things like that. Some people would get annoyed by that, but I love it. I see it as a way for my mom and I to get closer and keep our already strong mother-daughter bond.

"Will do Miranda." Grace smiled before heading upstairs to my room.

"So Sophie, does she really like this boy? Or is he just some crush? Is he cute? What's he like?" My mom started rambling.

"I'd love to tell you mom and I will later, but I better go help Grace before she gets mad. Although I do think she really likes him." I smiled before going upstairs to my room where I found Grace going through my closet.

"Find anything you like?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah. I like lots of things, but I want Ashton to like it too." Grace admitted. So that's why she's acting like this.

"Grace. It doesn't matter about what Ashton likes. Well, I mean it does, but it's you wearing the outfit so it's you who should like it. You don't have to try to impress him. Just wear whatever you feel like wearing." I said walking to stand next to my best friend.

"Thanks Sophie, but I just want this date to go well ya know?" Grace said, turning her attention away from my shirts and dresses in my closet to look at me with a little smile on her face.

"No problem and yeah I get it, just don't try too hard to impress him. You already have anyway that's why he asked you on a date in the first place. Plus Michael said he thinks that Ashton really likes you." 

"Wait. When did Michael tell you that?" Grace asked.

"This morning before school." I answered, also looking through my closet.

"So I'm guessing he met Jace? Oh and what do you think about this?" Grace asked, pulling out a red dress.

"Yeah he did. He was in a little bit of a mood though. Although if you ask Jace he'll just tell you that Michael doesn't like him. Hmm you would look pretty in that, but what about this?" I asked, pulling out a white dress that ended just a little bit above the knee.

"That is so pretty! Sophie can I borrow your silver heart necklace? Please? It would look so cute with that dress!" Grace begged.

"Of course you can. It's in my jewelry box on my vanity. I'm going to pick out the perfect pair of shoes for you!" I said excitedly. I just love looking through my shoe collection.

"Okay. I'm going to go change while you do that." Grace said walking out of my room as I continued looking through the shoes in my shoe rack. I was looking through all of the heels that I own when a silver pair caught my eye. Smiling, I picked them up and set them on my bed. Grace came back in my room in the dress and she looked so pretty.

"So I already did my hair and makeup today so I'll just have to go through it one more time and it should be good. I see you found a pair of shoes." Grace smiled.

"Yup I did. Also you look super pretty in that dress." I smiled.

"Aww thanks Sophie." Grace smiled back. "Also those heels are perfect. Although it makes sense since you're the shoe expert." Grace laughed and I did too.

"Look at that. We finished and it's only 4:30. There's still plenty of time before your date." I smiled, knowing I was right earlier.

"Yeah. You were right. If you don't mind though, I'm gonna go home and tell my mom I'll be going out later." 

"Wait. You didn't tell her yet?" I asked.

"Nope. It just didn't come up." Grace smiled.

"Wait. Do you think your parents will let you go out with Ashton?" I asked.

"Probably not. Especially if they think he's who he is. They would never approve." Grace sighed.

"Well at least we know Ashton isn't like what everyone thinks. Or at least I don't think he is." I replied.

"He's not." Grace defended. "Anyway if you dated one of the guys your parents would probably flip." Grace laughed.

"Maybe. I think my dad would, but I don't think my mom would be very upset. She seems like she trusts my judgement." I shrugged.

"What about your brothers? I mean you are their baby sister." Grace smirked.

"I don't know. Maybe they would care, maybe not. Anyway it's not like I'm dating any of the guys so it doesn't really matter." I shrugged.

"Yeah you're right. I'm gonna go now. See ya tomorrow Sophie!" Grace said walking out of my room. 

After Grace left, I decided to go downstairs to get a snack while working on my homework and talk to my mom if she was down there. I would talk to my dad too, but he's still at work. He's normally at work until around five. Unless it's the weekend then he has the day off. My mom works too, but since she's a nurse she only works three days a week and that's normally from late at night to early in the morning.

I walked into the kitchen and saw my mom looking through the cupboards. 

"Hey Sophie, I got a question for you." My mom smiled at me.

"Okay mom what is it?" I asked, setting my chemistry homework which was luckily my only homework for today, on the table.

"Can you please get some spaghetti noodles for me from the store?" My mom pleaded.

"Yeah. Let me just put my homework back in my room." I said, picking my worksheet back up.

"Okay thanks honey! Here's the money. There's also some extra to get a candy bar or something for yourself as a thank you." My mom said, handing me some money.

"Okay. Thanks mom." I smiled before putting my homework back in my room and getting ready to leave.

I walked out of my house and started walking when I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled it out of my pocket to see that I had gotten a text from Michael.

Michael: Hey Sophie! What's up? Ashton will not shut up about your friend.

Me: Hey Michael. Just going to the store for my mom. Sorry Ashton's being annoying but if it makes you feel better I had to listen to Grace all day at school today.

I kept walking when I felt my phone vibrate again.

Michael: That's cool. I was just about to go get some frozen pizzas. We should be shopping buddies! 

I giggled a little at Michael's text before replying.

Me: Okay. I'll make sure to look for you.

I put my phone away and walked into the store heading to the pasta aisle. I was walking when I bumped into someone.

"I am so sorry. That was totally my fault I should have been paying more attention." I said, looking at the girl who I had ran into. The girl had curly long dirty blonde hair with really pretty light blue eyes.

"It's okay. No worries." The girl smiled back at me.

"Jessie? Are you almost ready to go?" I heard a familiar voice.

"Yeah." The girl who I learned is named Jessie replied.

"Okay. Let's go then we still have our movie night right?" The familiar voice asked and a familiar guy walked over to us.

"Okay and obviously." Jessie replied looking at Calum. Once I saw Calum I gasped causing Calum to look at me.

"Hey Sophie. I didn't know you were here." Calum said.

"Hey Calum." I said back.

"Wait. You two know each other?" Jessie asked.

"Yeah. She's friends with the guys and I. Remember the Sophie that Travis creeps on? That's her." Calum replied.

"Oh." Jessie said then turned to look at me. "Hi. As you probably already know, I'm Jessie." She smiled at me and pushed a piece of her hair out of her face. That's when I noticed that she had a little rose tattoo on her wrist.

"Hi Jessie. I'm Sophie. I also really like your tattoo" I smiled back.

"Thanks!" Jessie replied.

I was about to say something when I got a text from Michael.

Michael: Hey I just got here. Where are you? I wanna be shopping buddies.

I giggled at Michael's text and was just about to reply when Calum asked me a question.

"Hey Sophie, are you texting Michael?" He asked, sounding a little worried.

"Yeah. Should I not be?" I asked, confused.

"Oh um no you can text him just don't tell him that you saw me or Jessie okay?" He asked and I noticed that both him and Jessie looked a little worried.

"Okay." I said not thinking too much of it.

"Okay thanks." Calum smiled.

"Hey, you seem cool. We should hang out sometime." Jessie smiled and I agreed before her and Calum walked off. 

I turned around to start heading towards the frozen food section, since I knew that's where Michael was going when I saw him walking towards me although he was too busy on his phone to see me. I smiled and walked up to him.

"Hey Michael." I smiled causing him to jump a little.

"Hey Sophie. I was just texting you." He smiled back.

"Oh sorry. I was going to reply to you but I saw one of my mom's friends and she started asking about my mom." I lied. I don't like lying, but Calum asked me not to tell so I won't.

"Oh okay. Now let's start shopping, shopping buddy." He smiled causing me to giggle.

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