His Aquatic Romance

"Human?' The girl cocked her head the other way. I caught a glimpse of pink gills under her chin. 'My sisters told me stories of humans. They said they sometimes sing to them to lure them underwater.' She grinned, showing off her sharp needle-teeth. 'I've been practicing. Want to hear?" ~Julie Kagawa, The Iron King


4. Harpy Revealed

Jasper POV

"So what was she like?" Asked Roman.

"She was not what I expected to tell you the truth," I replied.

When I returned home from the club last night, I felt like my insides were trying to tear out. Touching the mermaid yesterday had awakened something inside me, and I didn't know what to do.

"Are you going to see her again tonight?" Asked Roman.

"I wouldn't mind. Hey, can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"Well, it's not so much a question, but something happened last night when I touched her."

I told Roman what happened, and he sat there staring at me wide eyed.

"Roman?" I asked, nudging him.

"Wait, so your Harpy revealed itself as soon as you touched her?"

"Yes! Do you know why?" I asked.

"Man... I honestly don't know what to tell you, I think you need to ask your mother about this one."

I sighed, laying back into the couch, I wasn't really looking for that answer, if I tell her what the hell happened last night, she will go back and tell Dad.

"I'm going to head out and prepare for this outing of ours until then go talk to your mother," Roman said standing up.

"Yeah yeah yeah, I'll think about it."

I watched as Roman left, and I reached for my cell phone in my pocket, thinking about my mom. I didn't know what or how I should tell her, I knew she was going to come up with some crazy explanation to all this. I opened the phone and dialed my mom's number and waited for the ring.

"Hello. Jasper is that you?" She asked on the other line.

"Yeah. I need to ask you something."

"What did you do now Jasper?!" She yelled into the phone.

"NOTHING, I just had a question, I touched a girl last night... And my harpy purposely came out..."

"OMG DARLING, this is exciting news, WAIT TILL I TELL YOUR FATHER!" She screamed.


"Son you found your life mate!" She said.

I sat there with the phone on my face with my eyes widen and my lips dropped. My life mate?! Wait, what?!

"Who is the girl! This is so good!" She sang into the phone.

"Mom... this girl isn't human..." I mumbled into the phone.

"That's even better! She's Harpy then?"


"Then what in the devil is she?!" She screamed, getting impatient.


"WHAT!? WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU MET A MERMAID JASPER!?" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

I had to hang the phone up, I couldn't comprehend what my mother was saying. My life mate?! My life mate was a freaking mermaid, how the hell was the going to work!? I jumped off the couch, throwing my phone on it, ignoring the consent ringing that came afterward.

I walked into my bathroom and decided I needed a hot shower, maybe all this would go away? I got undressed and stepped into the shower, turning on the hot water and stepping under the shower head. The water felt nice running down my body, and for a second all thoughts on life mates disappeared. 
I was really enjoying my hot shower when I suddenly heard pounding on my front door.

I clenched my teeth, turning off the water, reaching for my towel as I stepped out. I tightly wrapped my towel around my waist, walking towards my front door, leaving wet footprints on the floor. I opened the door to have my Mother shove her way in, bringing my Father with her.

"Where is the water monster!?" She yelled, searching my apartment.

"I watched as my parents walked around my entire living space looking for what wasn't there. I sighed and made my way back to my bathroom, drying off my wet body. 

"Son, is what your Mother saying, true?" Asked my Father.

"Yes." I simply replied as I pulled on some boxers.

I made my way back into my living room and sat down watching them.

"Where is she?" Asked my Mother.

"She isn't here."

"Jasper you can't mate with a mermaid. You just can't." Said my Father.

"Dad, you act like I asked for this! It happened! So now we just have to deal and see what comes of this." I said, staring at my Father; who was clearly surprised.

"She can't be a normal mermaid, she has to be a half breed or something." Mumbled my Mother.

"How do you feel about her son?" Asked my Father.

"Well, I've never experienced something like this, so I wouldn't know how to explain," I replied, slipping off the couch, making my way into my closet.

"So you've never had this with any woman you've been with before?" Asked my Mother.

"No, Mom, I sure as hell haven't. I have never had a woman force my Harpy out, nor have I ever had a woman make my heart stop at first sight. This is all a first for me." I shouted from the closet. 

"Dear I think we should go, I'm sure our son is going to be okay." I heard my Father say.

I pulled on a black dress shirt, before stepping out.

"Wait, so you're not going to lecture me?" I asked, staring at my parents.

"There's no lecture I can give you to prepare you for the love life. You're just going to have to figure that out on your own Jasper." Replied my Father, and with that, he pulled Mother out of my apartment and closed the door behind them.

I stood in my room in shock. This was the first time my Father ever left me without a freaking lecture!

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