The New Girl (Vol. 1)

Sa'Mayah Marie Burleigh is the new girl at school. She goes to classes, the nerd in the school, and everyone bullies her. In her "Sex Ed" Class, Mrs. Murrow has assigned her to work on a project that is about how "orgasms" happen during sexual experience. She's paired up with a partner named Justin. The things that may happen to during this project may be related to this project. Will Sa'Mayah stay the same, or will she turn into a bad girl. Find out in the story called "The New Girl"


5. I Just Want You|2:2|


I open the door and I walk over to the couch. I kiss him passionaletly on the lips. He gets up and pulls up his saggy pants. We are kissing and we are walking towards the door. He closes the door with his back as I push him against it. Tonight I want to make it rough. I wanted him so badly but how was he going to react when he sees the "TIGER" come out of me??


Back To Reality...

We were kissing until things got really intense. He touched my ass and then squeezed it. I pulled away from him and looked down. 


"You good" Justin says.

"Yes" I say shyly wiping my lips.

"That was good" He says to me lifting my feet.


Someone barged into the house before I could say something. It was my aunt. She came in the house with groceries, my clothes, and her eyes were hella red.


"Auntie" I say getting out of Justin's grip.

"Yes baby" She says to me.

"Are you feeling okay" I ask her, feeling destraught.

"I'm okay baby, It's just your mother" She says. 


She broke down crying and she grabs her keys and goes out. She texts me and says that she's going out for a while. Justin comes over to me and kisses my neck softly. I moan softly knowing that it felt good but I was still focused on my Aunt.


"What's your problem" Justin says pulling away from me madly.

"WHY DO YOU CARE" I say to him screaming and tears streaming down my face.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM MAYAH" He screams in my face.


"LOOK AT ME SA'MAYAH. I WANT YOU" He says to me looking into my eyes.

"I-I just want you" I say to Justin.

"H-Have me then" He says to me calming down his voices and breathing patterns.

"I want to be with you Justin" I say to him softly.


**Sexual Content**

He kisses my lips so softly. So gently. Felt like a angel tbh. I kissed back and he lifted me up and took me to my room upstairs. He threw me on the bed and I smiled at him. I wanted to have sex but I made a vow that I wasn't going to have sex until I was married to someone I truly love. Now, "Oral Sex" and whole different thing. Anyways...he busted open his pants and I pulled my shorts down. He got in between my legs and started rubbing my "spot". I bit my lip holding onto his hair. I wanted him so badly but my vow. I have to tell him.


"J-Justin" I moan.


He shushes me and keeps licking. I squirmed so much that I thought I was going to fall off the bed. He kept licking and I felt a body-rocking orgasm creep up to me. He ain't care tho. He kept on doing his "job" and I screamed and it shuddered over my body. We all know when a girl has a orgasm they do weird things. Well me. I actually yanked his hair. He smiled at me and sucked on my bean. Maaannn....I was so done. My legs kept shaking and it kept rising up but Justin kept putting it down. I grabbed him and yanked his hair as I screamed. I was about to let it go.


"Justin I'm Ohhhh" I say to Justin.

"Hold it" He says doing it faster.

"I cant" I say whimpering.


He smiled at me and I squirted in his mouth. He was hard through his pants. I could see so I got on my knees and took his dick out. I sucked that thing like it was no one's buisness. About 10 minutes his legs was skaking, his flexed his legs, rubbed his chest, and massaged his balls.


"Babe, I'm about to come" He screams. 

"Two can play at that game. Hold it" I say to him doing it faster.

"Babyyyy come on" He says lifting his buttocks off the bed.


I smile at him and he squirts all over my face. I scream and laugh. 


"You better put your clothes back on before you get fucked" Justin says laying in my bed.

"Your so crazy" I say hitting his chest.

"So, what this mean between us" Justin asks me.

"We together" I say to him.

"Good. I can see us getting married together. Having 3 kids." He says.

"Okay Mr. Bieber" I say to him smiling.

"Yep, Mrs. Bieber" He says winking


He is such a tease. I get up and call my auntie but she ain't pick up the phone. Shit shit shit, I slip my panties and bra on and I pace the floor. Justin gets up and looks outside the window and calls his mom. His mom said he can spend the night but they going on a trip to Jamaica. They already left.


"What she say" I ask him.

"She said I can spend the night" He said mocking Mrs. Pattie

"Stop it baby, stop it" I say to him jumping on him.

"You crazy baby. Well at least we are old enough because in about 2 years I want to marry you" Justin says picking me up.


I look up at him. I'm only 4"8 and he's 5"9. I was mad at him right now because he treating me like a baby holding me just because I was small. I got out of his grip and walked out the room and went to the bathroom. He knocked.


"Baby, what I do this time" He says.

"I"M SHORT" I say to him crying.

"Open the damn door" He says to me.


"Damnit Sa'Mayah, You needa stop that attitude" He says raising his voice lightly.

"Justin baby" I walk out the bathroom calling him.


I walk down the hall and try and call my auntie again. She doesn't answer either times. I was a little nervous at first but then I went to the kitchen and then I grab something out the cabinet. Justin comes up behind me and holds me tight on my waist.


"You okay" He whispers in my ear, sending chill down my spine.

"I'm okay. My Aunt won't answer her cell-phone tho" I say shaky.

"She's gonna come back baby, have hope" Justin says to me, smiling. 


Justin goes to sleep and I stay up and write in my diary.


Dear Diary, 

Today, I got neck from Bieber. THE JUSTIN BIEBER! AND WE A THING NOW!!! AAHHH!!!! I really have fee-


Before I could write anything else, I see Justin wrap his arm around my waist. I was sitting up tho and he layed his arm across my private part and my lap. I smiled and finished writing.


Have feelings for this boy. I really want to be with him for the rest of my life but my sister wants to prolly break us up someway. She has a crush on Justin and she's with Zayn. I want to punch her in her fucking face so damn bad because she acts like my mom. A corner hoe. I'm suprised Justin wants to marry a black girl. I mean I'm not "African" black but I'm mixed with Panamanian and Black. So. I always thought that he was a racist bastard but I think I was wrong about him.


I looked at him and smiled. I want to get married and have kids with him. I lay down and turn my lights out and I cuddle with him. I see his eyes flutter open and I kiss both of them. He gently fell asleep.



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