The New Girl (Vol. 1)

Sa'Mayah Marie Burleigh is the new girl at school. She goes to classes, the nerd in the school, and everyone bullies her. In her "Sex Ed" Class, Mrs. Murrow has assigned her to work on a project that is about how "orgasms" happen during sexual experience. She's paired up with a partner named Justin. The things that may happen to during this project may be related to this project. Will Sa'Mayah stay the same, or will she turn into a bad girl. Find out in the story called "The New Girl"


4. I Just Want You|1:2|

I was walking in the streets of Chiraq until I sat down on a bench. I took out my diary and started writing.


Dear Diary,

You probably already know that I'm a runaway child. I mean what can I say. My sister thinks she's all Mrs. Perfect, don't know were my dad is, and my mom cannot stand me. I know where my Auntie Deanne lives. 


As I thought about my aunt's house, I looked up. I see a old house. Growing with vines on the side of the house. Furnished only on the windows and the front door. I slowly walk towards that house, still not knowing if my Aunt still lives there. I look up as I walk and I step on the porch, reading the "Welcome Mat". I slowly reached my hand out, putting my Beats, iPhone, and Fiji water into my Gucci Backpack. I slowly but scaredly ring the doorbell. Someone about 5 minutes later opens the door. A woman opened it. A tall woman with curly hair, white straight teeth, and dimples. I smile at her shyly


"Well who are you" She says, shifting her hips.

"I-I'm Sa'Mayah Burleigh. I'm your neice" I say to her looking over at Summer High.

"Oh well I'll be damned come give your auntie some sugar" She says hugging me tightly.


I hug my Aunt and I go in. I explain everything to her and she says I can stay with her. I go up to my new room and we decorate it. I smile about 4 hours later because the room is good. My aunt told me something.


"I'm going to the market across time, You want to stay honey or go" She says to me.

"I'll Stay here auntie" I say to her smiling.

"Alrighty dear. Help yourself to anything. Your uncle should be home sooner or later. He really supposed to be comeing in about 3 days" She explains walking out.


I lock and close the door behind her. I text Justin to see if he's still up since it's about 7am now



MissMayah: Aye Justin, You up?

JustinGxng: Yeah. Why?

MissMayah: I ran away :(

JustinGxng: Forreal?

MissMayah: Yes. I'm so forreal. I'm at my aunt's house in a neighborhood called "Hampton Park"

JustinGxng: Same. I live next to a house with vines growing up the side of the house. Furnished windows and door. 

MissMayah: You lyin? I live in that house now. My aunt was just going to the market and going to pick up my clothes

JustinGxng: I should come over huh?

MissMayah: Let me ask my auntie okay?

JustinGxng: Okay secci!


I look at that text for a while. I call my aunt. She says that's fine but she was like "Get it get it boo". I was so weak when she said that. I texted Justin back saying he can come. About 5 minutes later, I heard some footsteps coming up the porch. I look out the window and Justin was standing there. He run the doorbell with confidence and I opened it with determination.


"Well, well, well, what do we have here" Justin says to me, referring to my booty shorts.

"Oh nothing special. I wear these around the house" I say laughing.

"You come around my house with that on girrrllll you just don't know what I wanna do to you" He mumbles something underneath his breath.

"Whatchu say" I say walking into the kitchen, with him following behind me.

"Nothing" He says.


I look over at him. I fix us something to eat and we ate. We go down to the den and watch a movie called "Love & Basketball" featuring my mother, Sanaa.


"Ain't that your mom" Justin says

"Yes" I say shamlessly.

"Well she sexy just like you" He says looking at me.

"Look. I'm the nerd at school. The one who gets bullied all the fucking time and now you want to be nice to me" I say squinting my eyes.

"I know I know but when I first saw you I was like damn" Justin says to me, licking his lips.

"Answer this for me. Is all you want is sex Justin" I ask him being serious, standing to my feet in front of him

"Well uh you se-" He says but I cut him off.

"Justin is this just a "hit and run" thing?" I say to him

"Yeah. But the thing is I really have feelings for you. And when they told me to just get some cuddy, I was like that-" He trys to explain before I open the door.


I open the door and I walk over to the couch. I kiss him passionalelty on the lips. He gets up and pulls up his saggy pants. We are kissing and we are walking towards the door. He closes the door with his back as I push him against it. Tonight I want to make it rough. I wanted him so badly but how was he going to react when he sees the "TIGER" come out of me??

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