this is about a few kids who learn that half of their souls are in a dragon... and that they have to save 3 worlds...


3. chapter 3

       Oliver was able to keep all his grades up, only the ones he had to use his brains with, he wasn't able to keep his pe grades up, but he doesn't count those.

    His teacher is always telling him to hurry up, even though he is doing his best. After school he was to go visit his mom in the hospital, but when he was walking to the hospital he ran into some trouble with some older kids. They took his good cell phone and crushed then smashed his glasses. When they finally left him he took his glasses and went to the store next door. he got them taped and went to the hospital.

    when he got there the sun was setting. His mom was asking what happened to his glasses when a fire started coming in from the next over room. Oliver quickly opened a window then tried to move his sister but when he tried and couldn't even slide her bed, so his mom took over. He ran ahead to clear the path. Before his mom got out, but after he got out, the door way caved in. Oliver didn't notice and ran all the way out of the building.

    When he got out he noticed they weren't with him and started running to the building to save his only family, but before he could a fire fighter held his waist to stop him.

    By the time the fire was out his sister and mom was nowhere in sight meaning they most likely did not get out. Police did not see any one get out. He told a police officer, “My mom and sister were in there! Can’t you do something????”

    The police officer looked at Oliver and said; “Sorry I cant, isn't there somewhere else you can go?”

    “Of course there is.” Oliver didn’t want to know what would happen if they knew he didn’t. Oliver walked home and he was instantly sad because he was all alone at home... His neighbor had a guest room he could stay in for a while, until the noticed that his family weren't coming back to get him. He looked in the fridge and saw some leftover spaghetti, and meatballs. He got out a plate and dumped it all on his plate, Put it in the microwave and while waiting for it to finish he did the dishes. Oliver was eating when he got a phone call. He practically ran over and picked up the phone.

     Instead of talking all quite-like he always does, he talked like he was all tough and scary. "Yes?"

    "Is this Oliver Johnson?" Asked a woman, who sounded like he would know if he lied. So he did not. 

    "Yes, It is."

    "Come to the police station in the morning." She says.

    "But, I have school in the morning."

    "Then I will call the school in the morning to excuse your absence. Does that sound ok?"

     "Yes, but what do you need to talk to me?" Oliver asks, Hoping that she will answer me. 

     "you will find out, Oliver." I hear the phone click and I put it on the receiver. He walked up and sat down at the kitchen table to finish his food. He jumps when he feel something brush against his foot, but when he looked down, he didn't see anything, until the carpet moved and he realized it was just his cat, Mr.Jinx. THat night he didn't get much sleep. 

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