this is about a few kids who learn that half of their souls are in a dragon... and that they have to save 3 worlds...


2. chapter 2

   “Hurry up, Jack. You can’t stop now.” Jack kicked the ball into the goal and cheered; he just got the last goal before the horn blowed. Everyone on the team was cheering, all the crowd was cheering, coach was cheering- everyone was cheering. Jack looked around and saw one person who was not cheering- his own teammate, Gavin- and he did not look happy. Jack walks over to him.

 “Hey are you ok? Is this my fault?”

 “Of course it is. I don't want to be Known as the team with the girl. And because you are a girl everyone is going easy on us, because of you.” he points a finger at jack and storms off.

Jack walks over to coach and says,” Is it bad to have me on your team?” the coach looks over to jack and walks over to her.

 “Why do you ask?”

 “Because I’m a girl, and plus you guys seemed to do fine before without me.”

 “Of what in the world made you think that?”

 “Nothing I was Just wondering.”

 “Is someone picking on you for being a girl? Because if they are you tell them that you have just as much right to be on the ean than they do.”

 “No, no one is, like I just said, I was just wondering.” Jack has always had this problem, boys always saying stuff about her behind her back and even to her face. She walks over to the bench and sits down and hums a light tune. A girl walks up and says” What are you humming?” Jack looks up and sees a girl she saw in the bleachers, Jack answered truthfully.

 “My dad used to sing it to me when I was little.”

 “ You played really well, I want to play like you someday. I love playing Soccer.”

 “Yeah so do I. My dad taught me how to play when I was small.”

 “Can you teach me how to play? Please?”

 “Sorry, But I don’t have the time to teach you. I really am sorry. Maybe next time.”

 “OK bye-bye, Jack. You are my star.” The girl turned on her heel and left. Coach came up and said to Jack that she is the best on her team and that they could not do anything without her. Which she highly doughts.

Jack got up and went to go see my aunt on my dad's side with her little daughter, Annabeth. Jack and Annabeth waves and they leave.

A little while after they leave Jack walks home.


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