this is about a few kids who learn that half of their souls are in a dragon... and that they have to save 3 worlds...


1. chapter 1

    As Cassie  lay in her bed, no wait lay is not the best word, floats is better. Cassie has been able to float for a few weeks now and she hasn't told anyone, not even her twin brother, Matthew, and she tells him every-thing. So when  she heard someone start to turn her doorknob she is instantly under the covers, pretending to be asleep, because it was 2:40 and it would be hard to explain why she was still awake. Matthew came in and sat down on the bed and woke his “sleeping” sister. He started talking in a small voice, and that is really weird.

 “Can I talk to you?”

 “Sure, what’s up?”

 “Listen, I've been having the same dream lately, but I don’t think it is normal. Is about dragons that are all different colors to represent what type of dragon they are. Am I going crazy or what?”

 “Um, Matthew, I’v been having the same dream lately. And I’m not kidding, I can prove it.” I get up and walk over to my dresser and pull out my dream diary and show him the entry about the dragon dream and when he sees the date it was, he gives it back and starts talking.

 “Has anything different been happening to you?” He asked like he was trying to choose his words carefully.

 “Yes, why?”

 “Like floating?”


 “Prove it.” When he said that that it really hurt because she has never lied to him before, so why would she start now? she quietly starts floating and he grabs her hand and starts floating with her.

 “thank you, for proving to me that I’m not going crazy.”

After a few minutes of floating Matthew and cassie decided not to tell anyone, not even their mom.

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