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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


33. pregnant Ivy

I woke up around 3 am in the morning to crying "Ivy baby, what's wrong?" She sniffles a few times "I peed" I held back my life knowing that it's just from the pregnancy and I did t want to hurt her feelings. "It's ok baby, I'll run you some bath water while and grab new sheets and blankets ok?" She nodded. I started some bath water for her then I helped her get in "i will be right back." I kiss her forehead and went to the closet for blankets and sheets. I put the wet ones in the washer and replaced it with new ones "ASHTON!!!" I ran to the bathroom as quick as I can "yes, what's wrong?" She pouted "I'm hungry" I smiled "ok then I'll make breakfast then" I freshened up and woke everyone up except for Michael of course. "It's 3 in the morning why did you wake us up?" I hear the water being drained out, that means ivy is probably done "well Ivy she's-" Calum cut me off "is the babies ok? Is she ok?" I rolled my eyes "yes they're both fine, they're just hungry" is all." Ivy came down with a huge smile "Lucas" she hugged him "uh, hey Ivy" she sat down between Riandi and Shay "where's Raz and Michael?" Ivy asked "they're still sleep, I was afraid to wake Michael up and I was afraid to wake Raz up cause then Michael would probably hang me from a tree somewhere." Ivy went back up stairs "wait, Ivy don-" this will be her second time getting her feelings hurt. As I cooked there was yelling , Ivy was yelling at Michael, of course her mood swings would kick in. Michael came down pissed while Raz and Ivy talked "its 3 in the fiucking morning what the fuck!!" I laughed "were just going to have to go by her rules until the mood swings passed and those babies are ready to come out." 6:30 am and the boys are playing video games, I decided to call Zayn and tell him he can bring Jess back. I scooted to Karen to see what she was doing "hey baby girl what you doing?" She flipped her phone over "n-nothing" she stuttered I looked at her confused "ok then, can I see your phone?" She shook her head "Karen what are you doing on your phone?" I tried grabbing for it but she moved away "it's nothing, I swear" I can see her blushing "for something that is nothing you sure is smiling big and not to mention blushing." I grabbed the phone quickly and ran off with her chasing me "DAAAAADDDDD!!!!!" I laughed. I lock my bedroom door and chuckled to myself "Ashton what's so funny" my eyes widened. I forgot Ivy was in here, dammit "uh, nothing sweetie just teasing Karen" I say by taking her phone?" I nodded "she was blushing and smiling at something" Ivy smiled "ooo, let me see" I joined her in the bed and we looked through Karen's phone. They were nothing but pictures of boys shirtless on her phone and they're all the celebrities Ivy know of "we need to have a talk with our daughter" I say. I realize Ivy isn't listening any more instead she's on top of me which I'm not complaining of course. I can feel her getting wet which was making me hard. "Fuck baby" I groaned, I controlled myself remembering that she's pregnant with my babies. Maybe we can do it safe, I put Karen's phone on the side table and took my pants off leaving me in my boxers. I slide off Ivy's shorts and I grinder up against her making us both moan. She starts grinding on me which felt so fucking good, I needed to cum so bad. She started panting "fuck baby make me cum" I groaned. She got off of me sliding my boxers off then took me in her mouth "oh fuck" shit I'm so fucking close, before she could finish me off I stopped her and finished the rest myself not wanting her to swallow. I'm afraid it might effect the babies in a bad way "DAAAD!!!" Karen banged on the door hard "you're not getting your phone back till we talk" she huffed "fine" I hear her foot steps getting lighter.


I went to the fridge to make me a sandwich till Ivy came up smiling "Ivy! Hey" I say feeling uncomfortable with her near me. Ever since her mood swings kicked I'm scared to talk to her, afraid I might set her off. Luckily I have undergarment on just in case she tries to hit me "where's Shay and the girls?" I can't believe she hasn't went off on the girls "they're in the theater watching a movie" she walked off. Breathed out the air I didn't know I was holding onto "hey, you ok?" Ashton patted me on the back "I have never been this scared of your fiancé before" Ashton seemed calm "don't be, after I took Karen's phone Ivy became a little horny, it better happen more often" I looked at him shocked "dude! did you fuck a pregnant women?!" Ashton looked at him in disgust "what! No just oral, why would you think- you know what never mind just forget it. The doctor called me and told me she will be due in May. Since she's having triplets her water can break at any time so we need to keep a good eye on her just in case" I nodded.


The girls sat together crying as they watched finding Dory "this is so sad" Ivy said. Michael came in "hey girls I brought-" Ivy threw an empty bowl at him "GET OUT!" Michael squealed running off. "Ashton that bitch is crazy" Ashton stopped what he was doing and Michael realized what he said "what the fuck did you call her?" Michael gulped "I called..." Michael gained his confidence back "I called her a bi-" Ashton punched Michael in the face. Michael didn't mean to call her a bitch but he was so pissed at her that's what he called her "you fucking asshole you know she's pregnant and you know she's going through moods. Why the fuck would you call her that" the two kept fighting until the girls rushed down here "Ashton stop!" Ivy yelled. Calum held Ashton back and Luke held Michael back "both of you you need to calm down, now what happened?" Ashton was puffing angry "go on, tell her what you called her" Ivy looked at Michael. Luke released Michael afraid of what might happen "he's just angry because I called you a bitch" Ivy just smiled as tears streamed down her face. She never thought Michael would call her that "Ivy?" Ivy hummed leaving the house. "Dammit Michael." Ivy bust through the door with two Doberman barking and growling getting screams from everyone "YOU WANT TO SEE A BITCH HERES A BITCH, BITCH!!" Everyone landed on the couch watching the two dogs and Ivy. Pep came running in with his tail wagging "Ashton noticed she was now crying "I thought you guys loved me" Ashton shot Michael a glare "I'm sorry I didn't mean to call you a bitch I was just pissed off with your mood swings please call of the dogs" Michael says. "Teddy, Honey, sit" they both sat down "wait you bought two more dogs?" Everyone got down from the couch "yea I always wanted Doberman. Besides they could protect me through out my pregnancy, if an intruder comes in they can attack" Ashton pet Honey "they're cute."


The next day Raz, Riandi, Shay and I hung out at the house while the boys took the kids out. Zayn is upstairs working on the baby room "I think these would look cute on them" I laughed "monkey pajamas?" The door bell rang "I got it" I say. It was probably the pizza delivery man, when I open the door I felt my body go numb "Allen! What are you doing here?" He looked at me with a smirk then frowned looking at my stomach. I laid my hand over my stomach "you're knocked up" he said in a dangerously tone "you need to leave" I tried closing the door but two grown men opened it "Zayn!!" Raz looked and her eyes widened "I'll call the cops" Allen pointed a gun at her "I don't think you should not unless you want your head blown off" I backed away from him "you never wanted to date me because you wanted to date that fucking bastard. Now you have a perfect life dating the famous drummerAshton and now he got you knocked up and your engaged" Honey and Teddy started barking and Zayn came down quickly "what the hell is goi-" one of the men knocked him out "Zayn! What do you want from me?" He smiled "I want you to be mine or else the boys are dead including the kids you adopted" tears rolled down my eyes "the only reason I didn't date you is because your part of a gang" he rolled his eyes "are you coming or not?" I nodded and he grabbed me "Ivy!!"


"ALLEN KIDNAPED MY BABIES" Riandi nodded slowly "were sorry, we-" I cut them off "it's fine there's nothing you could have done" Zayn held an ice pack on his head "the cops are on there way, I'm making sure the news, reporters and every social media gets the news. Karen that includes you get on your laptop and phone and spread the word" Karen obeyed.

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