Short stories about long stories

Short stories about long stories


1. The Wedding

She was a photographer of nature and sometimes weddings. We were stitting at my big sisters wedding, we had enjoyed some wine and talked short stories about long stories. It was evning, still summer warm and in the rented tent with people singing and talking and dancing, she sowed me some pictures on her phone from her trip to Japan this spring. 

She handed me the phone, without even looking at it herself, my tipsy uncle came to thank her for something she didn't even do. She is not a member of the family, but a quality hired photographer, only a friend of a friend. I looked at the pictures and found myself in a akward posistion, cheek turning red an throat going dry. The pictures was of her, but the frame was her crotch, she was full clothed and I think it was a mistake pictures, the effect wasn't as sharp as the others, more blurry and unfocused. 

          "N-nice picture of your crotch" I said, my rather tipsy uncle had left for my aunt instead, now dancing like only two old people can, cheek aginst cheek on the plastic like wooden floor, also rented. 

          "What!?" she said and looked over, fast grapping the phone out of my hand "No, no! What even is this?".

I couldn't stop smiling, and a little giggle sliped from my lips. She tucked the phone back in her pocket and smiled back at me. Before she could make any defens speach for that delightful but also rather suprised cotch picture, her focus was stolen from me and taken by my uncle and aunt, she excused herself to get a picture of the old love birds.

That was the last time I saw her, as the dj, also known as my little brother, poped the mucis with our sisters favorite song: Dancing in the moonlight with Toploader. She disappered in the flow of people heading towards the dance floor, I, myself got pulled out there by my grandpa. And we sure danced, in the moonlight that night.

(Edit of text, soon to come).   


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