Just a fan.

I did it, I did it AGIAN.
I dreamt about the twins,
I can't stop dreaming about
Them, ever since they announced
The tour. I know I will never
Meet them, but a girl can dream.


2. 2


The light shining through my slightly parted curtains shines into my eyes as I glance over at my clock: 6:30 AM, school starts in two hours, at 8:30. I lazily roll out of bed and walk down the hall to one of the two bathrooms in my house. I turn on the light and shut the door before turning on the shower. I begin to shed my pyjamas as the shower water to cool down to my liking: not too hot, not too cold. After the water is cool enough, I step over the edge of the tub and begin tou wet my body. The cool water hitting my back wakes me up as I think about what I'm going to wear today.

'I'll wear my black tights and a plaid shirt today,' I think as a pour some shampoo onto my hand.


I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my wet body, thinking about the twins. I turn off the light and run upstairs to my bedroom, I fling open the door and step into the room, shut the door behind me and grab out my outfit.

After I am completely changed I go back to the bathroom, hang my towel up and start blow drying my hair, while combing it. I work out any tangles, and after making sure my hair is dry I begin putting it into a tight pony tail. I don't usually wear much makeup, so today I put mascara onto my long lashes and some BabyLips onto my lips.

I skip out of the bathroom and head down to the kitchen, where Tyler is eating a bowl of Cheerios, and my dad is sipping on some coffee while reading the newspaper.

'Good morning!' I chirp, happily, heading to the cupboard to get some cereal. 'Is mom at work already?' I ask, directed to my dad.

'Yes, she was on call and there was a shooting.' My dads answered, seemingly unfazed.

Both of my parents are first responders, my dad is a fireman, and my mom is an emergency room doctor. I want to be a doctor, like my mom and Tyler wants to be a professional hockey player, boring, right?

As I take my last few bites of cereal I notice something, a strange black minivan is parked across the street from our driveway, where the abandoned house is. I nudge Tyler and nod my head in the direction of the vehicle, Tyler looks across the road as his eyebrows furrow and I slight frown appears on his face.

'Hey, dad?' Tyler says, before I give him a sharp elbow in the ribs and a glare.

'Yeah?' Dad says not looking up from the paper.

'I, uh.. Just wanted to say I love you!' Tyler replies, awkwardly.

'Aw, I love you too, son.'

With that; I stand up and leave the table, go upstairs and brush my teeth.


I slip on my black converse and fling my red backpack over my shoulder and walk towards where the suspicious van is. I see the driver look up, green eyes staring at me and speed off... Weird. I continue to walk to school, wondering:

What's his problem?

I'm so deep in thought that I almost walk right into on-coming traffic. I have to cross this road, then I'll be at school. I wait for a break in traffic when I see the same can, with the same driver pull up right across the road from me. Finally, a break in traffic comes, allowing me to cross. I look at the driver as I walk across the street, he is on his phone, talking to somebody following me with his eyes. This is officially getting weird. I hear the school bell ring so I quickly jog towards the school, to my science class.

I spend the rest three or four classes in a daze, thinking about the suspicious man in the vehicle, watching me. I didn't recognize him, so how could he know me?

It's finally lunch, the cafeteria is packed, but I take my usual seat with my friends: Cassidy, Ricky, Justin, Antonio and Michelle.

'Are you okay? You seem a bit,' Ricky pauses,'Distracted?'

I decide not to tell anybody about the strange man in the van, until I'm certain that he's watching me, and it's not just a coincidence. 'Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry!' I say with a smile.

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