A Hundred Types of Hurt

Millard Elliston and Kyra Ridley, both fifteen, are two completely different people from different parts of Australia. Millard is a country boy from Hughenden, Queensland, who wants to take after his dad, a cattle farmer. Kyra is a girl from Wodonga who wishes to become a singing sensation.
When the two end up moving into Melbourne and going to the same school, the both of them are hit by different types of bullies from every direction. And when they finally meet, they find they have some chemistry and work together to hit back at the bullies.
After all, opposites attract. Right?


3. Millard

The house looked quite nice, on both the inside and the outside. It appeared new, with shiny blue paint that wasn't peeling, an unchipped veranda and a new fence.

But that didn't mean I liked it.

The front yard was small. There was hardly any room for playing rugby. The door, though brilliant white, didn't appear inviting to me. But Mum and Dad were chatting away about how 'perfect' the house was, how 'easy' it would be to settle here.


The rooms were eerily empty. Though blue on the outside, the inside was completely white with no texture, just one hundred percent bland. Watching the grass grow would be much more interesting.

I placed my sleeping bag in one corner. Mum said it wouldn't be long until the truck carrying our bigger things arrived. Decoration with the few things I could take in the car began. Thirty minutes later, and some of my Star Wars posters were up and my collection was displayed well on a little table Mum let me keep.

I decided to check out the back yard. But there was only a teensy bit more room than the front yard. Once the truck arrived, I would have virtually no room thanks to the trampoline.

Bloody hell, Mum and Dad. Why?


Afternoon, just after lunch. All I felt like eating was half a sausage, then I lay on my sleeping bag.

It turned out the truck with almost everything we owned in it got lost on its way down. Mum got a call from the moving company. This meant all my LEGO wouldn't get here and I'd have to lie on a sleeping bag longer than first thought, among other things.

From the 'lounge room', I could hear some footsteps. Getting a little louder each time, then Mum opened my bedroom door.

"Hey, sweetie. We've just had a chat with the neighbours across the road. They have a child your age. I was thinking..."

I didn't need to hear any more. I got up off the bag and headed for the front door. I could see a black Honda SUV opposite our house. An adult and a teenage girl, apparently the child Mum mentioned, were carrying boxes into the house while a young boy, possibly a year younger than Neville, was flying around with what looked like a toy Superman.

The teenage girl put her current box down and turned her head. Then she saw me and I got a full look at her face.

She looked beautiful.

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