The test. He's happy. Is it a boy or a girl?


1. The Little Plus

I looked at it. That little plus sign on that little test. How would my husband feel about this? Would he leave me? No, he wouldn't.

I threw out the test and walked out the bathroom, to see Jack (my husband) standing there. He asked me what was wrong and I didn't answer. He lifted my head and said "you can tell me Chloe. You can tell me." So I said I was pregnant and he was so happy. "I thought you were looking kinda bigger. Can I get u anything?" "Some watermelon and cake please." And he went to get me some.

I went in the kitchen to see Oreo cake and watermelon left for me. I ate all but one slice of cake and some watermelon that I left for Jack and I left.

That night, I was feeling sweaty and uncomfortable but I didn't want to wake up. I felt like someone was picking me up and Jack carried me to the bathroom, but I think I peed on him. He gave me a shower and then took one himself. He is a great husband.

Time skip 8 months

"How far are you through the pregnancy now?" "8 1/2 months according to the doctors." "Eight and a half months already!!?!? Wow." "Yeah, I know." Then I started getting cramps. And then it happend. My water broke.

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