this is a story about a girl and her twisted life with bullies. her life flips around when a certen someone stands up for her. will her life change for the better or for the worse?

copy write: 2016
Update day: Wednesday. If I don't update I'm probably busy with homework. Thanks!


3. the boys

Kalis pov

i wake up to the sound of a stream and look around me. i see my room and thank the Lord im not drowning in a river. i look to see my phone light up and ding. Harry is calling me at freaking 7:43 am? weirdo... i pick up the phone and hear some males in the back round. 

"hello?" i ask

"Kali!!!!!!!! sorry about the noise... the boys are over and really want to meet you." he says

"okay! just, let me know when cause im off work today." i inform

"how about, erm, 9 o'clock? does that work?" he asks

"yes, where am i going?" i ask

"12345 numbers drive. ill be waiting out front." he says

"okay, see ya then." i hang up and get dressed. i put on a batman shirt and some black shorts. i put on some light make up and then my black converse. i curl my hair and put in some sunshine ear rings. once im done it is 8:30 so i hop down the stairs and eat some eggs.

it is now 8:55 and i drive over to Harrys place. i finally get there and it is 9:01. i run up do his door and knock. the door opens and i see a guy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and braces. he smiles and lets me in.

"HARRY! KALI IS HERE!" he shouts, walking into what im guessing is a living room. Harry comes down the stairs and make his way to me. 

"You made it." he smiles

"i guess i did. so, who are these boys?" i ask

"the Irish blonde one is Niall James Horan, the one with brown eyes and brown hair is Liam James Payne, and the other lad, is Louis William Tomlinson. Niall is also Ni, Liam is also Li, and Louis is either Lou or Tommo. and i am Harry Edward Styles, also know as Harry. " he explanes, laughing at the end. i giggle and look at the boys.

"im Kali Debra Swainey and im aslo known as KK." i say, shaking hands with the boys.

"LET US PLAY A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!" Louis screams.

"okay." i shrug.

"TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!" Niall yells. everyone sits in a circle and i end up being next to Louis and Niall.

"Kali, truth or dare?" liam asks, starting the game

"Truth." i say

'tell me the truth. Do you have a crush on anyone in this room. you dont have to say it outloud, just in my ear." he says

I go up to him and whisper in his ear, "I like Harry." I sit back Down and blush as Liam does kissy faces. I stuck my tongue at him.

"Harry! Truth or dare!" I yell

"Dare." He smiles.

"I dare you to go outside and yell, 'I like girls who are 50 years old!'" I laugh

Harry sighs but does it and leaves he boys and I laughing super hard.

"Louis truth or dare." Harry says


"Tell us the truth, do you like Kali." Harry tests

"Well, as a friend yes." Louis replays

"Okay." Harry shrugs

"Kali! Truth or dare?"Louis screams.

"What about me???" Niall whines. I laugh and say, "I'll do you, Niall." He smiles

"Dare!" I tell back to Louis

" I dare you to kiss Harry!" He smirks. I blush and Liam laughs. Niall is confused and Harry glares and Louis. I go over to Harry and kiss him, fireworks going off every where. Our tiny kiss turned into a make out session and Niall cut in.

"HEY! KNOCK THAT OFF!" Jokingly. We pull apart and laugh.

After a while, Niall dared me to cook something. I agreed and got the whipped cream. I hide it behind my back. I tell him to close his eyes and he does. I squirt the whipped cream in his hair and say, "enjoy!" Niall looks up and screams: Liam smirks at me and Louis is laughing hysterically. I start to laugh cause Louis is laughing really weirdly. My laugh causes Niall to laugh. Niall laugh causes me to laugh even harder and then Harry starts laughing. After our 20 minute laughing fit, we all look at Liam. He has a strait face and then bursts out laughing, causing all of us to laugh again.

I think I'm gonna like it here.

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