this is a story about a girl and her twisted life with bullies. her life flips around when a certen someone stands up for her. will her life change for the better or for the worse?

copy write: 2016
Update day: Wednesday. If I don't update I'm probably busy with homework. Thanks!


1. standing up


Do you ever feel like you need to leave? Like, now? If so, just leave. Because if you feel like i do, nobody cares. Nobody will notice. Nobody will ever speak of you again. But that just might be me, the way i feel. You might want to know why so, here: i'm Kali Swainey, 17 years old, am bullied and am living on my own. The bullying started when i turned 15. I had been kicked out because my parents wanted to move to London but i refused. So when i went to school, my hair would be dirty and i would be wearing dirty clothes. I only had a job at the local McDonalds so i had little pay. When i turned 16 i got a better job at the Mall and also an internship at a vet clinic. When i turned 17, i got a job as the receptionist at the clinic so i quit my job at the Mall. i get about 250 a week so about 1000 each month. Yah, might be not a lot to you but for me, it's amazing. I have a really close friend at the clinic, her name is Maryann. She is about 31 and really helps me out she knows about my past and my present but as she says, ‘i choose my future, whether it's here or not.’ She is awesomely nice and caring.




I walk into the school and instantly get hatred thrown at me. If a girl calls me a name I flip her off. If a guy calls me a name i say, ‘thanks babe’ sarcastly. By the time i make it to my class, i am hurting inside but think nothing of it as my teacher gives me a smile. I smile back, hiding the pain. About 30 minutes into the lesson i get a paper thrown at me. I pick it up and read it.


Dear kali,

Do you not have a shower at home? Oh wait, you don’t have a home. Your mommy and daddy left you and now you're a hillbilly, acting like a perfect girl. You're ugly, fat, and sickening to look at. I cant believe youre in the same room as me.

Love, Suzy


I feel fury rise up in me as i throw the note to the ground, shoot up and turn to face suzy.

“Do you enjoy bulling people? Do you like hurting others? Cause what you're doing is pretty sick, and stupid. Does it make you look any better, Suzy? No, it makes you look like a dumb little prep who can't make herself feel good with the way she is so she puts others down. I want all of you too know that i'm done with your sick games and i'm done with you! So have a nice life, brats!” i shout, getting everyone's attention. After my speech i leave the room, smirking as everyone is shocked by my sudden outburst. I have never stood up for myself before and that felt good…


( a/n: okay guys, this is a one direction fanfic about Kali and her troubles through life with bullies. I hope you liked this and i will hopefully update soon<3 )


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