this is a story about a girl and her twisted life with bullies. her life flips around when a certen someone stands up for her. will her life change for the better or for the worse?

copy write: 2016
Update day: Wednesday. If I don't update I'm probably busy with homework. Thanks!


2. meeting harry


i walked out of school proudly, smiling as everyone in the halls looked at me. i burst through the doors and ran outside. it was raining so i spun around, enjoying the feeling inside of me. i walk to the park and sit down on a swig. i look around and see lots of trees, but no people. i sigh with joy and enjoy the silence. i daydream but then, i get pulled back into my nightmare of a life. im shoved off the swing, dragged to the bench and get slapped in the face. i look up to see Suzy and her possy, all smirking and laughing. 

"I thought i told you i was done!" i whine in a annoyed voice

'yes, you THOUGHT. "

"well im pretty sure i called you out and told you how stupid you looked and how stupid this was and how wrong this is." i ramble, acting dumb. i get kicked in the gut and just snap back into reality. what am i doing?!

"you know, i really do like to hurt you." she says, kicking me in the gut and punching my in the face. i wince, trying to hind the pain.

"what are you doing?" a male voice asks, from behind Suzy's possy. he makes his way through the group of girls and finally looks to Suzy.

"This girl has done nothing to you. Let her be for Pete's sake. " he tells her, pushing her away a little. she stumbles back and looks shocked..

"you're harry Styles!" she exclaims, fan girling.

"and you're a bully. now that we know eachother, let me help you up." he smiles to me and helps me get up to my feet. im starting to like this guy..

"thanks'' i say, dusting myself of. he just nods.

"so, whatever your name is, you should be leaving this girl alone, or i swear..." he warns, making Suzy and her girls run off. i laugh and take a look at this harry styles guy.

"im Kali." i say, shaking his hand.

'harry. im guessing you've never heard of one direction?" he asks

"no, i have. just never really looked em up." i tell. it was pouring hard now, and i was soaked.

"let me drive you home. where to, my lady?" he jokes, making me laugh.

"just to the vet clinic down the street. Maryann will drive me home after i finish my work." i say, walking to his car as he leads the way.

"okay, Kali. how old are you, if you dont mind me asking..?'' he starts the car, buckling up

"17. almost 18, my birthday is may 31st." i say

"cool. im 18. here, take this." he says, pulling into the clinic. he hands me a piece of paper and i smile, taking it and getting out of the car.

"bye, Kali!" harry calls

"thanks Harry! ill call you!" i call back. this was an amazing day.

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